Wednesday, December 31, 2003

you are obviously already drunk, nicole...allow me to amend you list
1. LEGOLAS (RrrRrrRrr)
2. Aragorn
3. Faromir
4. Frodo
5. Smeigle (sp) - what a dreamboat

Happy New Year, everyone. I'll be in the most fun city in the US...damnit, it's cold.
Harry did look like he is growing into quite the young man . . . but let's keep it on the DL that I said that.

My top 5 of January:
1. Aragorn
2. Legolas
3. Pippin
4. Faromir
5. Frodo

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I F-ING KNOW!!! i must see that movie NOW! it looks way "edgy" and "cool." ten bucks says the y tu mama tambien director completely sexifies harry potter.
I just saw LOTR III, and guess what one of the previews was for? HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN, June 4!!!! Oh god, it looks so good.
Interview with the Rapture up on . . .

Sunday, December 28, 2003

It's 60 here in Maryland! But far more boring than I believe it would be in Minneapolis, AKA Cranium's funnest city in the US. But when you get back to P-Land, don't eat the meat . . .

A dry wedding sounds like an utter travesty. Just thinking about friends getting married makes me want to drink.
omigod! omigod! you saw where he LIVED?!?! didn't he marry his cousin?

on a completely unrelated (and less interesting) topic, i pulled a nicole last night and fainted at my friend's wedding. and no, there was no alcohol involved b/c it was a dry wedding. come to think of it, i think that's WHY i fainted. such a shocking lack of booze would do it to anyone.

on another completely unrelated topic, i miss portland. it's not as cold there.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Liz: We went to Annapolis today to see what was once our nation's capital. Guess what else we saw? GENERAL THOMAS MIFFLIN'S HOUSE!!!
Here's's best movies of the year.

Here are my favorites:
American Splendor
Lost in Translation
School of Rock
Pirates of the Caribbean

Friday, December 26, 2003

So I'm now totally in love with Girls Are Short and their recent Canada-lovin' electro-pop album, earlynorthamerican. It's up on the recommended listening page for your recommended listening pleasure. I emailed their record label (Upper Class, also home to the Russian Futurists, who I also greatly enjoy) to see if they were touring anytime soon, and apparently they are "banned from the US until Dec. '04 ;) ." Jigga-what???

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas!

We just opened presents, and I got a book on the music industry from my brother, and CDs and a Mifflin Neighborhoodie from my parents. Alas, the company messed up and sent me the WRONG STYLE. Boooooooo.

I also had this absolutely fabulous dream last night. Becky and I went to some high school alumni thing (clearly not the fabulous part), and the teachers took us out back where they had made a playground out of chocolate. Even the ground was chocolate. So we got to work eating the playground, and it was soooooo good. Then I woke up with a stomachache.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

further proof that rolling stone sucks something serious.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Kid Rock, Linkin Park and Metallica for Rolling Stone's best albums of the year? Blechhhh.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Get your Jack White news here . . . apparently he beat the crap out of the Von Bondies' singer! Ha! That's not the boy who'll warm my mother's heart.
whoa! nicole, i just sent you an email, telling you to read the da vinci code and you already are! crazzzzzzy!
home home in grand minneapolis. all should visit me, for i don't know when i'll be back in the midwest again (i am here until jan 8).
Tinymixtapes end-of-the-year issue and top 25 of 2003 is up today! Then TMT goes on vacation until January 12.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

In Maryland for the next two weeks!
I bought The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown to keep me busy while I'm home for Xmas- however, I'm already halfway through and on track to finish tonight or tomorrow. It's pretty unreal. Anyone with a little time on their hands should definitely borrow this book from me when I return.

Friday, December 19, 2003

I just did a massive update of the upcoming concerts page, especially as far as Chicago is concerned. 4 hours at work with nothing to do, oh yeah.
I totally own the concert review section of TMT right now. Woohoo!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Friday, Nitty Gritty, 10:30 PM, which is one hour after the conclusion of my physics final, I'll be there. Expect me to be blabbering about quantum mechanics and the relative nature of space and time.
Oh Nicole, I am sooooo going to your class. And I am going to read a newspaper in the front row. Then half way through the class I am going to st... wait, I'll save the description for when it happens.
One more final. Then apparently it's sharing a bottle of Jack, then going to Brats for free pitchers of beer. Yes, why when you go to UWLaw, they provide a pitcher of beer for every two 1L's. This in addition to the Dean's handing out beer during orientation makes law school the special experience that it is.
YES!!!!!!! I got assigned the 11:00 TA section for accounting 100 next semester. No 7:45 AMs for me. Anyone who wants to sit in and learn a little about basic accounting principles, feel free to stop by 2170 Grainger at 11:00, M-R. Or if you want to throw tomatoes at me and heckle while I'm trying bestow knowledge upon these young frosh and sophs, you can do that too.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

so, anyone want to visit me in minneapolis over the next three weeks? come on! you know you do. minneapolis WAS voted the most fun city in the US. and I'LL be there...i mean, minneapolis is practically in canada, so it will be like visiting a whole new (and cold) country...with good music
I've been really into the electronic dance-pop lately. My song and band of the moment is "Sunshine" by Girls are Short (from Canada!). It's just so fun and puts you in the best mood, and it kicks off with this guy saying "This is how we do it in stereo / Welcome to London, Ontario!" How cool is that!
Fabulous! I'm so glad I get back the 5th, just in time to hear the storybook hour. Some special themes I'm kicking around for random winter break shows when I return:

All Canadian, All the Time (I think I might have enough Canadian bands to actually do this!)
Nicole's Winter 2004 Dance Party
Down with Love featuring your embittered host, Nicole (think Cursive, Bright Eyes, Pedro the Lion, old Jimmy Eat World- anything depressing or angry ;) )
This Saturday (6-8 PM): Another Perfect Face For Radio: Special Edition!

Featuring Scandinavian Rock!

All your favorite Nordic artists like Turbonegro, Mensen, Jaga Jazzist, H.I.M., Kent, Biosphere, and Bjork. What? You haven’t heard of some of them. Then tune in to hear what you’re missing!

Maybe I’ll even play some Darude or ABBA if you ask me nice. I've even got a cool remix of Aqua's "Barbie girl."

Yes, for all of you out there who are waiting for “DJ Lazer’s Comic Book Story Hour of Power,” it is still tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 6PM. Production is underway.

Only on Madion’s 91.7 FM, natch

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Check out this awesome live set/interview with the Shins (scroll down to find it). It's from a California radio station, and the sound is really good.
Last night at a business school function at the Nitty, one of my professors told me he really appreciated having me in his class, because I brought an element of humor to it with my different perspective because I clearly didn't care about the class at all and obviously had other things on my mind. Then he said we should get me a couple of shots to "loosen me up" because I'm clearly too inhibited in class. This man is well over 60, mind you. I didn't realize my feelings were quite that blatant, but hey, if he appreciated them, that's good enough for me.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Oh my God! Check out the WSUM best show poll now!!!!!!!

Hour of Crap(crap) 3 (10%)
shades of blue(blues) 0 (0%)
sex talk 0 (0%)
Rock n bach 0 (0%)
12 inches (hip hop) 0 (0%)
SHouting From the sHingles(new wave,postpunk) 0 (0%)
The Mutiny(Electronic, hip hop, Rock) 1 (3.3%)
Revolutions(hip hop) 1 (3.3%)
We demand (news) 1 (3.3%)
the copia (indie) 0 (0%)
support your scene(local) 1 (3.3%)
perfect face for radio (Rock) 9 (30%)
Almost like Lucifer (Goth, indust., pretentiousness ) 2 (6.6%)
Sports Talk 0 (0%)
Kino Ear (cult soundtracks) 2 (6.6%)
Hit to death in the future head (space Rock) 2 (6.6%)
land of flying wombats (emo, punk) 4 (13.3%)
Pants optional radio (Metal-core) 1 (3.3%)
Tetsugaku (trip-hop) 1 (3.3%)
Radio goethe (music of germany) 2 (6.6%)
Hock Show (now with Condor-man) 0 (0%)
Now that school's over, I went on a mad burning spree at WSUM last night, especially from the electronic section:
Girls Are Short - Early North American
The Midwest Product - World Series of Love
The Planet The - Physical Angel

What's that? I still have two finals left? Yeah, whatever.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Holy crap!!! This has just been a great week for the Perfect Face for Radio. We're currently at the top of the best WSUM show poll on the WSUM discussion boards, and the nicest comment ever was posted about us. I'm so proud. Check it out.
I think Rockey will agree with me that last night's show was probably our best ever. We had loads of calls and requests responding to our "Best of 2003" theme and our playlist was just amazing. There was also a great response to Rockey's announcement of a winter-break comic book story hour hosted by DJ Lazer himself (keep checking back here for more info on that). Don't worry, the PPFR will be back at the same time and date next semester with one big bonus- we'll probably be webcasting!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

DJ Lazer's Top 3 of 2003:
The Rapture: Echoes
The Heavenly States: The Heavenly States
The White Stripes: Elephant
Listen up tonight for the Perfect Face for Radio's end-of-the-year best of 2003 special!!!! As always, 6-8 PM on 91.7 FM WSUM-Madison Student Radio. I think this will be one of our best shows ever.

Friday, December 12, 2003

top suckiest thing to happen ever: laptop crashing one day before first law school final.
Yo la tengo! (I've got it!) The WSUM shirts could have beards and the female reproductive system on them. That way everybody wins! Wait... Actually, on second thought, that would be really really gross.
So in Retail Management class this week, our professor told us this story about healthy choice once had a promotion where you could send in their UPC symbols in exchange for frequent flyer miles, so this guy bought thousands of puddings and removed all the tops and got millions of frequent flyer miles for $3,000 of pudding tops . . . I was like, yeah that happened, in Punchdrunk Love!! I don't think a single other person in the class had seen the movie. Apparently it was based on a true story. Who knew?

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Look! Look! Single Frame put up our show on the show section of their website!!!!!! Now it's real.
The same thing that a bunch of beards have to do with the radio station, Rockey. The same thing. There was talk of getting the wall clock. But I think Liz and I both know that nothing could ever beat the Powerman 5000 wall clock. REVOLT!!!

Any Moldy Peaches fans out there? Adam Green (Former MP singer) has been booked for the Rathskellar for Tuesday, January 27. Go hear the hit that has been ravaging MTV2: "Jessica." Sample lyric: "Jessica Simpson, where did your love go, it's not in your music."
What does the female reproductive system have to do with the student radio staion? I don't know. Maybe I'll get the golf shirt. Or maybe not. Actually, I do need a clock.

The first Perfect Face For Radio Show spinoff show is coming this winter break! Listen for the first announcement during Saturday's best-of-the-year show.
Check out this website for the creepiest WSUM merchandise possible. Don't even ask how that came to fruition.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Today's Music Committee meeting was intense. A 12-12 vote to book Pretty Girls Make Graves in February for an entirely unreasonable amount of money led to the tie-breaking director's vote not to book them, due to the fact that it was just an insane cost. It still might happen though if we can get enough outside funding- anyone have a couple thousand dollars they want to donate to the Bring PGMG to the Union Fund?

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I just got my first X-mas present in the mail!!! A portable record player from my parents. It's sooooo cute. Now I can listen to my grand total of 3 records on it.
Hey, while you're on the BBS voting for All Campus Party bands, feel free to vote for the Perfect Face for Radio in the "best show" poll that's going on in the same board.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Remember that free Flaming Lips show I mentioned for April 30? Well, you can make it happen! There is competition, however. We're doing a survey of students to see which of the following bands they would be interested in bringing for that date. I'm considering stuffing the ballot box. Thank goodness for free printing in the lab. If you have a preference, email me and I'll fill one out for you, or go vote on the WSUM BBS under the "Public Sound Off" board.

The Flaming Lips
The Black Eyed Peas
Reel Big Fish
Ziggy Marley
Coldplay (tentative)

Meanwhile, a heartbreaking Average Joe finale solved the looks-personality debate once and for all, as looks came out triumphant in the end. At least, until Average Joe 2 comes out in January. Here's my proposal for a reality TV show. It would be called "indie-rock bachelorette", and it would be me and 25 tall skinny guys with messy hair who wear band t-shirts, jeans and pumas, play instruments and listen to the Dismemberment Plan. Now that's my kind of reality.
Hey everyone, go to this website and vote for Tinymixtapes as best website of the year. There's a bunch of other stuff you can vote on too, but they don't involve me, so I don't care as much.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

PITP news: looks like we are shooting for one large headliner. So who would you rather see headline at Party in the Park? Neko Case or Andrew WK? That's what it might come down to . . .

Another WSUM idea being batted around: a WSUM date auction. I kid you not. Would that not be the coolest, hippest, punkest date auction ever? I would laugh if this actually comes to fruition.
The best news story ever:

"Thousands of fans rioted at Sierra Leone’s national stadium Saturday when authorities substituted two local dwarf comedians for a widely anticipated out-of-town midget duo"

Saturday, December 06, 2003

I just got this album by a band (again, really just one guy) called Goldcard, self-titled, and it is fantastic. He's from Portland. I put it up in the recommended listening section.
Just do what I do- stop caring! Haha. Ok, that might not work for everyone.

Last night I went up to Chicago and saw a special acoustic show from Mark Kozelek of the Red House Painters. This girl in front of me fainted, which brought back memories of the time I fainted while watching Kid Dakota at the Uptown Bar. Ah, those were the days.
Then later a homeless man stole $20 from me.
Nicole, i think that may have been the classiest blog ever. And might i also say that i'm jealous of your alcoholic pursuits. damn finals- why do they have to be so bothersome?

Friday, December 05, 2003


Thursday, December 04, 2003

Rockey: what do you think of a special year-end show (whenever our last show of the year would be, next week I think) with our top albums of the year? Here are my top 20, as submitted to Tinymixtapes:

01. Broken Social Scene – You Forgot it in People (Arts and Crafts)
02. Single Frame – Wetheads Come Running (Already Gone)
03. The Decemberists – Castaways and Cutouts (Kill Rock Stars)
04. The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow (Sub Pop)
05. M83 – Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost Ghosts (Gooom)
06. The Books – The Lemon of Pink (Tomlab)
07. Four Tet – Rounds (Domino)
08. Stars – Heart (Arts and Crafts/Paper Bag)
09. The Wrens – The Meadowlands (Absolutely Kosher)
10. Manitoba – Up in Flames (Domino)
11. Cat Power – You Are Free (Matador)
12. The Postal Service – Give Up (Sub Pop)
13. Calexico – Feast of Wire (Quarterstick)
14. Blur – Think Tank (Virgin)
15. The Constantines – Shine a Light (Sub Pop)
16. The New Pornographers – Electric Version (Matador)
17. TV on the Radio – Young Liars EP (Touch and Go)
18. Prefuse 73 – One Word Extinguisher (Warp)
19. The Exploding Hearts – Guitar Romantic (Dirtnap)
20. Ted Leo/Pharmacists – Hearts of Oak (Lookout!)
Well, from what I remember, we both could fly and had superhuman strength. Black spandex, superhero belts and 80s haircuts with headbands may have also been involved, though my memory of the dream is not quite that good.

Cool show this Saturday at the Electric Earth Cafe: The Impossible Shapes (from Indiana and on Secretly Canadian), If Then Else (cool local electronic/rock duo), Charlemagne (slightly annoying married couple with amusing drummer that play rather minimalist ditties), and Sparklecauser (apparently their last show due to the fact that they are a boyfriend/girlfriend band that just broke up, so the band is going the way of the relationship).
Whew. Finally finished my graduate school application personal statement and got the chance to catch up on the blogger. What I want to know is: Nicole, in your dream (see below), did you/I have any super powers/special abilities and, if so, what were they? Also, did you/I have cool spandex costumes and, if so, could you describe them in great detail?

Everyone better tune in on Saturday. It's gonna be totally new word!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Good news!!!! Single Frame is officially booked for Saturday, February 28 at Union South!!!! This means all of you, my faithful friends, must come or die. No, seriously, I'll kill all of those who don't show up; no excuses that you have to work, since you know OVER TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE. Since the date has been moved to Saturday, this means potential interview on the radio show! Now I must look for opening bands. Any suggestions for bands that will play for under $200 (and fit with Single Frame), please let me know.

And for some WSUM news: We are looking to have a return to webcasting starting spring semester! We'll know for sure very shortly.
hi, everybody! it's been a while since i last blogged and i apologize for the panic that it may have caused. truth be told i haven't been doing much more than waking up, going to the library, and going back to sleep. BUT, i'm gonna see stephen malkmus and the pernice brothers this friday. oh, and i am going to play FRCP drinking games. that is all the news i have to report. isn't everyone a little better as a result?
TinyMixTapes' Top 20 of 2003 has been compiled and will be revealed in the next week or two! I also get to do a blurb about one of the albums. I can't reveal any details yet . . . but somehow I got assigned just the right one.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

After watching the Maryland-Wisconsin basketball game on TV, I've decided my new DJ name will be: DJ Strawberry.
"This lawsuit is about people who have no money suing other people that have no money"
This story is just sad! Dan Gellar, one of the suers, is in I Am the World Trade Center, who recently played at Union South. He seemed too fun and happy to be caught up in something like this.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Back! I'd just like to say that last night's Aqua Teen Hunger Force was pure genius. If you missed it, go hit up Kazaa for the download. It was called "Frat Aliens." I think that pretty much sums it up.

Also, Shins review up on TMT!
Updated Single Frame Union show news: They have ACCEPTED (!!!!!) my offer, but want to switch the date to February 28! I think that this date is ok, but it will have to be reapproved by the Committee again on Wednesday. This has been quite the process, but it will be so worth it if it works out. All that will be left to do: find an opening band!