Sunday, August 31, 2003

Great shows coming up:

-Kid Dakota w/ Mabel at the Union Terrace, Friday September 5. Free!
-German Art Students w/ Driftless Pony Club and Spin Spin Coupling at Luther's Blues, Tuesday September 9. Awesome local bands!
-The All Girl Summer Fun Band w/ His and Her Vanities at the Catacombs Coffeehouse, Friday September 26. Only 5 bucks!
The all-new all-different PFFR got off to a huge smash success last night and I could not be happier to be aboard. People are tickled pink about the program and not but 1 minute ago a Freshman resident of mine jumped on the fanbase. I have decided, as a housefellow, that listening to the show is now a mandatory floor event.

To all the die hard fans who are wondering who I am: "Liz is still the heart and soul of the PFFR. I am the artifical replacement limb."

Jon Rockey is dead. DJ Lazer is born and he is ready to rock. Hard.

Come to the Memorial Union Bash Tonight!

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Jon "DJ Lazer" Rockey's new slogan for our show:
"The show that calls you"
I didn't need to see the VMA's. This article summed it up nicely.
music weekend for liz! woo hoo! sunday: stephen malkmus, and of course RADIOHEAD. monday: bumbershoot music festival. what's that? new pornograhers? throw some REM into the mix and remind people that i get to go to the festival for, um, free.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Apparently I'm now prepared to be a teaching assistant, after a few hours of "training." Talk about throwing you to the wolves. I am excited that I get to write my own quizzes though. "Ben Gibbard and Travis Morrison form "The Death and Dismemberment Insurance Co.," and issue $100,000 of bonds . . .." Come on, you have to have fun with this to prevent yourself from going insane. Also, I cannot date my students, but I am allowed to accidentally run into them in the bars. I'm glad they made that clear for me.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

haha i LOVE LOVE LOVE pirate jokes. that dude rocks.
I just added two new cds to the recommended listening section, because, well, they are totally awesome and I recommend them. The Constantines ROCK, and the Russian Futurists sound like a Game Boy soundtrack, but not like in that horrible No Doubt "Running" song way, but in a really kick-ass way.
Aw shit Liz- check out what my new friendster friend messaged me:

Have you heard about the new pirate movie? It’s
rated AARRRRGGH! And do you know why? Because
of all the booty!

What's a pirate's favorite letter?

What is piratophobia? Fear of a sunken chest!

How did the pirate stop smoking? He used the

What has 8 arms and 8 legs? Eight pirates!

But can all that compete with:

Who can say?

It's nice to know there are cool people out there.
law school breeds alcoholism. however, i haven't had a drink since i've started law school. i've only dreamt and wished and wanted some sweet sweet alcohol every minute of the day.
i can also dress myself, and hold my pee until i find a bathroom
I know how to ride a bike. Isn't that enough for me to feel successfull in life? Why do I need to study?
Shit, I just got a message on Friendster from someone who listens to the radio show. Crazy!
so tonight i got a call from a huge group of law students at the plaza. they asked me where i was, and i was sleeping on my couch with this big pile of drool on my arm. hence, i am now the dork that doesn't go out, nor will i ever have friends. that's ok though because i will always have the unconditional love of food.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I'm back on the blog!!! Anyhoo- I'm in NY and it's fabulous- i finally got internet in my room, I've got my Yes New York poster hanging in my molto spacious room as my mantra- it's one of the only things on my wall as of yet as i still don't have furniture except a bed (I don't want to decorate until it's all here)- and the desk i made out of rubbermaid and paperboxes- snazzy huh? And for the first time in my life- i have my own bathroom- is not that exciting?? and two closets- how come now that i have tons o closet space, i don't have as much stuff? Ah well. I'm sure it will accumulate.
Anyway, Tori is visiting this weekend and i think all should follow suit! I'll show you a good time on the way way upper west side.
Nicole, i think you foot is uber sexy- it's like the kitchen window leg...
And to conclude- damn you WSUM- I want webcast!!!! I just don't know what to do with myself without the Perfect Face! :(
I just did something REALLY crazy. I purchased 3 cds! Well, one was a gift for my brother's birthday. But I've heard the new Guided By Voices and Constantines albums are awesome, so I thought I'm make my contributions to the success of these bands.

Also, word on the street is Jon Stewart is coming to the Civic Center October 10! Tickets on sale Sept. 5 through Ticketmaster. Excellent.
And now, for your viewing pleasure, my club foot.
I've taken a digital picture of my club foot, and am considering putting it up here, a la Ted Leo or Jack White. Is this funny or gross? Let me know, and then I'll go and do whatever I want to do anyway.
well, it's official. i am a law student. i was called on in class. my only disappointment was that i was called on as "Elizabeth" and not "Ms. Engberg." show some respect, mr law professor who is 3845839 times smarter than me.
oh, there was no answer to the question that was asked of me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

It's official, I'm now the most over-medicated person on the planet. I now look like I have a club foot due to the swelling, and I just look like a freak trying to walk on it. So the doctor gave me two NEW medications to take. I'm turning into that Cheri Oteri character on SNL.
damn. i knew that movie line, too. probably because i watched it with you.
as to the bee sting...i have no idea if that's normal. i once got stung on my eyelid. that hurt pretty bad.
oh! i thought you'd all like to know that i now ownTHREE pocket constitutions. i should start a collection. becky: when do you start class?
so, pollstar says the starlight mints are coming, but when i called the venue, they were like "jigga what?" so i am still unsure as the the comings and goings of the starlight mints.

Monday, August 25, 2003

CD RELEASE ALERT: The Heavenly States new self-titled album comes out TOMORROW, August 26. The album rocks, and the band members are the coolest people ever, well-deserving of your money. So go buy it at B-Side records or elsewhere.
Her last words were, huzzah.

Yes, I was leading my small orientation group to the Great Dane, where I was stung on the foot by a bee INDOORS. My foot is now twice it's normal size and hurts like hell. Is this normal?

Also, $10 to whoever can name the movie I referenced in the first line of this blog. Those who watched the movie with me are not included.
btw- radiohead was a blast, the bassist is the funniest person that i have ever seen. it was almost not radiohead due to the hyper fun mood the band was in. i expect eternal sadness from them.
you f'in must go to the starlight mints! school schmool, anyhoo, today I saw nicole at orientation leading a pack of students down the street. i thought she somehow became a school tour guide. later i found out that she had fruit snacks and was giving them out to strangers, and then they just wouldn't go away.
I'm currently in orientation. I got a bus guide to Madison and a schedule for University Ridge GOLF. Sometimes I really hate the business school.
Bad news everybody- the reappearance of webcasting will be delayed a bit longer due to "budget issues." I'll be sure to keep everyone updated.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Ooo! starlight mints seem to be making a surprise visit to the portland area this wed. dare i go?
internet finally up and running at my humble portland abode! no...the only people i've had the pleasure of hanging out with (with the exception of peter) are all low-key, relaxed non-freak out kind of folk.
how was radiohead? i cannot wait: one more week and that will be meeeee!
Annie! Put up your picture on friendster! And give me a testimonial! (see, I told you I'd remind you somehow!)

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Off to Radiohead!

Friday, August 22, 2003

While perousing through my 10,000+ connections on Friendster, I learned that I am now connected to Har Mar Superstar,Phantom Planet, the Heavenly States, and John Vanderslice. Also, Professor Snape. All within 4 degrees of separation.
Check out the new video for the White Stripes' new single, "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself." Now they're hanging out with supermodels.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Bleccch- I had to take a PROPELLER plane today!!! I didn't know they still made those!
I am home safe, and I'm going to go pass out now.
Did you get to meet the folks who have been studying two hours a day this summer?
hope you made it back to madison ok!
orientation is the suckest bunch of sucks that ever sucked

Monday, August 18, 2003

Portland is a cool place to be. I could definitely see myself living here. The future lawyers are super cool. Now let's all pray that some company in Portland or Seattle will hire me this October.
first come the lamps, then come the non-flesh eating servants. word to the wise, be careful in your servant selection -- good help is so hard to find.
nicole and i are in portland, having a grand ole time. i am attempting to convince her that portland is THE place to be. let that be a lesson to all of you: move to portland and chill with me and a bunch of future lawyers (you'd be surprised at how much fun can be had).

Saturday, August 16, 2003

I have a place to live! HUZZAH! The WareHouse, and I have furniture! HUZZAH! What I am missing is my very own non-flesh eating servants. Oh, and lamps, and I need lamps too.

Friday, August 15, 2003

The glass is in my bag (carry-on). With that and the record, I should put "Fragile" on it! Let's hope they come in one piece.

Off I go!
huzzah for nicole and the TMT action. keep all updated and informed.
my fair city is equally excited for your visit. after you reminded me to get my glass, i left it in the living room. think you could manage to bring that as well (it was a birthday gift from dear maggie)?
becky - have you found a place to live yet?
oh, i think i still have alcohol in my system from last friday. whew!
nicole: see you tomorrow at 11:05!
Fuck yeah! I applied to write concert reviews for Tiny Mix Tapes by sending in some of the ones I'd written on this website, and the editor liked them and told me to send in some more for potential publication!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Liz, I will come bearing many gifts- an ethernet cord, a Driver of the Year t-shirt, button, and record, and, well, that's it for now. The news of 2:30 bar time has tripled my excitement to visit your fair city.

Becky and I saw Lazy Lane last night. They were actually quite enjoyable. Lily Lane was sweet southern gal by day, goth sex vixen by night. The guitarist did something at one point I'd never seen before- he played his guitar with a violin bow. It was pretty damn cool.
ok ok i got my diploma (suckers!) and stupid UW FORGOT one of my DEGREES. an angry phone call shall occur.
nicole, i have written down your flight info and can't wait for your times will be had by us indeed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

New pics up around the website, I dare you to try and find them. Ok, fine, they're pictures from the Heavenly States/Kid Dakota show and the sacred one of Travis Morrison (Dismemberment Plan singer) and I.
Whoa! That was fast!

Her first words were . . . huzzah.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

yes...but on the road no more...IN PORTLAND, i am. woo hoo! huzzah (let those be my first words in this fine city).
nicole and everyone partial to the hipness of PBR, THIS should interest you...or at least make you laugh. it's provided by none other than the portland mercury.

also, nicole. call me w/ your flight info sometime!
Are you going to be in the Twin Cities September 20? If so, you can check out my short film acting debut at the Central Standard Film Festival here at 7:00. Here is their description of the movie:
"A UW-Madison take on Hitchcock's Rear Window. Lester gets a call from his mother while contemplating a naked co-ed through a window across the Quad from his dorm room."
I'm a naked co-ed? I should probably ask Craig about this.
Ooh a message by Liz from the road! What excitement! Just think, in four short days I'll be in Portland, invading Liz's space before she barely has time to settle in. (PS Liz- only the ROUND Boone boards had the offer- not the rectangle. Just a heads up.)

Today was an awesome day to check the mail. I got my Heavenly States/Coldplay/Postal Service 7-inch complete with magazine and Polyvinyl Records sampler cd. I also received a giant package from the Iowa band Driver of the Year, addressed to "Liz and Nicole of the Perfect Face for Radio." It included 5 records, two t-shirts, and buttons. I've realized I must now get a record player. Anyone know where I can acquire a mega cheap one?
I'm sitting in an office right now. In this office are:
1.) two fake ducks
2.) three fish mounted on the wall
3.) one deer head
4.) Wallpaper with a duck border

WOW!!! Someday I hope to have a house like this. When I was little my Uncle had a beer skin rug that used to scare us. In order to make it "FREInDLIER" we put goggles, a baseball cap, and underwear on it. Not only was it less scary... it was pretty hip looking.

Monday, August 11, 2003

hmm...modest mouse providing music for a minivan commercial? seems completely unfitting, but hey, whatever pays the bills, i guess.
and i suddenly have an urge to purchase a whiteboard...of the boone variety.
meanwhile, i think i am going to see calexico this september...they were fantastic live!

ps where are my blogger powers, nicole? i demand them back...or did they just change the blogging system? upon further reflection, the blogging system has changed and my powers remain. MUHAHAHAHA
The whiteboard I just purchased for our kitchen from Target came with a free trial subscription to CMJ (College Music Journal). I probably wouldn't have purchased it otherwise. Who knew the "Boone" whiteboard company was so hip?

Meanwhile, I just heard Modest Mouse's "Gravity Rides Everything" on a commercial for a minivan. Is this a good thing?

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Junior Senior is coming to the Annex Oct. 17! Unfortunately, they are coming with the Electric Six. Can I sit through "Gay Bar" in order to hear "Move Your Feet?" Only time will tell.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Though Lazy Lane was not able to play today due to technical issues, they made it for a short interview, and they were all really cool. I don't think Lily Lane could possibly be any cuter. We were even able to give away two of their cds on the air- huzzah for listeners! Check them out at Luther's Blues this Wednesday for a free show. How can you pass up on free?
thanks to everyone for the fanfare farewell last night...
and while i was in a drunken state, did annie say she wanted to buy a truck? truckster annie, yee-haw.
wish me luck, for tomorrow i drive through, get this: North Dakota.
Stay tuned to the show this afternoon, we'll have a band called Lazy Lane from Pittsburgh on playing a live set!

Friday, August 08, 2003

I just got my pictures back! Thus, to continue the Dismemberment Plan talk for the day, my picture with lead singer Travis Morrison at the Chicago show turned out well, except for the fact that I look delirious. It'll definitely be up on the pictures page once I get to a scanner.

Stop by tonight any time after 6 to say goodbye to Liz and party it up.
that letter rocked.
in other funny/tragic news, the humming guy is in the lab again. think i could score some free cds off that?
ps. who's ready to celebrate my departure???
This "best letter ever" sent to Startime Records is just, well, funny and tragic, just like the story says.

Also, more Dismemberment Plan farewells with this interview with them on Also check out the link to "Buddyhead's rules of rock" at the end of the interview for some laughs.
woo hoo! to celebrate, i am listening to death cab for cutie. ah, good times.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Nuthin' wrong with low-key, it can be us and our closest friends, drinking 40s and grilling out. I don't think too much booze will be needed, though I believe a 40 should be duct-taped to each of Annie's hands.
well, we can get anything we want. i want a 40 beacuse it's classy. but we can get jugs-o-wine. how late are we planning on staying at our place? how much booze do you think we'll need? i think it's gonna be pretty low-key...
Preorders? Are we doing the 40s thing? We do have a base of about 16 Busch Lights, to start off the "classiness," or lack thereof. 5:00 grilling works for me.

Oh, and yesterday this guy was whistling. Then he and his friend bolted out of here as if they'd stolen something. But neither of those things beats the random old man who came in here and started doing push ups last fall.
ok. no lie. there is someone in the lab right now humming...and oblivious to the fact that everyone can hear him. i am THIS close to picking up my keyboard and throwing it at him. i can hear him, despite the fact that i am wearing headphones and listening to music...
urg. i resist the assult and battery charge by knowing that tomorrow is my LAST DAY.
ok. jen says she wants to start the grilling tomorrow at 5, since she has a softball game at 8:30.
what are we planning on doing for booze? byob? or preorders or what?

I'm going to urge my relatives in California to vote for Larry Flynt, the only truly sensible candidate in the race right now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

run arnold run...away from politics.
i mean, what kind of lame state would EVER elect some one based on hollywood connections and fame?. what? jesse who? huh? minnesota? oh, i don't live there anymore.
you think you got what it takes to create les savy fav lyrics? if you do you could win...and win big!
Well this is wild. Someone just emailed Liz and I saying they were at the recent (smog) show in Madison, and the song "Signal/Noise" reminded him of our show (See the lyrics here). Crazy.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

We have been bitten by the Friendster bug.
kite flying? how about tomorrow after dinner? or friday afternoon. i know! my days are numbered and i GOTS to fly my kite.
Hello, it's Feminem! I've seen her video, it's . . . weird.
Liz- do we have a date for kite flying??? I'm starting to get scared that the summer is getting too short!

Monday, August 04, 2003

Oh, the trials of being a brilliant model/doctor with a rock star boyfriend.

My ramblings about the Heavenly States/Kid Dakota show are up on the concert reviews page. I've also just purchased the Heavenly States 7-inch with Coldplay and the Postal Service on Ebay- there are only 700 of them available! - and it comes with the magazine that distributed the split (Devil in the Woods) and a mix cd. Well worth it, I'd say, even though I don't have a record player.
who knew that elyse's (from america's next top model) boyfriend is the keyboardist from the shins? apparently pitchfork knew
Junior Senior was just on Regis and Kelly! And did they ever rock out with Move Your Feet and a song called "Shake Your Coconuts." Apparently it was their first American TV appearance. Who knew Regis was so hip?

Also: according to Craig, the Driftless Pony Club will officially be opening for the Broken Social Scene Saturday, Sept. 27 at the terrace. Huzzah!

Sunday, August 03, 2003

BIG thanks to the heavenly states for appearing on our little show. for everyone who missed them, shame on you, for they rocked out something serious. you can make it up to them, though, by buying their CD on Aug. 26.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Ok people!!! For the third time, the White Stripes have rescheduled their Milwaukee show. It is now slated for Monday, November 10. For the love of God. But don't worry, "The White Stripes deeply value the relationship they have with their fans and regret any inconvenience caused by these current events and are thankful for their patience and understanding."
I don't see why not. It can also include about 15 bottles or cans of busch light, thanks to my brother's excess. I'd say that's pretty classy. But everyone mark their calendars for August 8th, Liz's Last Night in Town. I'll be breaking out my piano and singing a song about it.
can our 'classy' party (aka the going away gathering) include a pinata? a pirate pinata?
Woohoo! Pat McCurdy tonight at the terrace! In four years at UW, I've never seen him, but I've heard such good things. So let's all have a jolly good time, shall we?