Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Liz should make a special trip to Madison, as that is finals-ish time!
Ooo! check out this line up! it's no coachella, but hey - i'll take what i can get.

NEWS FLASH! liz is planning on being in the midwest after she finishes her finals (may 9-ish). liz also likes talking about herself in the third person. liz would love it if peeps wanted to visit her in minneapolis. liz misses everyone. did i mention i know liz?

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Little Friends of Printmaking posters for my Natural History/Long Winters show this Friday are out, and they look amazing! There's a lot going on to please your visual palettes. Hopefully they'll be up around town soon. There's one up in my cubicle in 1200I Grainger! They'll be for sale at the show as well.

In non-music news, I gave my students an absolutely brutal quiz today. I took a break from the band names, this time the company names consisted of people I've once dated. HA! Ha ha! Ha. ha. Eh.
I had my bag at Paul's Club after the radio show on Saturday night since going home was completely out of the question given the fab company of the evening. My limited memory of my actions post-Paul's Club worries me that I may be involved in this ( and don't have an alibi.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Thank you so much for reminding me and letting me relive the story that is the shit in the basement of the surf. I don't think I've laughed that hard in days- it was almost worth having done it in the first place... almost.
A question remains though, why was a bookbag left at the Pauls Club... was there some heavy boozin on the way to the library?
Ha! That was a memory relived just now.

Party in the Park news on How convenient . . .
While attempting to find the phone number for Paul's Club (I left my bookbag there) earlier today on Google I stumbled across this site:
And read the classic tale under the Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002 Heading

Saturday, March 27, 2004

The Darkness: how many pink jumpsuits can one man possibly have????

Friday, March 26, 2004

Tonight: THE DARKNESS. Get your hands off my woman, motherfucker!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Well so much for the "mystery" in our mystery guest, Nicole. Look's like we'll just have to get another mystery guest to appear at another mystery time.

Come to the Red Shed at 9PM tomorrow. How does celebrating the return of semi-nice weather sound as a reason?
This Saturday we'll be doing a brief interview with Chicago recording artist Ripley Caine (isn't that a great soap opera name?) before her show at Cafe Mariah that night. Tune in at 6 as always!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I've been reviewing some of the WSUM surveys that have been filled out. One survey, which was confirmed as being filled out by someone I don't know by the email address they left, stated the Perfect Face for Radio as one of the reasons that they listen to the station. Yay us!
My new favorite Modest Mouse lyric: "Life handed me a paycheck, I said, 'Hey I worked harder than this!'"
From "Bury Me With It" off of their forthcoming "Good News for People Who Love Bad News," which I love.
Quote of the night: "Tuesday is the new Thursday."

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The new Emmie is out and is being distributed to a coffeeshop/school building/ record store near you as we speak. I only have one article this time. a piece about tiny mix tapes, but just wait until our final issue in May, when I'll be taking over again.

BTW, I'm going to the Rapture on Sunday, April 11, if anyone is interested in joining me. Yes, it's Easter sunday, but I know there are some heathens like me out there who want to dance their asses off at a show for once!
The Party in the Park (on 4/24 at James Madison Park) lineup is finalized and it looks great.

11:00-11:45 The Orin Project
12:15-1:00   Driftless Pony Club
1:30-2:15     The Soviettes
2:45-3:30     The Heavenly States
4:00-5:00     Califone
5:30-6:00     Immortal Technique
6:30-8:00     ANDREW WK!!!!!!!!!!
11:00-11:30  Urizen
11:45-12:30  Space Camp
12:45-1:30    No Earth Trio
1:45-2:30      If Then Else
2:45-3:30      Something To Do
3:45-4:45      The German Art Students
5:15-6:15      Prole
6:45-7:45      Black Elephant
11:00 Mike Carlson
11:55 Arthur Dibbly & Joshua P
1:15  Lukewarm
2:10  DJ Machine
3:05  DJ David Muhammad
4:00 Mr. S
4:30  Tom Matkins
5:25  Carl Kee
6:20  ESP Woody McBride
7:15  Nick Nice
8:10  Tinhead vs. Kynd
9:05  Jesse Collins

Be sure to listen this Saturday! There will be mystery guest appearing. Also, the webcasting works like a charm on PCs so I don't want to hear the old "I'm out of town" excuse.
Good lord, they're at it again

Monday, March 22, 2004

I get to interview Cursive before the show April 20!!!!!!! HUZZAH! It'll be written up for TMT and parts of the recorded interview may be played on the show the weekend after.

NOTE: I will also be giving away tickets to the Plea for Peace Tour (again, 4/20 at the Majestic) on our show in the week or two before it comes. So stay tuned if you wanna go for free!
Plea for Peace news by me on Tinymixtapes!
This Ryan Adams interview is hysterical.
Just saw the Starlight Mints w/ Dressy Bessy. Good Lord, did the Starlight Mints ever ROCK. I know I say I love almost every show I see, but seriously, this one was up there. The majority of the set list came from their first CD, which I love, plus the good ones from the second one. They played both my fav songs, Submarine #3 and Popsicle, and had a screen with a projector on in the background with hysterical things running on it the whole time, including muppets singing along. They were just the cutest band. Highly recommended. Dressy Bessy was fun too, the (female) singer was adorable and had that raspy smoker's singing voice and a cute outfit on.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind: Wonderful. Within the first minute, it was clear this was my kind of movie (anyone who knows me will know why upon Jim Carrey's first sentence). Highly recommended!
I just burned the new Franz Ferdinand cd from the station after seeing them in LA last week. The CD rocks, so it's up on the recommended listening page.
Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind tonight!

Friday, March 19, 2004

Rockey's Madison Update:

Last night I fell asleep at 6PM. Good Morning! Tonight is the WSUM social at Errol's! It looks like it is B.Y.O.M. Where the M stands for music. I plan on bringing some killer 80s dance/hip-hop. That'll get the party started!

Rockey's Belated LA Update:

I bumped into O. J. Simpson.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Back! I forgot to mention how we went to a screening of the Ryan Seacrest show, with a model and Mark Curry (Hangin' with Mr. Cooper) on. It was god-awful.

I'm going to update the concerts page to reflect all the awesome shows that I haven't been able to update due to vacation. Such as this one: The Plea for Peace tour w/ Cursive, Denali, and Mike Park, April 20 at the Majestic!!! Yay yay yay!!!!! Becky and I are going to be going to this if anyone is interested.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Nicole's LA update:

Monday night: Saw Franz Ferdinand play for free in Amoeba Records. They were so totally awesome- definitely worthy of all the buzz. Walking outside led to . . .
(Minor) Celebrity Sighting #2: Jimmy Eat World, hanging out outside of the record store

Tuesday: In Beverly Hills, bought a very expensive top at 75% off, making it only $27, making the saleslady very angry that I was so cheap. Walking out of the dressing room, I ran into . . .
Celebrity #3: Jennifer Love Hewitt. She looked much cuter in person.

Tuesday night: Saw a pre-screening of an upcoming comedy called "Taxi," where Queen Latifah is a sassy taxi driver and Jimmy Fallon is an awful cop who team up to catch a team of hot Portuguese model bank robbers led by Gisele Bundchen. The editing wasn't yet complete, so we could often tell when the actors were in front of a blue screen, which was amusing. Then filled out questionnaires about what we thought of the movie. It was pretty funny, though sometimes cheesy and I hated the whole model/robber thing.

Back late tomorrow night!

Monday, March 15, 2004

wooooo hoooooo! simon is soooooo dreamy!
Celebrity sighting #1: Simon Cowell

Saturday, March 13, 2004

HAVE AN AWESOME TIME IN LA! be sure to hang out with loads of famous people!

Friday, March 12, 2004

A couple of fun facts before I go:

-Helena, another DJ at the station, interviewed the Walkmen the other week, and I asked her to ask them who my #1 song of the moment, "The Rat," is about ("You've got a nerve to be asking a favor/ You've got a nerve to be calling my number). Apparently, it's about the lead singer of the French Kicks.

-What's the fasting growing beer in sales right now? It's a beer that hasn't be advertised for 20 years . . . it's PBR! Apparently, the underground hipster movement embraced this beer because of the fact it wasn't being marketed. Kid Rock approached Miller to see if he could become a spokesperson for the beer, and they turned him down because they didn't want it to lose that "anti-establishment" feel that made it suddenly so popular. See what fun things you can learn in marketing?

-All Campus Party headliner has finally been chosen and it is: Better than Ezra. The ACP people totally shafted the Music Committee, who voted overwhelmingly for the Violent Femmes. Jerkoffs.

Have a good break!
Liz, the answer is clear: both.

Watch the website for details regarding Perfect Face for Radio Spring Break spinoff shows.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

BTW, if I had local bands as good as those Liz, I wouldn't have to hesitate to see them! And drink! Thermals yay!
Off to LA tomorrow afternoon, so the blog will probably be quiet over the next week unless people that are not me decide to make a lot of comments.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

do i go see quasi, the thermals and the minders this friday? or do i drink? OR do i do both?
-worried about how i spend my time in portland
Do you listen to WSUM? If so, please fill out the listener survey, found on the homepage, to give us your input.

Go webcasting!!! Thanks for the tunes! I am very appreciative- I can now again listen to good music when playing with flies- and maybe some other times too.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

April 2- Natural History w/ the Long Winters and Marzapan, posters courtesy of Little Friends of Printmaking!!!

Monday, March 08, 2004

Ha! So in the middle of class today, one of my students called me out on last Thursday's Emmie Jukebox Barhop / Drink-a-thon. Apparently he has friends on the Emmie . . . nothings safe anymore!
Woohoo, more news of mine up on . . . coincidentally about the band I booked at Union South April 2 . . .

Sunday, March 07, 2004

I'm a huge dork, but I'm really proud of this example problem I wrote for my Acct. 100 class:

Example: Travis Morrison purchases $1,000 of compact discs for his hotel bar from De Soto Music Co., and he charges this amount on his Visa First Bank Card. The service fee that First Bank charges De Soto Music is 3 percent. The entry by De Soto Music to record this transaction is:
If you want to see some pictures from the Emmie jukebox barhop last Thursday, I've put some up on the pictures page. They are in order of the bars we went to (Kollege Klub, Bullfeathers, Irish Pub, Pauls Club, Silver Dollar, Gennas, the Paradise, Church Key) so clearly they get drunker by the picture.
HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Look at these two Catacombs shows:

John Vanderslice- April 9
TV on the Radio- April 17

Friday, March 05, 2004

Last night a small crew of Emmie writers and I scoured the bars for the best and worst jukeboxes in downtown Madison. The crazy night included blasting MC Hammer and NKOTB in a totally empty Bullfeathers. Church Key and Pauls were above and beyond all others. Look for the article to appear in the last Emmie of the semester!

Thursday, March 04, 2004

By the way, webcasting passed last night. However, it was only passed to allow IP addresses for the dorms. HOWEVER, we were given special "backdoor" webaddresses to give to our friends and family. I won't post them here, but let me know and I'll send it to you so you can officially hear me!
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs show w/ SSION was INSANE. There is no better word to describe both Karen O and SSION in general. Karen O clearly has no control over her body parts, and a bunch of roadies had to keep running around to clean up after her spitting, spilling, and knocking stuff over. SSION came out as a girl in a chicken costume, a girl in some sort of lion costume, and a dude in a very effeminate cow costume with an appropriately placed udder and hotpants. They played no instruments, danced around like freaks on stage as a bunch of crazy video clips played in tune to the music. Totally wild. I'll probably write a more in-depth show review over the weekend, but I don't think I'll be able to capture the craziness.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Maggie: the first song that needs to go on your new IPod is: The Rat, by the Walkmen. That song totally rules.

I've transcribed the Single Frame interview and will post it soon on the reviews/interviews page in mostly uncensored form. A condensed version will appear in the final Emmie issue of the year in early May. Speaking of the Emmie, the next issue should be out shortly with my tinymixtapes article.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

DJ Laser- That is some hot shit! Why didn't I hang around the roller rinks more when I was a youngster... In anycase, have a fantabulous birthday!

In other news, my exposure to PFFR has recently been shot through the roof by a wonderful CD full of excellent music and witty bantor brought to me personally by none other than DJ Laser. My complements and thanks.

In my other music news, I, after waiting and wanting for years and years and years, bought an ipod- and not just any ipod, but a fabulously cute and tiny ipod mini. Upon getting it home and hooking it up to my computer- they rejected each other!!! Apparently I got a defective mini which won't take on music. If you can imagine my disgust, you must keep in mind what a crabby pants I've been since the incident. In anycase, I went to exchange the faulty product only to find that the store was completely out of ipod minis!!! So now I have to wait over a week for apple to let me send mine back so they can send me a new one! Take pity on me... apple, why do you have to tease me so!

In anycase, if anyone has any comments about which songs should be the first to go on the new ipod once i finally get a working model, i'll await your blog... soon, very soon, I will dance around with it like the commercials...
The new Sondre Lechre album, Two Way Monologue, is nice. I just reviewed it yesterday at the Station.

In other news, I had my first ballroom dance evaluation today. I did the fox trot. As only my instructor could put it:

"That was good but I think you were kicking your legs out way too much which made it a little jerky"

Here comes tomorrow!

In honor of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's concert tomorrow, I'm giving my students a practice problem featuring Karen O's medical office. I just wish more of them would appreciate it :)

Monday, March 01, 2004

I've fallen utterly in love with the new Xiu Xiu record, Fabulous Muscles. I've added it to the recommended listening page. Beware, it's "experimental." Single Frame pictures are now up on the pictures page as well.
Damn, attractive single men from Denmark . . . that just might be enough to draw me to the KK . . . or maybe not.

Becky and I will be attending said Yeah Yeah Yeahs' concert with SSION and His and Her Vanities (last show before Terrin has her baby!). It's at 7:30 if anyone wants to come! There will be plenty of time to wish Rockey a happy birthday afterwards. Unless you, too have a deep hatred of the Kollege Klub.
Three Cheers for Nicole and her succesful concert!

Regarding the picture of the interview, I didn't know you had that much hair, Nicole. Oh wait a second, that's someone's head in the way.

I'll be in LA this weekend there will be no DJ Lazer on this week's show. Becky said she MIGHT co-host again. That means if you happen to be walking down State St. on Saturday evening you MIGHT just see a seductive dancer in a window. No rioting please!

Speaking of seductive dancing, it's my birthday on Wednesday. It will probably be a boring, monotonous, complete disaster without any skinny dipping, street wrestling, or attractive, single men from Demmark. You might as well go to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Barrymore if you want any sort of arousal. I just wish I was dead. In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. Boo-yah!