Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ooof . . . my brain hurts.

Now that I'm halfway towards becoming a certified public accountant, I think I need to find some way to combine my love of music with, you know, being an accountant. Maybe I should start some sort of music club for CPAs. "CPAs for the Advancement of Independent Music" or "Rock n' Roll CPAs" or something. We could have stickers and buttons and tshirts, monthly meetings and club dues. I should put a call out on craigslist.

This is probably just the post-4 hour accounting exam delirium talking, though.

Maybe I should write an article for TMT about the struggle between leading the indie rock lifestyle and having a professional corporate job- no one on either side really gets what you're doing, exactly. I don't think I've even told anyone at work I have a radio show! And once I told some pretentious artist girl I worked in finance and she wrinkled her nose at me. Oh well, I'll just claim I'm being "ironic."

Monday, November 28, 2005

I went to Paul's Club Saturday night, my favorite Madison bar that has the best bar jukebox EVER. I've yet to find a comparably great jukebox in Chicago- please tell me if there is one I should be aware of. The Paul's selection is always evolving, and Saturday's offerings were no disappointment- the new Wolf Parade, M83, Spoon, LCD Soundsystem, Death From Above 1979, the list goes on- I spent more $$$ on songs than I thought I would, thus requiring my group to stay longer than we probably would have waiting for my songs to come on. There's just something so great about hearing your favorite music come on in a bar.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Turkey weekend!

I saw Harry Potter again last night with the family, and it was still great. I still think I need to start a death-metal band called Avada Kedavra . . .

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Long Winters have a new EP out to tide us over before their next full-length comes out in a couple of months, and there's a free download of the song "Ultimatum" available on the Barsuk Records website. It's quite good. I've always claimed singer John Roderick to be one of the funniest men in indie rock, and he doesn't disappoint in this interview with Believer Mag.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Lucky me got to see the new Harry Potter movie at the IMAX theater on Navy Pier this weekend. As a Harry Potter fan (who has yet to read the 6th book so DON'T TELL ME WHO DIES), I must say this is the best movie adaptation yet. It's been a couple years since I read Goblet of Fire, which probably helped me enjoy the movie more than if I had all the book details left out of the movie fresh in my mind. I only wish there had been more of the Weird Sisters band at the dance- a.k.a. Jarvis Cocker and Johnny Greenwood. You heard the singing for about five minutes, but only got a good two-second look at the band. Awesome.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sad to say, I still watch the Real World, even though I generally despise all the people on it. But since I'm usually exhausted Tuesday nights from the show in the morning, it's nice mindless stuff to watch while vegging out on the couch. This season in Austin the Real Worlders got to make a documentary about South by Southwest, which of course the vast majority of them couldn't appreciate because they'd rather dance half-naked on the tables at the exact same bar every night. Anyhoo, they picked three bands to document, the glorious Enon and two unknown, completely forgettable pop-punk bands named Halifax and Hellogoodbye. Of course, all the cast members minus the indie-rock girl who picked Enon loved the whole bland pop-punk thing, while they thought Enon was weird- go figure- and Halifax and Hellogoodbye got most of the airtime (unsurprisingly, they were also the bands who wanted to get wasted with the cast on air). I wondered when the bands would start to capitalize on their national MTV exposure, and sure enough, both bands have shows at Beat Kithen coming up in Chicago just as the Real World season wraps up this Tuesday.
PFFR New York Correspondent Report:
Maggie O'Meara, chair of the orginal PFFR fan club, celebrated her birthday last night and it was a blast.

Armand Van Helden played a live DJ set at club Avalon this past Sat night. First he played a remix of Franz Ferdinand "Do you want me" then mixed Blur "Song 3" into the White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" into INXS "I need you tonight." It was bloody brillant.

New Rapture material heard live sounds different. Think more experimental electronica (?).

Go Team! played Webster hall live. Lots of running around on stage and great music. Definitely worth seeing.

New Annie single, "Wedding," is excellent live. Should be released very soon.

New Junior Senior song "We are the handclaps" is also excellent. Don't know when it will be released.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Radio Free Chicago is counting down Robyn's top 7 indie albums of the year, kicking off with a lengthy rant about the greatness of Wolf Parade's Apologies to the Queen Mary. "I'll Believe in Anything"- greatest song on any album, anywhere, in 2005? Quite possibly, yes.

Last night I saw the Plastic Constellations and the Driftless Pony Club at Beat Kitchen. I hadn't seen DPC in at least a year and a half, and they played all new songs I'd never heard before (ok, I'd heard one before, once). They were good. Very good. I especially liked the one that ended with Craig yelling. Meanwhile, I've now seen the Plastic Consty's in a Ukranian Village basement and now one of the smallest venues in Chicago. After their Frenchkiss Records debut comes out January 24 and Pitchfork gives it an 8.5 and a "best new music" tag, they'll be headlining shows at Schubas or the Bottle, then opening for Les Savy Fav or the Hold Steady at the Metro or something. Get on the wagon now.
Pete Doherty of the Libertines/Babyshambles proves to be more and more of a winner every day. Apparently he has two kids, and here's a recent quote regarding one of them, picked up from

"Poor little fucker. My sister sees him all the time, so there's affection as a family for him. I don't really want to go into that because it's not fair on the kids or the mother."

In other news, they're putting the lights up on Michigan Avenue!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Here's an interesting article about and the site's musical ambitions from financial website the Motley Fool. Apparently Myspace was bought by NewsCorp???? How cool can something be if it's owned by Rupert Murdoch?
Arrested Development on Showtime? Let's hope so!
Here's an interesting article on about a recent book detailing Wicker Park in the '90s and all its hipster glory (notable quote: "It also connects Wicker Park to a larger narrative of the American urban economy, which over the course of 40 years or so has shifted its focus from heavy industry to image production and high-end consumption, a process in which hipster neighborhoods like . . . Wicker Park have been crucial").

Note: If you're not a member, you'll have to watch a 15-second commercial to read the full article. That's 15 seconds, NOT 15 minutes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Looks like Katie Holmes just has terrible, terrible taste in men.
I just don't know if I really understand the picture that goes along with this story.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Should we really be surprised by the #1 use of the video iPod?
I played a really great track by Akron/Family on my show this morning, and methinks I must look into them further. They just put out a split disc with Angels of Light (though really, it's all the same musicians involved in both bands), and they reportedly have an amazing live show. File them next to Devendra Banhart, Animal Collective and Joanna Newsom as "Freak-folk"- whatever that really means, of course.

Monday, November 14, 2005

That Franz Ferdinand sure is catchy.

Best blog idea: EVER.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I knew that the Bottom Lounge was closing due to the El track renovations, but I guess I didn't realize it had already happened. Looks like they'll be opening in a new space in the West Loop in February '06- I'll be interested to see how that shapes up. The Bottom Lounge was never one of my favorite venues due to its low stage and mostly punk-pop lineups, but I saw a few good shows there in my time.

It also appears that Brian Peterson, the owner of MP Shows and promoter for the Bottom Lounge has started booking shows at Beat Kitchen, which explains the recent rash of great lineups that have been popping up at that venue.

Friday, November 11, 2005

As the holidays get closer, the show scene starts to dry up. There isn't much to see anytime soon at any of the usual venues, Empty Bottle, Schubas, Metro, etc., but if you're looking to pick up on some more under-the-radar bands, here's a few smaller shows that I would highly recommend:

November 17- Plastic Constellations w/ Driftless Pony Club @ Beat Kitchen. I already plugged this show once before, but the PCs are seriously on their way up. They have a new label, a new album coming out this winter, and lots of buzz.

December 2- Islands @ Beat Kitchen. Remember the Unicorns? Crazy quirk-pop Canadians from Montreal that dressed in pink? They broke up and two of the members started this new band that's been sort of shrouded in mystery. Word is members of the Arcade Fire are pitching in on their debut album.

December 17- Single Frame @ the Red Line Tap. I don't even know where the Red Line Tap is. But I love Single Frame.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Anyone seen Kanye West on tour yet? He's coming to Chicago eventually, but according to a TMT writer:

"I was at the Philly stop of kanye west's tour, and during 'Bring Me Down' they had a huge screen that scrolled exerpts from negative reviews of Late Registration. and which quote was first? 'Let's get this out of the way right up front: Kanye West is narcissistic and egotistical.' - Tiny Mix Tapes "

Awesome! What better publicity than that?
Holy crap! My bandwidth usage this month has soared to ridiculous heights. I'm guessing this means more people have been downloading the podcasts than usual. Excellent! Of course this means I'll be shelling out more money for the bandwidth, so here's a gentle reminder that buying anything from through a link on this site gives me a small cut . . . just click on the Amazon logo on the sidebar! :) Go get Wolf Parade or Animal Collective if you haven't yet.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In case you had nothing to do this weekend, here's a couple options:


Come to this FREE special screening of the new DVD of GBV's final show, filmed at Metro on New Years Eve 2004. Pre-order the DVD and receive a free GBV shot glass and poster!

Free Pabst Blue Ribbon from 7-8PM!

7PM-10PM / 21+OVER / FREE!

or perhaps if you're a Laguna Beach fan, like Liz is, you can go hang with them at Crobar.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

From the Wisconsin Union Music Committee homepage:

Win a chance to open for Bon Jovi!

Press kits due by Nov. 4 at 5 pm

The WUD Music Committee is asking local bands to submit a biography, two original songs on a CD, contact information, references and performance history. Entries can be submitted via email to or dropped off at WUD Music Committee, ATTN: Stacey Lansig / Bon Jovi Contest, Room 514 Memorial Union, 800 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706

The students will select a winner to open for Bon Jovi when their Have A Nice Day World Tour comes to Madison. The winner will also be entered in a national competition, where one band will be selected to open for Bon Jovi at Giants Stadium in the summer of 2006.
As it goes every year, supposedly "leaked" Coachella lineups always come out months in advance. Whether these early contenders will actually grace the stages or not, who knows, but as anyone who regularly reads this blog knows, I always like to fuel speculation:

The Arcade Fire
The Strokes
Depeche Mode
Roxy Music
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Franz Ferdinand
65 Days Of Static
Lightning Bolt
Super Furry Animals
The White Stripes
Sigur Ros
Death Cab For Cutie
De La Soul
TV On The Radio
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Explosions In The Sky
Massive Attack
Devendra Banhart

Monday, November 07, 2005

I'll be taking a break from the show tomorrow morning to catch up on some sleep, studying, and sanity (the three S's?). But be sure to tune in next week for a very special THEME show!
I went back to Madison this past weekend, making it the first time I'd been back since the smoking ban in bars went into effect. Very, very nice. What was really fascinating was watching the socialization of the smokers outside of every bar. I think Chicago proponents needs to start selling the ban as a big boon for the singles scene- at least, the smoking singles scene. You segregate a bunch of people with something in common (smoking!) and they have an instant icebreaker topic to discuss (so, doesn't this smoking ban suck?).

Friday, November 04, 2005

And now another New Year's show: The Changes at Schubas. This one is pretty underwhelming. Not sure yet what the Abbey Pub is doing, but at this point if you're dead set on going to a show, I'd go with the New Pornographers at the Metro (unless you just saw them) or Wolf Parade at the Viaduct. Not sure yet if I want to do a show or something else altogether- New Year's has almost never lived up to the hype for me, so I won't think too much about it until it's closer.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another New Year's show has been added to the growing list: The Juan Maclean at the Empty Bottle. Last year their NY's show featured experimental indie rock, this year it appears to be all about the dance.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Well this is a novel idea for the city of Chicago: instead of taxes, hold more rock concerts! I'm glad that the city has apparently realized that they need to hold more shows at Grant Park, even if it's only because they've proven to make so much money.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ah, good ol' Madison Halloween, the fun never stops! Actually, it looks like it will next year.