Wednesday, December 31, 2003

you are obviously already drunk, nicole...allow me to amend you list
1. LEGOLAS (RrrRrrRrr)
2. Aragorn
3. Faromir
4. Frodo
5. Smeigle (sp) - what a dreamboat

Happy New Year, everyone. I'll be in the most fun city in the US...damnit, it's cold.
Harry did look like he is growing into quite the young man . . . but let's keep it on the DL that I said that.

My top 5 of January:
1. Aragorn
2. Legolas
3. Pippin
4. Faromir
5. Frodo

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I F-ING KNOW!!! i must see that movie NOW! it looks way "edgy" and "cool." ten bucks says the y tu mama tambien director completely sexifies harry potter.
I just saw LOTR III, and guess what one of the previews was for? HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN, June 4!!!! Oh god, it looks so good.
Interview with the Rapture up on . . .

Sunday, December 28, 2003

It's 60 here in Maryland! But far more boring than I believe it would be in Minneapolis, AKA Cranium's funnest city in the US. But when you get back to P-Land, don't eat the meat . . .

A dry wedding sounds like an utter travesty. Just thinking about friends getting married makes me want to drink.
omigod! omigod! you saw where he LIVED?!?! didn't he marry his cousin?

on a completely unrelated (and less interesting) topic, i pulled a nicole last night and fainted at my friend's wedding. and no, there was no alcohol involved b/c it was a dry wedding. come to think of it, i think that's WHY i fainted. such a shocking lack of booze would do it to anyone.

on another completely unrelated topic, i miss portland. it's not as cold there.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Liz: We went to Annapolis today to see what was once our nation's capital. Guess what else we saw? GENERAL THOMAS MIFFLIN'S HOUSE!!!
Here's's best movies of the year.

Here are my favorites:
American Splendor
Lost in Translation
School of Rock
Pirates of the Caribbean

Friday, December 26, 2003

So I'm now totally in love with Girls Are Short and their recent Canada-lovin' electro-pop album, earlynorthamerican. It's up on the recommended listening page for your recommended listening pleasure. I emailed their record label (Upper Class, also home to the Russian Futurists, who I also greatly enjoy) to see if they were touring anytime soon, and apparently they are "banned from the US until Dec. '04 ;) ." Jigga-what???

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas!

We just opened presents, and I got a book on the music industry from my brother, and CDs and a Mifflin Neighborhoodie from my parents. Alas, the company messed up and sent me the WRONG STYLE. Boooooooo.

I also had this absolutely fabulous dream last night. Becky and I went to some high school alumni thing (clearly not the fabulous part), and the teachers took us out back where they had made a playground out of chocolate. Even the ground was chocolate. So we got to work eating the playground, and it was soooooo good. Then I woke up with a stomachache.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

further proof that rolling stone sucks something serious.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Kid Rock, Linkin Park and Metallica for Rolling Stone's best albums of the year? Blechhhh.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Get your Jack White news here . . . apparently he beat the crap out of the Von Bondies' singer! Ha! That's not the boy who'll warm my mother's heart.
whoa! nicole, i just sent you an email, telling you to read the da vinci code and you already are! crazzzzzzy!
home home in grand minneapolis. all should visit me, for i don't know when i'll be back in the midwest again (i am here until jan 8).
Tinymixtapes end-of-the-year issue and top 25 of 2003 is up today! Then TMT goes on vacation until January 12.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

In Maryland for the next two weeks!
I bought The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown to keep me busy while I'm home for Xmas- however, I'm already halfway through and on track to finish tonight or tomorrow. It's pretty unreal. Anyone with a little time on their hands should definitely borrow this book from me when I return.

Friday, December 19, 2003

I just did a massive update of the upcoming concerts page, especially as far as Chicago is concerned. 4 hours at work with nothing to do, oh yeah.
I totally own the concert review section of TMT right now. Woohoo!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Friday, Nitty Gritty, 10:30 PM, which is one hour after the conclusion of my physics final, I'll be there. Expect me to be blabbering about quantum mechanics and the relative nature of space and time.
Oh Nicole, I am sooooo going to your class. And I am going to read a newspaper in the front row. Then half way through the class I am going to st... wait, I'll save the description for when it happens.
One more final. Then apparently it's sharing a bottle of Jack, then going to Brats for free pitchers of beer. Yes, why when you go to UWLaw, they provide a pitcher of beer for every two 1L's. This in addition to the Dean's handing out beer during orientation makes law school the special experience that it is.
YES!!!!!!! I got assigned the 11:00 TA section for accounting 100 next semester. No 7:45 AMs for me. Anyone who wants to sit in and learn a little about basic accounting principles, feel free to stop by 2170 Grainger at 11:00, M-R. Or if you want to throw tomatoes at me and heckle while I'm trying bestow knowledge upon these young frosh and sophs, you can do that too.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

so, anyone want to visit me in minneapolis over the next three weeks? come on! you know you do. minneapolis WAS voted the most fun city in the US. and I'LL be there...i mean, minneapolis is practically in canada, so it will be like visiting a whole new (and cold) country...with good music
I've been really into the electronic dance-pop lately. My song and band of the moment is "Sunshine" by Girls are Short (from Canada!). It's just so fun and puts you in the best mood, and it kicks off with this guy saying "This is how we do it in stereo / Welcome to London, Ontario!" How cool is that!
Fabulous! I'm so glad I get back the 5th, just in time to hear the storybook hour. Some special themes I'm kicking around for random winter break shows when I return:

All Canadian, All the Time (I think I might have enough Canadian bands to actually do this!)
Nicole's Winter 2004 Dance Party
Down with Love featuring your embittered host, Nicole (think Cursive, Bright Eyes, Pedro the Lion, old Jimmy Eat World- anything depressing or angry ;) )
This Saturday (6-8 PM): Another Perfect Face For Radio: Special Edition!

Featuring Scandinavian Rock!

All your favorite Nordic artists like Turbonegro, Mensen, Jaga Jazzist, H.I.M., Kent, Biosphere, and Bjork. What? You haven’t heard of some of them. Then tune in to hear what you’re missing!

Maybe I’ll even play some Darude or ABBA if you ask me nice. I've even got a cool remix of Aqua's "Barbie girl."

Yes, for all of you out there who are waiting for “DJ Lazer’s Comic Book Story Hour of Power,” it is still tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 6PM. Production is underway.

Only on Madion’s 91.7 FM, natch

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Check out this awesome live set/interview with the Shins (scroll down to find it). It's from a California radio station, and the sound is really good.
Last night at a business school function at the Nitty, one of my professors told me he really appreciated having me in his class, because I brought an element of humor to it with my different perspective because I clearly didn't care about the class at all and obviously had other things on my mind. Then he said we should get me a couple of shots to "loosen me up" because I'm clearly too inhibited in class. This man is well over 60, mind you. I didn't realize my feelings were quite that blatant, but hey, if he appreciated them, that's good enough for me.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Oh my God! Check out the WSUM best show poll now!!!!!!!

Hour of Crap(crap) 3 (10%)
shades of blue(blues) 0 (0%)
sex talk 0 (0%)
Rock n bach 0 (0%)
12 inches (hip hop) 0 (0%)
SHouting From the sHingles(new wave,postpunk) 0 (0%)
The Mutiny(Electronic, hip hop, Rock) 1 (3.3%)
Revolutions(hip hop) 1 (3.3%)
We demand (news) 1 (3.3%)
the copia (indie) 0 (0%)
support your scene(local) 1 (3.3%)
perfect face for radio (Rock) 9 (30%)
Almost like Lucifer (Goth, indust., pretentiousness ) 2 (6.6%)
Sports Talk 0 (0%)
Kino Ear (cult soundtracks) 2 (6.6%)
Hit to death in the future head (space Rock) 2 (6.6%)
land of flying wombats (emo, punk) 4 (13.3%)
Pants optional radio (Metal-core) 1 (3.3%)
Tetsugaku (trip-hop) 1 (3.3%)
Radio goethe (music of germany) 2 (6.6%)
Hock Show (now with Condor-man) 0 (0%)
Now that school's over, I went on a mad burning spree at WSUM last night, especially from the electronic section:
Girls Are Short - Early North American
The Midwest Product - World Series of Love
The Planet The - Physical Angel

What's that? I still have two finals left? Yeah, whatever.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Holy crap!!! This has just been a great week for the Perfect Face for Radio. We're currently at the top of the best WSUM show poll on the WSUM discussion boards, and the nicest comment ever was posted about us. I'm so proud. Check it out.
I think Rockey will agree with me that last night's show was probably our best ever. We had loads of calls and requests responding to our "Best of 2003" theme and our playlist was just amazing. There was also a great response to Rockey's announcement of a winter-break comic book story hour hosted by DJ Lazer himself (keep checking back here for more info on that). Don't worry, the PPFR will be back at the same time and date next semester with one big bonus- we'll probably be webcasting!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

DJ Lazer's Top 3 of 2003:
The Rapture: Echoes
The Heavenly States: The Heavenly States
The White Stripes: Elephant
Listen up tonight for the Perfect Face for Radio's end-of-the-year best of 2003 special!!!! As always, 6-8 PM on 91.7 FM WSUM-Madison Student Radio. I think this will be one of our best shows ever.

Friday, December 12, 2003

top suckiest thing to happen ever: laptop crashing one day before first law school final.
Yo la tengo! (I've got it!) The WSUM shirts could have beards and the female reproductive system on them. That way everybody wins! Wait... Actually, on second thought, that would be really really gross.
So in Retail Management class this week, our professor told us this story about healthy choice once had a promotion where you could send in their UPC symbols in exchange for frequent flyer miles, so this guy bought thousands of puddings and removed all the tops and got millions of frequent flyer miles for $3,000 of pudding tops . . . I was like, yeah that happened, in Punchdrunk Love!! I don't think a single other person in the class had seen the movie. Apparently it was based on a true story. Who knew?

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Look! Look! Single Frame put up our show on the show section of their website!!!!!! Now it's real.
The same thing that a bunch of beards have to do with the radio station, Rockey. The same thing. There was talk of getting the wall clock. But I think Liz and I both know that nothing could ever beat the Powerman 5000 wall clock. REVOLT!!!

Any Moldy Peaches fans out there? Adam Green (Former MP singer) has been booked for the Rathskellar for Tuesday, January 27. Go hear the hit that has been ravaging MTV2: "Jessica." Sample lyric: "Jessica Simpson, where did your love go, it's not in your music."
What does the female reproductive system have to do with the student radio staion? I don't know. Maybe I'll get the golf shirt. Or maybe not. Actually, I do need a clock.

The first Perfect Face For Radio Show spinoff show is coming this winter break! Listen for the first announcement during Saturday's best-of-the-year show.
Check out this website for the creepiest WSUM merchandise possible. Don't even ask how that came to fruition.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Today's Music Committee meeting was intense. A 12-12 vote to book Pretty Girls Make Graves in February for an entirely unreasonable amount of money led to the tie-breaking director's vote not to book them, due to the fact that it was just an insane cost. It still might happen though if we can get enough outside funding- anyone have a couple thousand dollars they want to donate to the Bring PGMG to the Union Fund?

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I just got my first X-mas present in the mail!!! A portable record player from my parents. It's sooooo cute. Now I can listen to my grand total of 3 records on it.
Hey, while you're on the BBS voting for All Campus Party bands, feel free to vote for the Perfect Face for Radio in the "best show" poll that's going on in the same board.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Remember that free Flaming Lips show I mentioned for April 30? Well, you can make it happen! There is competition, however. We're doing a survey of students to see which of the following bands they would be interested in bringing for that date. I'm considering stuffing the ballot box. Thank goodness for free printing in the lab. If you have a preference, email me and I'll fill one out for you, or go vote on the WSUM BBS under the "Public Sound Off" board.

The Flaming Lips
The Black Eyed Peas
Reel Big Fish
Ziggy Marley
Coldplay (tentative)

Meanwhile, a heartbreaking Average Joe finale solved the looks-personality debate once and for all, as looks came out triumphant in the end. At least, until Average Joe 2 comes out in January. Here's my proposal for a reality TV show. It would be called "indie-rock bachelorette", and it would be me and 25 tall skinny guys with messy hair who wear band t-shirts, jeans and pumas, play instruments and listen to the Dismemberment Plan. Now that's my kind of reality.
Hey everyone, go to this website and vote for Tinymixtapes as best website of the year. There's a bunch of other stuff you can vote on too, but they don't involve me, so I don't care as much.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

PITP news: looks like we are shooting for one large headliner. So who would you rather see headline at Party in the Park? Neko Case or Andrew WK? That's what it might come down to . . .

Another WSUM idea being batted around: a WSUM date auction. I kid you not. Would that not be the coolest, hippest, punkest date auction ever? I would laugh if this actually comes to fruition.
The best news story ever:

"Thousands of fans rioted at Sierra Leone’s national stadium Saturday when authorities substituted two local dwarf comedians for a widely anticipated out-of-town midget duo"

Saturday, December 06, 2003

I just got this album by a band (again, really just one guy) called Goldcard, self-titled, and it is fantastic. He's from Portland. I put it up in the recommended listening section.
Just do what I do- stop caring! Haha. Ok, that might not work for everyone.

Last night I went up to Chicago and saw a special acoustic show from Mark Kozelek of the Red House Painters. This girl in front of me fainted, which brought back memories of the time I fainted while watching Kid Dakota at the Uptown Bar. Ah, those were the days.
Then later a homeless man stole $20 from me.
Nicole, i think that may have been the classiest blog ever. And might i also say that i'm jealous of your alcoholic pursuits. damn finals- why do they have to be so bothersome?

Friday, December 05, 2003


Thursday, December 04, 2003

Rockey: what do you think of a special year-end show (whenever our last show of the year would be, next week I think) with our top albums of the year? Here are my top 20, as submitted to Tinymixtapes:

01. Broken Social Scene – You Forgot it in People (Arts and Crafts)
02. Single Frame – Wetheads Come Running (Already Gone)
03. The Decemberists – Castaways and Cutouts (Kill Rock Stars)
04. The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow (Sub Pop)
05. M83 – Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost Ghosts (Gooom)
06. The Books – The Lemon of Pink (Tomlab)
07. Four Tet – Rounds (Domino)
08. Stars – Heart (Arts and Crafts/Paper Bag)
09. The Wrens – The Meadowlands (Absolutely Kosher)
10. Manitoba – Up in Flames (Domino)
11. Cat Power – You Are Free (Matador)
12. The Postal Service – Give Up (Sub Pop)
13. Calexico – Feast of Wire (Quarterstick)
14. Blur – Think Tank (Virgin)
15. The Constantines – Shine a Light (Sub Pop)
16. The New Pornographers – Electric Version (Matador)
17. TV on the Radio – Young Liars EP (Touch and Go)
18. Prefuse 73 – One Word Extinguisher (Warp)
19. The Exploding Hearts – Guitar Romantic (Dirtnap)
20. Ted Leo/Pharmacists – Hearts of Oak (Lookout!)
Well, from what I remember, we both could fly and had superhuman strength. Black spandex, superhero belts and 80s haircuts with headbands may have also been involved, though my memory of the dream is not quite that good.

Cool show this Saturday at the Electric Earth Cafe: The Impossible Shapes (from Indiana and on Secretly Canadian), If Then Else (cool local electronic/rock duo), Charlemagne (slightly annoying married couple with amusing drummer that play rather minimalist ditties), and Sparklecauser (apparently their last show due to the fact that they are a boyfriend/girlfriend band that just broke up, so the band is going the way of the relationship).
Whew. Finally finished my graduate school application personal statement and got the chance to catch up on the blogger. What I want to know is: Nicole, in your dream (see below), did you/I have any super powers/special abilities and, if so, what were they? Also, did you/I have cool spandex costumes and, if so, could you describe them in great detail?

Everyone better tune in on Saturday. It's gonna be totally new word!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Good news!!!! Single Frame is officially booked for Saturday, February 28 at Union South!!!! This means all of you, my faithful friends, must come or die. No, seriously, I'll kill all of those who don't show up; no excuses that you have to work, since you know OVER TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE. Since the date has been moved to Saturday, this means potential interview on the radio show! Now I must look for opening bands. Any suggestions for bands that will play for under $200 (and fit with Single Frame), please let me know.

And for some WSUM news: We are looking to have a return to webcasting starting spring semester! We'll know for sure very shortly.
hi, everybody! it's been a while since i last blogged and i apologize for the panic that it may have caused. truth be told i haven't been doing much more than waking up, going to the library, and going back to sleep. BUT, i'm gonna see stephen malkmus and the pernice brothers this friday. oh, and i am going to play FRCP drinking games. that is all the news i have to report. isn't everyone a little better as a result?
TinyMixTapes' Top 20 of 2003 has been compiled and will be revealed in the next week or two! I also get to do a blurb about one of the albums. I can't reveal any details yet . . . but somehow I got assigned just the right one.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

After watching the Maryland-Wisconsin basketball game on TV, I've decided my new DJ name will be: DJ Strawberry.
"This lawsuit is about people who have no money suing other people that have no money"
This story is just sad! Dan Gellar, one of the suers, is in I Am the World Trade Center, who recently played at Union South. He seemed too fun and happy to be caught up in something like this.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Back! I'd just like to say that last night's Aqua Teen Hunger Force was pure genius. If you missed it, go hit up Kazaa for the download. It was called "Frat Aliens." I think that pretty much sums it up.

Also, Shins review up on TMT!
Updated Single Frame Union show news: They have ACCEPTED (!!!!!) my offer, but want to switch the date to February 28! I think that this date is ok, but it will have to be reapproved by the Committee again on Wednesday. This has been quite the process, but it will be so worth it if it works out. All that will be left to do: find an opening band!

Sunday, November 30, 2003

I highly recommend Bad Santa as a good movie to see this winter. I went with a bunch of people on Thanksgiving and we were all laughing pretty hard. This is not a good movie to take young children or your grandma to (unless your grandma has a good sense of humor). Billy Bob drinks so much alcohol in that movie it practically made my stomach hurt!
Movies I want to see when I get back to Madison:
Bubba Ho-Tep (recommended by Liz and finally at the Orpheum)
Bad Santa
The Station Agent (recommended by my friend's mother as "the best movie she's seen in five years")
21 Grams
If anyone wants to see any/all of the above, let me know!

Thursday, November 27, 2003

I'm here in my new "home" of Maryland for the first time. Very odd seeing all of my old furniture in a totally new setting. I also left my coat in O'Hare during a rushed layover after we had to rebook our entire flight due to a hydrolics problem on the plane in Madison. Good excuse to buy a new coat.

The show last night rocked, as always. Annie and I showed up at the Stage Door an hour early due to a misstatement by Ted of the Heavenly States on the Saturday interview (the proof is in the recording!); we also were confused as to how exactly to GET to the Stage Door and showed up behind the bar. Oops. DPC gave out a promo cd, and upon listening to it on the plane today, I must say it is quite good and I have high expectations for the upcoming full-length. Other free gifts included a Vox Humana EP and Vox Humana/Colony of Watts 7-inch which I haven't listened to yet, but also have high expectations for. The Heavenly States, battling poor sound and a drunken (yet HI-larious) Ted, still managed to provide a good time, and they played some new stuff that had me excited for what they'll bring us next. Heavenly States at Party in the Park 2004? Let's make it happen.

Confidential to Annie: Bee-hay on the Gladio.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I had the best dream last night. I was at this tiny club/bar in Milwaukee (?) when suddenly, we got word that the Dismemberment Plan was going to be doing a special show at this club that night. We hung out with them before the show, but unfortunately I moved on to the next dream before they actually got to play. Then I dreamt that Rockey and I were superheroes who had to fight to the death, and Rockey was about to beat me before I woke up.

Speaking of the D-Plan, I'd like to give props to Pitchfork for giving Emergency and I an honorable spot on their re-issued top 100 of the 90s. Though I'm definitely questioning some of the other albums they did and didn't include.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Holy mother of God, do I hate this company.
Oh Rockey, those pictures are priceless. Art Paul's attire is spectacular. Hopefully I'll get some good pics tomorrow of the Heavenly States and of Ian's last show with the DPC, and perhaps of Vox Humana, since word on the street is they are a very attractive band.
New PFFR Visual Entertainment in the "Pictures" section and in the "Performers and Hosts" section. Enjoy and have a happy Thanksgiving! I am off to Chicagoland tomorrow.
Get this everyone- for the first time EVER, WSUM is now on 24/7 programming! Those lucky new trainees have picked up the rockin' 3-6 AM slots. Now automated programming is a thing of the past, and of holidays.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Alright, I spent about an hour at work transcribing the interview, and it is up. Oh god, was it even funnier the second time around. Everyone at the lab must have thought I was a freak listening to headphones and laughing to myself. I wish I could put the recording up on the website. The written form just doesn't quite capture Ted's delivery in all of its glory.
Our stellar interview with Ted, the singer of the Heavenly States, has been recorded and I'm going to transcribe it today or tomorrow. Look for it to be up on the review/interview page soon and on either Tinymixtapes or in the Emmie, depending on which one of those I decide to submit it to.

It's pretty damn funny.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

This song is dedicated to Becky on her pretend birthday:

Dead Cat, by the Midwest Product

Memorial Day, he visits the graves
Of no one he knows, to find the unsaved
Despite his presence, and manicured plants
The cat was alone, where did it come from?
Interview with Ted from the Heavenly States was absolutely HILARIOUS. Ted rulez my world. Everyone go check them out with the DPC and Vox Humana at the Orpheum Stage Door this Wednesday at 9.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Liz, isn't it funny that it hasn't snowed here yet, but you got snow. HAHA. Nicole, being the only one that says HUZZAH simply makes you so much cooler than anyone else, that you can't feel isolated by it. I was the only one that said "butt ass monkey" for a long period of time and I'm fabulous.
Tomorrow night on the Perfect Face for Radio: An exclusive phone interview with Heavenly States lead singer, Ted Nesseth! Tune in between 6-8 PM to hear what Ted and the band has been up to. Then show up next Wednesday at the Orpheum Stage Door to see them headline, with Vox Humana and the Driftless Pony Club opening. While you're there, pick up a copy of the DPC's promo and get a taste of their upcoming full-length album, which will be fabulous, I'm sure. After that, feel free to cry, as it will be DPC bassist Ian's last show.
Last night we partied it up with the Dean of the Business School at Wandos. At one point, when surrounded by 4 female accounting (MAcc) students, he called himself "The MAcc Daddy." Oh my.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Meanwhile, it's supposed to be 65 today!

Last night I saw Guided by Voices. With 15+ albums and all their side projects, it's almost pointless to have the one song you want to hear. But I did . . . and holy shit, they played it, a one-in-a-thousand chance, they played Game of Pricks. And it was absolutely beautiful, everything I hoped it would be and more. My $17 ticket was worth every penny just to hear them play that song.

Speaking of Death Cab, there's a decent interview with the bassist in the Badger Herald today. Also, one of the characters in the Daily Cardinal comic On Campus is wearing a Shins shirt. I want to meet whoever draws that strip.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003 SNOWED in portland today. like big time snow. we're talking maybe two inches. everyone was freaking out. i want to sue. i was promised that it "hardly ever snows" in portland. two inches are two too many. anyways, i get to see death cab tomorrow. also, northfolk and western is playing on saturday...should i go?
sidenote: i have become a true northwesterner...i now drink (starbucks) coffee! yikes!
good luck bringing single frame to madison, nicole! that would rock out something else. and what's the deal with the flaming lips show?
Alright, Single Frame has been approved by the Union Music Committee for February 27 . . . now they just need to accept my (reduced) offer and we'll have a show . . . keep your fingers crossed!
How much does this suck- I got contacted by the booking agents for both John Vanderslice and for the upcoming French Kicks/Walkmen tour about playing at the Union, and they both want to come over spring break. Booooooooo.
So today in class our professor told us we all got our first choice projects, to which I exclaimed "Huzzah!" Everyone looked at me like I was a big freak, and the professor was like, "what was that Nicole?" No one in the business school understands me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Cool event coming up this Thursday at the Annex: The Isthmus Band to Band Combat finals featuring Jimmy's Comet and the Dorothy Heralds. Go vote.

Monday, November 17, 2003

"Dear Nicole:

Thank you for visiting our office and providing us with the opportunity to further discuss possible professional opportunities with our Firm.

We believe that your credentials are strong and that you have great potential. Unfortunately, this has been a year where the large number of outstanding candidates has vastly exceeded the number of openings within our Firm. It becomes impossible, therefore, to offer positions to all the fine candidates we see. After much deliberation, it is with sincere regret that we are unable to offer you a position at this time.

The interest you have expressed in PricewaterhouseCoopers is greatly appreciated. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you success in the pursuit of your professional goals.

There is talk of a potential free Flaming Lips show on the Kohl Center lawn in late April, stay tuned . . .
Move here, for a good time.
and i completely agree...

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hole songs would be good, Courtney Love can't sing worth crap, but it works somehow. If you want pure screaming, check out the Locust. Also check out their song titles, such as "Priest with the Sexually Transmitted Disease, Get out of my Bed" and "Who Wants a Dose of the Clap?"

BOOOOOOOOO Pedro the Lion was sold out tonight. He has clearly outgrown the Catacombs.
If I was going to audition to be the singer in a band, and I don't know how to sing, what would be a good song to use? I'm trying to think of one that doesn't require a normal singing ability. Is there one where the singer just screams most the time? anyone?
And I am soooooo jealous.

But I did see a fantastic show last night as well, as the Shins were absolutely wonderful and the House of Blues is an excellent venue with great sound. Kissing the Lipless almost had me in tears it was so great. Then we saw this cool DJ from Berlin named Ellen Allien at the Bottom Lounge, which was pretty sweet. Now I'm going to go pass out in bed.
i just saw one insanely superb show: stars and the broken social scene. we're talking a solid FOUR hours of music here...that's a lot of music. the stars were definitely more rockin than their cd, heart. one of my friends thought there were too many love songs. i told her not to listen to the cd, then. broken social scene was utterly fantastic. they played stars and sons, one of my all time most favorite songs. i am so content right now...

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Uf Da! I'm winded, but the show was a hit. Catastrophe free and all. Two fans called in and made some great requests too. Should be time for a nap but instead I'm going out to celebrate.
Woooohooooo! Off to see the Shins. This show is going to be great, I can feel it.

Good luck Rockey!

Friday, November 14, 2003

If you're interested in winning free tickets to Eric Idle's (of Monty Python fame) show at the Barrymore this Tuesday, call in to the show tomorrow. Just one more thing for Rockey to do. All by himself.
T-minus 27 hours and counting until Rockey's big solo debut! Please, call in a request and make him feel special. Also make him feel overwhelmed as he takes your call, tries to find your request, input songs into two playlists, and run the boards all by himself.

The Emmie's top 20 albums of 2003 have been decided and will be revealed in the next issue, which should be out by the first week of December at the latest. Luckily for me, the majority of my top picks were maintained, including a fight to the bitter end for Single Frame's Wetheads Come Running (actually, it wasn't that bitter, I was just the only one who'd really heard the album). Meanwhile, the Tinymixtapes top 20 albums of 2003 are in the process of being chosen, with the winners being revealed slowly over several days in December.

Speaking of Single Frame, I plan on presenting the band to the Union Music Committee this Wednesday to try to get them booked for Union South on Feb. 27. Feel free to email the committee ( to tell them how much you think they should get Single Frame to come play in Madison. You don't know me though.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Further investigation has revealed that today's TMT news was done like that on purpose by the craaaaaaaazy editors. If anyone was able to figure out how Karen O is "imlintliunag," please let me know.
Wooohoooo, headlining news story on tinymixtapes! Except right now it's all messed up, for some unknown reason. Hopefully this will be remedied soon. Until then, see if you can figure out what was actually trying to be said.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Actually, my mom already does read the blog. I swore once on it, which she reprimanded me on, but otherwise I've never said anything on here I wouldn't want my parents to read.

Everyone listen up and support Rockey in his first attempt to host the radio show on his own. Just remember: fill out the program log correctly or feel the rage of A-Ron, and make sure you input everything on the playlist under "Nicole and DJ Lazer" or feel the wrath of the other Nicole.

Meanwhile, what a small world. My partner for a group project here is the girlfriend of Paul from Mabel. Who knew?

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I think Nicole definitely knows how Kevin feels.
I hope everyone is getting excited for my solo radio DJ debut this Saturday at 6:00PM. Boy, I am.
Either my first exam was a huge joke, or I completely missed something. It was a massively grand total of three pages, and I finished it in 20 minutes.

The first official Party in the Park website is now up and running! There isn't really anything on it yet, but keep checking back to see how things are shaping up. We're currently checking out what bands are available to play, and some big names are coming up- stay tuned!

Monday, November 10, 2003

White Stripes tonight! Woooohoooo! Screw the fact that I have two exams and an 8:00 class tomorrow morning.

On Campus, my favorite comic strip in the Daily Cardinal, was absolutely hilarious today. I think I'm going to email the artist. The stupid online edition doesn't have the comics up for me to post a link, so pick up a copy if you can. The punchline: "Howard Dean- He's Kinda Like Radiohead."

Meanwhile, I'm really excited about the fact that I put two stacks of Emmie's in Grainger assuming no one would take them, but there are only three left in the bin now! Maybe there are people in the business school that have good taste in music, and they're just hiding from me.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Just got back from the Birdland, TV on the Radio, Aspera, I Am the World Trade Center show. I'll probably post a review tomorrow instead of studying for my two exams, but here's a super-brief rundown:
Birdland- Totally intense; one man on an electric organ and a woman with these deep, throaty vocals. I thought they were really cool. Ever see that part in Mulholland Drive where the woman is singing in the theater, but not really singing? That's sort of what the vocals sounded like.
TV on the Radio- Clearly drew the biggest crowd, due to the enormous amount of buzz that has been going on around their recent EP, Young Liars. Definitely lived up to that buzz, as they totally rocked the house (even though they were experiencing some frustrating sound problems), and I can't wait for their full-length album that comes out in March. Also, the first (mostly) black indie rock band I've ever seen, which was very interesting. Poser Julia made it a point of getting the singer to call one of her friends on her cell phone in yet another attempt to look cool by association with bands.
Aspera- Sort of boring, mild electronic-indie. I sat outside for most of it, so I don't have too much to say.
I Am the World Trade Center- Most people had left after TV on the Radio, but they missed out. IATWTC were awesome- one male and one female, purely electronic dance music while she sang and he backed up with some robot vocals. Totally danceable and fun, and they were really cute people.
Overall: really good stuff!

Saturday, November 08, 2003

For all the pop fans out there, Pitchfork has spoken: Kylie rules; Britnney Drools

Friday, November 07, 2003

For all you pirate fans out there, yesterday I toured Albion Armorers in New Glarus and I held a pirate sword! It was so cool. I also got to wear a helmet called the "Death Dealer," modeled after a Frank Frazetta painting. It has large horns coming out the sides and a big metal spike on top. Materials Science field trips are so cool....
Lots of great concerts going on this weekend:
Friday, November 7: Damien Jurado w/ Rosie Thomas and Saxon Shore at the Catacombs Coffeehouse
Friday, November 7: Quasi w/ Aden and the Shivers at Luther's Blues
Saturday, November 8: I Am the World Trade Center w/ TV on the Radio, Birdland and Aspera at Union South/Club 770
Saturday, November 8: Paper Airplane Pilots w/ the German Art Students at the Crystal Corner Bar

I'll be at the I Am the World Trade Center show on Saturday learning how to "cover" for the WUD Music Committee. I think it will be a neat show, TV on the Radio are supposed to be absolutely awesome. Feel free to join me!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

I just got the new Guided by Voices "Best of" compilation, Human Amusement at Hourly Rates, for free so I can review it for the Emmie. If anyone has ever wanted to get into GBV but didn't know where to start because they just have too much music (15 albums and counting), just get this album. It's fantastic, because its just the best songs off of each album (well, 32 of them to be exact). All neatly packaged in one convenient album.

Also look in the next Emmie for my contribution to a feature article, a point/counterpoint: Friendster Rules/Friendster sucks. If you have any strong opinions about Friendster (preferably if you think it rules), please let me know.
One other thing I forgot to mention- Marilyn Manson is interested in coming to speak at Madison. As in, a Distinguished Lecture Series. This could actually happen if there is enough interest (and I think there will be enough interest).

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

This next semester is going to be huge for cool music stuff coming to Madison. I just got out of the Union Music Committee meeting, and we discussed some bands that have potential to be booked next semester, including:
Enon/ the Wrens (The new Wrens album is FABULOUS, check it out)
Single Frame (They wrote me back and want to play in February! I could potentially book a band by myself! If their price isn't too imposing)
The Books (apparently they have only played one live show EVER, as they are a sample-based electronic band- but they said they are "working on their live show")
I highly suggest checking out the albums of any of those bands, most of which recently put out albums in the past month.

Then for WSUM's Party in the Park, we're looking at having a "Party in the Dark" afterwards, with record label showcases at different venues around Madison that night. How cool would that be?

In the meantime, I have barely studied for my two exams coming up. I'm glad I know where my priorities are.
Thanks Jen! Huzzah! Chutes too Narrow is in my room for your listening pleasure, I hope it fills you with as much glee as it does for me.

I've gone insane and joined a men's soccer league. No kidding, I'm the only girl. Every Tuesday night, come see me get my ass kicked by sweaty boys at the KEVA indoor fields in Madison, good times!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I believe I am free to go to the Shins with you Nicole! (...unless some grad school wants me to come and visit!) If we're staying at Ben's I call dibs on the blue chaise lounge!
Last night I had a dream consisting of an ex-boyfriend, Andrew Kenny of the American Analog Set, and the television reality show Average Joe. I'll say no more.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Actually Maggie, ITunes is causing me to forgo my Tuesday night to upload the album covers to my library. I'm in the middle of "D" right now. Yeah that's me, geeking it out . . .
oh, yeah! new shins cd rocks. i recommend people taking nicole up on her offer to see them in concert. it was one of the best concerts i'd ever seen!
I can't stop listening to the new Shins album. It just fills me with such joy! Apparently, I'm not the only one, as it was the highest-ever one week sales for Sub Pop with 15,600! And they made it to 86 on the Billboard 100! And to think, if I hadn't purchased it, they'd only have sold 15,599 copies. Come to see the Shins with me November 15 in Chicago- I have room in my car! (Probably because I'll be the only one in it)

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Confidential to Rockey- What's YOUR major?
According to the SSION non-radio edits, the baby's major is "Fuck"
hmmmmmm . . .
Huzzah for two nights in a row going to bed at 4:00 AM! This will not be a regular practice, now; we'll leave it at a Halloween exception.
Boooo...iTunes doesn't work for Windows 98 SE; I don't like Windows XP. And off the subject, here's a nice article on the art of seduction...

Saturday, November 01, 2003

I'm so excited that you're excited for iTunes for windows- i've been telling all the crazy windows users to download it and they're all skeptical- isn't it cool how it organizes your music for you???? It makes it's own little folders for bands and albums- it's fantabulous! Now even Nicole can have a life and doesn't have to stay home saturday nights and organize music...
I've got a role model and costume too.
Crazy times last night, that's for sure. I haven't gone to bed at 4:00 AM in quite a long time.

I just downloaded ITunes for Windows, how cool is that?!??! There are so many neat features, I think I'm going to stop caring about school altogether so I can get my music in order.

Friday, October 31, 2003

I totally OWN Tinymixtapes today! Ok, not exactly, but I do have both a news story and a concert review up. So check 'em out.

American Analog Set was great. Really chill, really beautiful music that fit in perfectly in a coffeehouse setting . . . until the bat got in. Kudos to the band for being able to continue playing with a crazed bat flapping in their (and our) faces.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Emmie is finally OUT!!!! PLEASE pick up a copy at almost any location, Grainger, Humanities, B-Side, the Catacombs, Ingraham, Espresso Royale, etc. etc. etc. and then flip to my interview with the All Girl Summer Fun Band. The issue looks real good.

And now I'm off to see the American Analog Set at the Catacombs . . . alone, because I can't find anyone to go with me. Damn you, Tori, Liz and Maggie, for leaving!!! :(
I would almost be glad that this week from hell was almost over if i didn't have so much to get done this weekend- and i don't even know if i'll have time to go out for halloween! I want to see the freaks in the village!

Anyway, so i've been uber busy but wanted to tell you all how fantabulous death cab for cutie was on monday night at the bowery ballroom- which is by the way an awesome venue if you ever get the chance to see a show there-small yet big enough with high ceilings, a little balcony and great sound. The mates of state opened who were pretty fun and played good music but lacked a certain crowd appeal... then death cab came out and were great and did a fabulous encore of 405; i also really liked the old stuff they played -which christine said she'd burn for me apparently she has everything- yipee!

In addition to being fabulous musicians, they were actually quite witty too- at one point ben gibbard spoke of a women who was at the show the night before who apparently was upset because he said he felt like he had been "hit by a train"--apparently this women had been hit by a train that morning...on rollerblades- i think she must have been from jersey...
I have returned, completely exhausted. I haven't had a spare minute in the past two days. Here's a brief synopsis of my trip to Seattle:
Fly to Seattle. Get picked up with a man holding a sign with my name on it (yes!) who takes me in a Lincoln TownCar to the Fairmont, formerly the 4 Seasons, where I clearly don't belong. Rush off to the office, meet other interviewees, including a married mormon from BYU, go to incredibly expensive dinner (probably around 70 or 80 bucks), see my friend John, fail to sleep at night. Next day: check out of ridiculous hotel, go to office, see presentations, get interviewed by strange Argentinian woman, get interviewed again, get half a lunch at a super nice restaurant, rush off early to the airport (in another Lincoln TownCar) to fly home. Wore suit on plane.
So I pretty much got to see a 4 block radius of Seattle during my time there. No rain though!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Everyone I've talked to has said the same about the new Strokes- that they didn't want to like it, but they just can't help it. That means it must be pretty good. Though I saw the video for 12:51, and while it was a cool video, I couldn't understand a word Julian Casablancas said due to the mumbling.

I'm off to the Pacific Northwest- everyone pray I get this job so I don't have to live in a cardboard box for the rest of my life! (Ok, just a bit dramatic, but whatever)

p.s. There is talk of a potential Shins interview in November . . . stay tuned!

Monday, October 27, 2003

so, i'm listening to the new strokes cd now...i didn't think i'd like it, but i can't help it - it's too catchy!
nicole, GOOD LUCK IN SEATTLE! you are going to rock out that interview! i want all details of your trip
Confidential to Becky: There is a band named "Girl Scout Heroin"! I think Skanky Baker and the Girl Scout Explosion is still a viable band name.
You could try emailing the WSUM webmaster at for advice, I've gotten a lot of help from him for this website.
Well, I went to check up on the show I posted, and found that the mirror site I had running was shut down due to a "Terms of Service Violation." That's not cool. Looks like its back to the drawing board. The good news is I still have digitized shows on backup CDs.
Clem Snide and Califone last night rocked. Joan Jett of Arc was played, which pleased me. Ice Cube was not played, which did not please me. Eef Barzelay is the man. He's not as weird as he'd like you to think. Review up whenever the hell I feel like it. Look for a solo Eef performance in Milwaukee on December 13 with 3 other prominent frontmen. Last year it was Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, Eric Bachmann of Crooked Fingers and former Archers of Loaf, and Davey Van Bohlen of the Promise Ring. So screw finals week and go to Milwaukee with me that night!
I'm uber disappointed- I woke up today, checked the blogger to become immediately guiddy at the thought of actually being able to listen to partial show but apparently angelfre doesn't want to let me! Rockey why you got to bring my hopes up??? I think you should try to fix this soon...

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Did you miss yesterday's show. The first half is here Yes, the file is huge. I'm working on it. This is my rough draft. If anyone downloads it please let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Nicole: Once upon a time I did land a gig dancing a la the guy from the Mighty Bosstones. Expect the band I danced for played punk music. In basements. And I wore a gas mask. True Story.
Last night I ended up at a gay bar with a prominent local news anchor. It's not every day you can say that. Three cheers to Annie!

Also last night I found an MBA who says he'll teach me to play the bass. My School of Rock fantasies may happen yet!

Friday, October 24, 2003

DJing on the mall today was cool. I got the best response the minute I put on "Heaven" by the Rapture- suddenly the whole mall started dancing like crazy! Well, no, but you could visibly see heads perk up when the song started, and one guy came up and asked who it was. The small Elliott Smith tribute at the end also garnered quite a bit of attention.
Check out my first news item on tinymixtapes!!! I'm moving up in the world. Oh, those crazy Green Day boys.

Rockey: An even more ideal job would be the guy in the Mighty Mighty Bosstones that just dances. Playing the cowbell is more work.
Up late studying for Physics and caught the Rapture playing "House of Jealous Lovers" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. One guy danced and played the cowbell the entire song. Maybe I should look into getting that kind of job.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

So every morning when i go into lab, i enter an elevator, which has posted in it a sign with a picture of a hand with a circle and slash through it. Now although this sign isn't a warning sign against the dangers of masturbation in elevators, and only for the banal purpose of telling people to take off lab gloves- it still makes me chuckle everytime...

I just thought i'd share that with the rest of you. Have a happy weekend all!
To all our Chicago area readers: I made a massive update to the Chicago section of the upcoming concerts page. There can't possibly be a concert worth seeing that I haven't put up there yet. And if there is, let me know!
Hey everyone! FYI, I'm going to be DJing tomorrow on Library Mall from 12-2 PM. No, I won't be spinning discs, just playing good music as we sell raffle tickets for the WantSUM campaign.

What is the WantSUM campaign, you ask? Well, this fall the station is going hardcore with the fundraising so we can get better transmission, start webcasting again, get the station in the dorms, and most importantly to me, make Party in the Park absolutely HUGE. So from 12-2PM every Friday you can buy 2$ raffle tickets for a prize of a semester of free tuition or $1500 cash. The winning ticket will be drawn on Nov. 15 at Union South before the football game and announced on the air. Want SUM more info (sorry, I couldn't resist)? Go here.
Hell yeah! I've just been trained on booking for the union, and emailed a bunch of my favorite bands that I thought would be reasonably priced. Both the Deathray Davies and Single Frame emailed me back and are interested!!! Huzzah!

Also, sad news, the Emmie is a little delayed and won't be out until next week.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

This has just been a day of great news! The Perfect Face for Radio will soon be available online in archive form, and . . .


Bless you, PricewaterhouseCoopers. The waiting has been driving me insane. Lucky for PFFR fans (but unlucky for my professors, my grades, and my time management abilities), I'll be flying out there next Tuesday morning and returning Wednesday night, so no perfect show will be spared in my hunt for a job.
The PFFR gets online 10.26.03.
Holy shit! I gots to get my hands on this cd today! I've been waiting!

Monday, October 20, 2003

Who wants to get a Mifflin neighborhoodie with me?
I met this guy today in the computer lab whose friend lives with Irulan and Alton from the Real World in LA. Apparently they just sit around all day and go out partying all night, their rationale being that if they go out during the day, people will recognize them and bother them. Great reason for not getting a job. Oh, but Alton is working on a script. HA!

Sunday, October 19, 2003

I've been really into the new Books album, The Lemon of Pink. So much so that I put it on the recommended listening page. Something a little different. Check it out.
You can now feel free to call my cell phone again, at any time of day. I upgraded to a plan with more minutes and got a tiny new color phone in the process.

Meanwhile, last night I stayed in and reviewed 25 rock cds for the station, because the rock box was overflowing like crazy. I think a member of WSUM owes me a pie for doing this. And yes, I'm a dork. At least I didn't reorganize my excel spreadsheet of cds while I was at it, right?

Saturday, October 18, 2003

For those of you wondering, "when are these 'Heavenly States'" going to be back in Madison?" the answer is Wednesday, November 26. So hold off on the Thanksgiving fun for one night to see this awesome band. Driftless Pony Club and Vox Humana will be opening. There will also be a phone interview with Ted, HS singer, on our show the Saturday before the show. We'll be sure to keep you all updated!

Oh, and speaking of Single Frame, I'm writing a review on their CD for the December Emmie issue. The October Emmie issue will be distributed around town this Thursday night!
portland concert update!
last night, our dear friends, the heavenly states played with the planet the and 31 knots. it was a fantastic show and the heavenly states were superb. my friends said they were the best and the "most dynamic" of the three bands (i would agree).
the planet the was v. entertaining. if i had to describe them, i would say that they are a (slightly) weirder, new wave version of single frame.
31 knots, who fans of PFFR should know (like the heavenly states), is considered "math rock." now, i've never liked math, but i thought they were great. made me almost want to whip out some algebra.
bottom line: see heavenly states when they are back in madison (you could even take law stdents).

Friday, October 17, 2003

Ah, now this article has the right amount of sarcasm...
The son of a family friend, who I believe is in high school now, has a band called "Spry Specter" that will be on Anna Filipek's show, the Local Music Showcase, on Sunday at 2 PM on 91.7. They'll be playing a live set. How awesome is that? So tune in everyone!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Matt Modell had so much sarcasm in that article I can't figure out his point. He did sound much like an asshole. And Starbucks really sucks...they should put a Rocky's back in that location...or another drinking establishment. One more day till weekend of booze...

Also, I highly recommend the new Outkast double album "Speakerboxx/The Love Below", but don't listen to it more than twice within a week or you will never get it out of your head. It's been almost four days and it's still in my head. I like the tune "Roses"
Last interview OVER!!!! Now I just sit back and wait for the rejections to roll in. I think this waiting could potentially be worse than the interview process. I keep checking my email like, every 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, I'm wearing my suit here at work and an MBA just told me I look "very nice today." Score!

Oh, and Matt Modell is still an asshole.
This article in the Badger Herald has to be one of the most moronic and ridiculous things Matt Modell has ever written. What an asshole.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Guess who was at the Music Committee meeting today? POSER JULIA. Her bangs are a little bit longer, and she appears to have gained some weight, but she is clearly still the same groupie she always was. She told us that she was Meg White for Halloween, and of course had to throw in that Meg White saw her in her costume. Figures.
We had a meeting for the "rock" genre last night at WSUM. (And where were you, Rockey?) Big things in store. Music Director Anna Filipek has high hopes for this year's Party in the Park, and with enough corporate funding, we're hoping to have some incredibly big bands play, more vendors, WSUM merchandise for sale, etc. Our own mini SXSW or Bumbershoot festival, perhaps! I'm definitely going to get very involved this year, because anyone who went last year knows we need more rock bands and less jam bands.
Also, Rockey, I learned the rationale behind not saying the name of the song you are about to play before you play it on the air; it's for webcasting reasons, so a listener doesn't pop a CD into the CD burner just before it's about to play . . . stupid, I know. Why not just burn our whole show? We play more than one good song, you know.
Killer shows in Madison this weekend! Check it out:

Friday, October 17: The Electric Six w/ Junior Senior and the Supagroup at the Annex
Saturday, October 18: Longwave w/ Calla, Ludo and Fist-a-Cuffs at Club 770
Saturday, October 18: Decibully w/ [[[VVrssnn]]], Kissing Tigers, and the Dirty Projectors at the Catacombs Coffehouse
Saturday, October 18: The Jayhawks w/ the Redwalls at Luther's Blues
Sunday, October 19: The Dub Narcotic Sound System w/ Old Time Relijun, Bobby Birdman and YACHT at the Nottingham Co-op
Sunday, October 19: The Young People w/ His and Her Vanities at the Glass Nickel

However will you choose between them all???

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Public Service Announcement: This is quite entertaining...

In case you meet anybody who you don't want to give your telephone number to, but you do anyway because you feel bad - try this instead: Rejection line: If you are a woman/man and are constantly approached by unattractive or undesirable women/men asking for your phone number, give them this number:

Washington, DC: 202-452-7468
Atlanta: 770-908-7383
Boston: 617-658-7083
Charlotte: 704-559-4169
Chicago: 773-509-5096
Cleveland: 216-556-0051
Denver: 303-575-1696
Las Vegas: 702-387-2619
Los Angeles: 310-217-7638
Miami: 305-460-3285
New York City: 212-479-7990
San Francisco: 415-356-9833
Seattle: 206-781-3928

When the person calls this number they get a friendly message saying that they were rejected. Call the phone number. It's hilarious.
Sweet! I get to be involved with the Emmie's (The WUD Music Committee's music journal) end-of-the-year Top 10 list. Any suggestions for your favorite albums of the year? Post them here. Speaking of the Emmie, the first issue of the year should be coming out shortly, and my All Girl Summer Fun Band interview will be in it. So look for it on the newsstands sometime soon.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Tonight was the last (and my first) WSUM Kugelee Birds soccer game. We managed a 1-1 tie, partly because my brother and his friend helped us out. His friend thought the name "The Hipster DJs" would be a good team name. I thought it would be a good band name.
Tori sent me this interesting article on being single, check it out.
sadly, i've been deprived of blogger for a few days as my sad computer got an unfortunate update which actually just preped it have to be erased and everything put back on again. But it's back so I'm back...

I'm entertained by the fact that someone else watched that futurama nicole- i saw it and laughed my arse off but was unable to do it justice when trying to let sam relive it- i'm glad there's someone else apprecieting it.

Anyway, thanks for all the Death Cab info- i've listened to some of the cd and agree it's quite good and i'm molto excited that the concert was excellent as well- hopefully they'll give me a good show on sunday...

and by the way, i'm going to start stalking all you mifflin girls...not that i didn't already have this number- i think it will just be fun!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Nicole, did you realize that you just put your phone number on the internet? Hmmm, somebody is getting desperate for friends. Or stalkers. Whichever.
Alright my friends who read this blog. I've gone way over on my minutes last month and am about to do so again this month. So please this month, if possible, call my home phone number first before trying my cell phone unless it's after 9 or a weekend! 256-9428. Thanks!
I realized last night that I've never actually purchased any of the cds of my 5 favorite bands, they are all burned. However, I have seen 4 of the 5, and purchased merchandise at said shows, so I don't feel quite so bad.

Death Cab was absolutely fantastic. One of the best shows I've ever seen, that's for sure. Review up sometime soon.
I had a dream last night that I went to the show to host it by myself but it was in the wrong station and I played a, gasp, swear word after which the cycle police came by. Yikes!

Big shout out to Coleen for pinch hitting for the PFFR last night too! Thanks!

Saturday, October 11, 2003

An interesting take on sweatshops.

Friday, October 10, 2003

...and another review on the Death Cab album. This reviewer from The Daily Cardinal didn't think it was that great. He goes as far as to say that a newcomer shouldn't even bother to listen to it, but as a new listener I beg to differ. And on another note....damn John Stewart for getting sick and cancelling his show tonight!
Rockey- I'm currently listening to DJ Spooky and it's awesome!!! I can't believe they have a song called Soylent Green. That's just cool.
Interpol review up on tinymixtapes!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Killer quote on Futurama tonight:
Monkey: "I just want to be a monkey of moderate intelligence who wears a suit. That's why I'm transferring to business school!"
Professor: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
One more interview left this week! HUZZAH!!!!!
How cool is this? For my audit class, we are supposed to do a presentation about risk in an organization we have worked in. I thought, of course, that I'd have to do Best Buy. I had absolutely no idea what the assignment was asking for, so I emailed my professor for clarification, and he gave me some examples of paths I could take with Best Buy or THE RADIO STATION. How cool is my (65ish, mind you) professor? So I've secured some WSUM financial statements and am going to give the coolest presentation Audit 631 has ever seen. And plugging my show in the meantime. We'll get those business students into it yet.
ohhh...i remember midterms. i wish i had midterms again. one test for your entire grade is NOT cool. also, i don't care what pitchfork says, i really like the new death cab cd (if i had my top ten list, i think i would include a lack of color). i did enjoy the TMT review and agree that there is an element of postal service in this cd...

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

OK, not to overburden you with talk about Death Cab, but I just read the Onion review of the new cd, and they claim it to be the best Death Cab cd yet. Shocking!
My first interview went FABULOUSLY!!!!

Check out the TMT review of Death Cab's new cd, Transatlanticism. Much better than the Pitchfork review, which made absolutely no sense to me. The TMT one is hilarious and it somehow sums up exactly how I feel about the cd. Death Cab talk on the blog is CRAZY this week!
Huzzah! I bought my ticket to go with Becky, Nicole and Ben to Death Cab this weekend! Yay for weekends away! And in 8 more grueling hours I will be done with midterms! I would rather wear a suit and have a job interview instead of having a lab report, 15 min presentation, and exam all in one day. Want to switch Nicole???
I've become one of those suit people in the business school, wearing it to class. I'll be one for the next three days.

Maggie- is Sam coming to visit anytime soon? I could burn a copy and pass it on to him. Otherwise, it is worth purchasing, I've been listening to it non-stop to prep myself for the concert, and it gets better every time!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

so is there anyway you can pass on the Transatlanticism love to NY? I actually almost bought the cd on amazon when i heard it was soon to be out but i wussed out thinking that i could borrow it from someone else- at least tell me if you think it's worth purchasing...

In other news, I'm deeply disturbed by the current projections that arnold is now the gov of CA. It just seems to dirty and wrong! I feel creepy...
Is there any chance you could get retroactive shadow status? Hopefully I'll get two more shows in before my rash of weekends away!!!! (There better be weekends away, or there will be hell to pay)
That aircheck tape better be damn cool. Be sure to update us with what songs you choose to put on it. Perhaps some applause after you introduce yourself.
Once again, all welcome to join me for ice skating at the Shell this Thursday at 11:15 PM to 12:45 AM. Either before or afterwards, there is talk of going to Bullfeather's for dancing as well.

Training Status: For completion I need only shadow Nicole twice more, fill out some mumbo jumbo form, and make an air check tape. I guarantee at least one “toilet flush” sound effect on my air check tape. Any other suggestions?
Hooray Maggie! Becky, Ben and I are going to Death Cab this Saturday. I'll be sure to let you know what to expect. I also have an advanced copy of their new cd, Transatlanticism, courtesy of the station (officially comes out on Thursday). Nothing new and exciting, just more good songs from one of my fav bands. Also, Hot Hot Heat is soooooooooooo much fun live, and the singer looks like Matt Kebbekus, so I highly suggest you go to that too, money be damned.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Yeah! I found a partner in crime! I'm going to death cab for cutie in a few weeks with a particularly cool second year who shares my love for them- we're not all geeks here, yeah!!! And while looking up this show i realized that hot hot heat is also going to be playing here next weekend and the sunday show is not yet sold out... Now i'm really not going to have any money left!
Nicole, I'm concerned by the underrepresentation of the east coast on your list of places to interview...if nothing else, get a free trip out to see us!

In other news I'm increadibly sad that I only just recently found out that radiohead will be in madison square garden this weekend and the tickets are sold out :( Now that I no longer live with people who keep track of these things, I find I have to do it all myself- my life is so lost without my roomies!
Art Paul Schlosser, famed musician that can be seen on the corner of Frances and State Street playing such classics as "Purple Bananas on the Moon," has emailed the Perfect Face for Radio! I love the idea of Art Paul checking out our website. I thought I'd pass on what he had to say to the masses, in case you want to check him out in more detail.

Hi,I'm ART PAUL SCHLOSSER and I'm running for President !
My new song Vote for Me/It's a Joke was in the Funny 5 of the Dr Demento show see
Also on October 10th I'll be at the 770 Club at Union South performing here in Madison with the German Art Students and on Saturday October 11th I'll be in Milwaukee at the Tasting Room for Trash Fest 2003
& if you care about the Madison Hostel show up at the King Club 114 king st here in Madison October 26 6pm til 10pm
Last but least LA fans look for a new complitation disc put out by demolisten with an ART PAUL song on it.
Now remember you can still request Vote for Me/It's a Joke on Dr Demento at or call 1-562-ODD-TUNE and now the song is availible on record,cassette tape and CD at

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Now begins my week of hell. I have 4 interviews in three days for jobs in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, and 3 pre-interview employer briefings. Then next week, two more of each. My future depends on my ability to answer questions like "tell me a time when you were unable to achieve a goal you had set for yourself." Hopefully in a little over a month I'll know where I'm going to be in a year.

Jen and I went to see Howard Dean this afternoon at the Kohl Center. We were only like 10 feet away, it was pretty cool. Before he came out, we were warmed up with such stellar music as the Ataris' "Boys of Summer." Nothing pumps me up for politics like the Ataris.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. In class yesterday, I was amused like the sad, juvenile dork that I am when my prof proclaimed, "all you need is nut."
Later that evening I went to an 80s mod themed bar where I found heaven- on the large list of cheezy 80s and early 90s novelty appetizers and drinks there appeared the "Tang-tini." That's right, someone has finally realized what i have known all along- Tang is the most underrated and underappreciated mixer around. And let me tell you, that Tang-tini was damn tastey!
My life is now complete.
Last night I saw "School of Rock" with Jack Black. If you get even the slightest enjoyment out of music, you must see this movie. It was wonderful. It ROCKED. I've been inspired by a 10-year old girl to pick up the bass and become a rock star.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Great concerts coming up in Madison:

Thursday, October 9: The Scene Creamers w/ the Treats at the Annex
Friday, October 10: Local Indie Rock Showcase, w/ the German Art Students, Art Paul Schlosser, Colony of Watts, Farwell to Twilight, and The Mercy Chord at Union South Club 770
Saturday, October 11: Grickle Grass CD Release Party w/ the Driftless Pony Club, Echo Static, and Choplogic at the Anchor Inn
Saturday, October 18: Longwave w/ Calla, Ludo and Fist-a-Cuffs at the Memorial Union

And new concerts a little farther down the road:

Sunday, October 26: Clem Snide w/ Califone at Luther's Blues
Thursday, October 30: Earlimart w/ the Steve Kimock Band at the Annex
Sunday, November 16: Pedro the Lion at the Catacombs Coffehouse
Wednesday, November 19: Guided by Voices w/ the Go at the Annex

Thursday, October 02, 2003

December 5-6 at Union South will be "Hardcore Fest," two days of hardcore bands, videos, and political stuff. Last night at the Music Committee meeting, the girl who presented Hardcore Fest to us played some samples of "hardcore," "metalcore," "emocore," and "grindcore." Apparently missing was "noisecore," which she claimed was similar to "grindcore." Apparently, metalcore has more heavy metal guitars and emocore has more whining. My untrained ear could not really tell the difference. But really, what do I know?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Actual quote from my TA to explain my, primarily male, physics 208 discussion section’s poor performance on the last exam: “As boys, you might be more playful when you are not working in class.”
WSUM is undertaking a massive fundraising campaign this fall on campus. We'll be selling raffle tickets on library mall every Friday from 12-2 PM for the next month; the winner gets free tuition for a semester or $1500 cash. More info here.
This makes me so mad. I hate SUVs.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The Badger Herald had a review of the new Dismemberment Plan fan remix cd, The People's History of the Dismemberment Plan. You can listen to the cd on real audio via the DPlan website. I think the concept is cool, but I'm just not sure what I think of the remixes yet. I'll have to listen a couple more times I think.
Rockey! I see you've updated your fav songs. Excellent. Looking Thru Lab Eyes is my favorite His and Her Vanities song too.

Lot's of random stuff:

Today we had a field trip to Kohl's in my Retail Management class. We actually took a yellow school bus to the store. Then we got Kohl's party bags afterwards. This is the best class ever.

My advanced accounting class uses Web CT and has a "social" section on the discussion board. Someone used it to post a concert, so I took the opportunity to plug the radio show on it. The chances of business students a: listening and b: liking it are slim to none, but there's no harm in trying!

Last night my roommate's boyfriend and friend came in while I was watching a Bright Eyes video for Bowl of Oranges, which is really cool. They stared at it for awhile, then told me I was really weird.

Check this out: Madison Wisconsin in the music news. And what weird news it is.

Monday, September 29, 2003

All are welcome to join me for some nice, clean, wholesome late night Ice Skating at the Shell this Thursday at 11:15 PM.
Oh, and by the way, plans for a **roller skating** outing are in the works.
My indie-rock boyfriend was Stephen Malkmus. My indie rock girlfriend is Meg White. That's cool with me. I've never heard of three of the five possible girlfriends though.
Skinny Kristin just walked into the B-Library wearing a big fake fur vest. She looks like an anorexic llama. That is all.
I'm just going to take a moment to plug the new WSUM website. We have a new webmaster, and its really cool- it has a playlist search engine, so you can search our playlist database by time, DJ, genre, etc. Also a bulletin board, schedule, community calendar, charts, etc. So that's my plug. Check it out.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

The All Girl Summer Fun Band interview is good especially since you cannot tell that they had just been driving for like 10 hours and were incredibly tired and hungry. But they still rocked and were cute. You go girls! Check out more AGSFB and free mp3s here

His and Her Vanities sounded like something out of this world. They have some seriously mega drumming and crazy guitar action. I like it a lot.

I'm still looking to get the show on the web, but, alas, the network is down at the station right now so all effort is on hold.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

I just posted the interview with the All Girl Summer Fun Band in the concert review section, for lack of a better location. I'm too sick to take the time to also write a review of the show, so that will have to do. Just know that they were super fun, like the name would imply, and His and Her Vanities totally rocked. Maybe Rockey will have more to add.
This is funny:


Mickey's Bar
1524 Williamson St, Madison, WI
8:30pm-11pm, October 2nd
No cover.

The first Madison get-together was fantastic. Come to this one for fun & the opportunity to meet new people! Get a sticker to identify yourself as a Friendster user from either the petite Indian girl or the medium height blond girl - both will be sporting pigtails.

Friday, September 26, 2003

I've been preselected for my first interview!!! October 9, with Grant Thornton. This one I'm requesting a referral to the Portland office. Let's hope they like me enough to take this extra step for me.
One of the more interesting band names I've heard lately: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. This guy just plays on his Casiotone keyboard and feeds it into a tape recorder. He'll be playing at the Memorial Union November 22 w/ Tracy and the Plastics. I'm intrigued.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Oh my God, it's that Simpson's episode, come to life!
Joining the Music Committee is giving me insights into how much bands cost. I'm learning- not very much. Longwave and Calla are coming to the Union, who I consider to be somewhat known, and Longwave gets $500 while we get Calla for FREE. Free!!! Imagine if the Broken Social Scene didn't back out of coming to the Union (apparently the date was someone's sister's birthday or something), each band member would probably have only made like 50 bucks! I wonder where they would have stayed. I'd like 11 Canadian rock stars staying at my apartment for a night, methinks.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

So, on this bachelor show one of the women said that she would make a good wife because she would be a slave to Bob. Dude, that girl needs to get a job or something. Her life goal is to be a slave to a man? How hard is that. I'll dress in drag and she can marry me and fetch me my weekend beer.
I just returned from a WUD Music Committee meeting. I think the Music Committee has even more hipsters/punks than WSUM; at least WSUM is balanced out by the talk and sports departments. I have a feeling if we played each other in soccer, WSUM could actually pull it off.
It had completely escaped me that tonight is the premier of the new Bachelor with Bob. You know where I'll be from 8-10 PM tonight.

German Art Students review up on tinymixtapes!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Bless you, Ted Leo, for rescheduling at the Cactus Club after cancelling for your stupid throat! Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Wednesday, November 12, in Milwaukee.

Monday, September 22, 2003

My new Rapture cd rocks. ROCKS.

I'm floating in a constant heaven

Sunday, September 21, 2003

I get to interview the All Girl Summer Fun Band Friday night before their show!!!! It'll be taped to play later on the radio show, and I'm going to write it up for potential publication in the Emmie (Union Music Committee magazine). I have a feeling they are going to be ultra cool.
fun fact: i just bought this awesome record player for TWO dollars. finally, i can listen to the driver of the year and marietta record bestowed upon me. oh, and the record player came with some pat boone! you can't beat that!

oh. and last night i went to a pirate party, dressed as a pirate. it was suparrrrrrrrr

Saturday, September 20, 2003

I just watched Austin City Limits on PBS (yes, I'm a loser that's home alone on a Saturday night. I just need a rest since the combination of a cold, a late night out after Interpol last night, and weeks of lack of sleep have led to my inability to speak). Anyhoo, Spoon was on, and GUESS WHAT THEY PLAYED? Everything Hits at Once, the song they conveniently forgot to play when we saw them in Chicago this summer! I guess at least I've seen it now in a live form. Who knew PBS was cool?
31 Knots just left the studio, and they were WAY cool. Check 'em out! Liz- look for them in Portland!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Apparently today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrrrrg!
Some great Madison shows to check out in the near future:

Saturday, September 20: 31 Knots w/ Transformer Lootbag at Glass Nickel
Friday, September 26: The All Girl Summer Fun Band w/ His and Her Vanities and Ivan Klipstein at the Catacombs Coffeehouse
Saturday, September 27: Yo La Tengo w/ the Aislers Set at the Barrymore Theatre
Wednesday, October 1: The 90 Day Men at the Orpheum Theatre
Wednesday, October 1: Mates of State w/ Victory at Sea, the Reputation and Elizabeth Ellmore at Union South/Club 770

Off to Interpol in Chicago!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Great news! Transformer Lootbag, a local side project to His and Her Vanities, is opening for 31 Knots this Saturday at the Glass Nickel. They are excellent. This show is going to be good.
- "Anyway, I'm workin with worms so i better get back to that..."

Probably one of the best quotes ever to go up on blogger.
I'm so jealous! Why is it that I've just moved when my favorite author finally comes back to Madison!!! Seriously- everyone should go to that- Kurt Vonnegut is awesome! Anyway, I'm workin with worms so i better get back to that...

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

You are so lucky that you have an in already, Rock. Those new trainees may well be battling it out for the 4-6 AM time slots.

I just saw that Kurt Vonnegut was coming in the Onion! If I feel prepared enough for my Tuesday accounting 706 exam, I'll join you. Galapagos was one of the weirdest books I've ever read.
Just got back from the mega-group orientation for WSUM training and the new blood was vicously witty and verbally excited.

"Kurt Vonnequt" (someone is not spelling checking the events calendar online) is coming to the Union Theater next Monday at 7:30 PM. Anyone care to join me? It's free and I don't bite.
Does that fact that I also catalogued my cd collection on a spreadsheet make me a loser too?
The Perfect Face for Radio will be interviewing Portland band 31 Knots this Saturday at 6:00 pm before their show at the Glass Nickel. They call themselves "Prog Rock," and they're pretty darn good. Listen up!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Happy birthday Liz! I nearly missed the date in all of my job stress. 23 is ancient.
In honor of my visiting Scandinavian friends, I have decided that I am going out every night this week starting tonight. I considered it a good omen when, earlier tonight, I ran into my dormitory liaison police officer at the Union.

I didn’t make it myself but the word on the street is that the Metric show at Luther's Blues last night was good. Curse Physics homework.
i'm ooooooold!
Who's your indie rock boyfriend? Mine is Stephen Malkmus, apparently.
Rockey, you're going to be devastated- but it looks like Zwan is no more. I know, it'll be hard, but I think you'll make it through.

Meanwhile, my Radiohead interview is finally up!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2003

Ok, so you guys all thought that the everytime you masturbate, god kills a kitten thing was great right? There's more- only to be found by my masterful roommate katie- I never even thought to check! You all must check out this website fo more random fun!
Is your life going down the toilet? Has you boyfriend been avoiding you, your best friend ditched you? Make a mix tape!

Meanwhile, my life is currently going down the toilet because I appear to be the only one blogging lately. Let's remedy that, shall we?

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Everyone go watch American Splendor. It was EXCELLENT. One of the best movies I've seen in awhile.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

WSUM Listener Party this Monday, Sept. 15: Metric at Luther's Blues, 9:00 PM. Want free tickets? Contact us!

Friday, September 12, 2003

Probably one of the weirdest shows ever to come to Madison:

Wednesday, October 29: Insane Clown Posse w/ Bone-Thugs and Harmony, the Kottonmouth Kings, and Tech N9ne at the Alliant Energy Center

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Ah, thanks for the correction, Craig. I haven't been able to get that song out of my head all day.

I am torn. There is an Adult Swim night next Thursday- but it's at cursed BRATS. If anyone wants to solve my dilemma by going to Built to Spill with me in Chicago that night, I'll happily accept.
So, I ran into Ryan Bowman today (of freshman year Ogg), and he is ENGAGED. He owns a house with his fiancee in Madison, has a mortgage, and it getting married in July. For the love of God.

Meanwhile, "Scanner Dan" is now my friend on friendster. Authenticity is questionable.
so...anyone who is awaiting the new shins cd, i have this to say: i think it will be well worth the wait. why do i say this, you may ask? because i just went to a shins/thermals show (special thanks to tony for (1) having good taste in music and (2) willing to NOT do homework). the new shins stuff is a little more rocking with a little bit more pop, mixed with excellence (at least live)

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

That's what's great about Nicole. She finds your next favorite band before you have even heard of them and priority ships their CD. That's as hip as it gets.

The show last night ROCKED. It needed to be said again. I beleive in the power of Rock and Roll.
Nevermind, I decided to buy it online from a UK website. I'm impatient, ok?
Yes, we can get in the back door with our keys. I did it for the first week last August because I didn't know I was trying to get into the front door with my key upside down.

I'm so annoyed, I've been waiting for this cd forever, I'm teased by seeing it reviewed, yet we still can't buy it for another month! Well, wait I will. Note: Rockey, I think you would love this band.
So I woke up at 5am and hear pounding on the front entry door like someone's breaking in (like during the Mifflin Block Party), but no one comes upstairs and our door's locked so I go back to sleep. Then when I go to leave this morning the door is stuck. No one can get in or out the door. I swear our apartment is falling apart. Not to mention the big flexible crack that just formed in the bathtub. I hope we're not flooding our downstairs neighbors apartment yet. I'm getting sick of these ghetto apartments! Nicole, can we get in the back door with our keys???
Aw shit! The show last night ROCKED. German Art Students are the coolest high school teachers on the face of the planet. A review of the show will be up eventually, depending on if I choose to write it instead of reading about Enron.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Great local show tonight: Driftless Pony Club, Spin Spin Coupling, and German Art Students, Luther's Blues at 9. The Badger Herald wrote it up today, showing a picture of "double vocal attack" Craig and Marcus. Strangely, Marcus hasn't been in the band for like, 6 months.

Monday, September 08, 2003

speaking of the new decemberists cd, i really like it. it's good. good, i tell you!
Another cool thing I get to do at is act as a "Mix Tape Robot." People send in submissions for what they want in a mix tape/cd, and we get to create that cd for them. My first one is up here.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Now you just need to get them to sign the guestbook!
At 3 AM this morning some of my residents were still roaming about the hallways of the dorm. In response to me telling them that it was time for bed they started quoting lines from the radio show. I bet they will tune in next week for more comedic material.
Yeah, the Stills are opening for Interpol. The station just has a 4 song EP, it's ok. There is, however, TONS of new music that I must burn, including advances of the new Decemberists and the new Pretty Girls Make Graves! Hooray for new music!

Meanwhile, last night Jen and I went to catch some bands at Union South. Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Ross decides to be a musician and just plays the weird sounds on his keyboard the whole time? That's what the opening band sounded like, with a guitar on top.
hey! do you like the stills? i haven't listened to them...aren't they opening for interpol?

Saturday, September 06, 2003

I played a song with a swear on it today, and for the first time ever, I got called on it by the station manager. OOPS. Otherwise, we are getting requests like crazy! (Though some of them were acquired through DJ Lazer's new "the show that calls you" policy.
Kid Dakota last night was much better than when I saw him at the King Club, because the sound was just far superior. Afterwards I went up and told him how I fainted the first time I saw him, and I don't think he really cared. Then I told him I saw him on Friendster because Ted from the Heavenly States was my friend. He showed a slight bit more interest in that.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Yes!!!!! My first review on Tiny Mix Tapes Gone to Heaven has appeared here! The Radiohead one is coming soon, the editor going to do 3 reviews of the concert at once. I should also have some TMT stickers to give out soon. Hooray!
NICOLE! your concert review is on TMT!! SWEEEEEEEET!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

I just bought the WSUM poster, the one on the right. Woohoo! We should have them make Perfect Face for Radio posters. I wonder how much it would cost?
My retail management textbook is so funny. First, it tells me that Target has developed a "certain cult quality among fashion hipsters." I was unaware that I was a fashion hipster because I was cheap. Then it says that many department stores are "revamping their young women's departments" by "placing the young men's department nearby to create some excitement." What kind of excitement exactly is that?
One Broadcast song sounds a little too much like "Johnny Angel"

Johnny Angel, how I love him, and I pray that someday he'll love me, and together we can see how lovely heaven can be
dude! social broken scene is coming to portland with stars in november. rock on!
i am currently listening to the new broadcast cd and i like it

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I know all ya landlubbers will apperciate this booty I ran across:
Talk like a Pirate Day is Sept. 19th.
Don't be missing the english-to-pirate translator
right on! go heavenly states!

web site for concert posters: HERE
I would be interested! Cool!

Heavenly States back in Madison, Wed. November 26 at the Orpheum!!!
soooo...i went to this music festival called bumbershoot in seattle (bumbershoot apparently is german for umbrella -- how cute, i know) anyways, there were a bunch of concert poster designers selling their work. as i walked past one, i noticed they had a poster for WSUM. i was like WSUM in MADISON?? and they were all like "yeah!" turns out these guys got their start in madison (they have since moved to minneapolis) and they designed the poster for the launch of the WSUM tower. crazy! if anyone is interested, i probably could find their web site address (i have their card...somewhere here). plus they have a bunch of posters with madison and minneapolis venues. it's cool
As a heads up for all you who fleatingly feel as though you should go and see the movie "Camp," please don't. Although it definately had some laugh-out-loud funny parts, I still, days later, have not been able to find the plot. And this is not even as aggravating as the main charactor "Vlad" who's just dumb as a stump. It really wasn't the combination wet hot american summer/fame that i was hoping for. This is my public service announcement for the day.

perhaps i should do some reading now...
I ran into Nate from the DPC today. He said there is supposed to be a totally awesome band playing at the Catacombs next Friday called "Hella" that we should check out.

Meanwhile, the class that I picked up to replace my scary MBA one is called "Retail Management," and we get to take a field trip to Kohl's Department Store. I think I've made the right decision.
why, oh why, are people so annoying? people suck!
anyways, my weekend on concerty goodness was grand. i think i love thom yorke, despite his semi-mullet. also, i wish neko case and the lead singer of the new pornographers would get married because they are so cute.
and DJ Lazer: you are so much more than artifical limb! you're like a real limb. one that you can't live without. you know what i mean? or would that be more of a vital organ? ok, DJ Lazer is much more than a real limb: he is a vital organ to the PFFR.
i need sleep.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Oh, and Liz- it's a good thing I dropped it. There was an MBA in the class who would have blown Tarik out of the water in sheer unbelievable annoyingness. There was also someone named Samuel Adams.
First day of school. One of my MBA classes scared the shit out of me, so for the first time ever, I'm making an 11th hour switch into a slightly less intimidating class. Everyone in it was getting married and having babies and had been working for at least 8 years somewhere else.
In the meantime, there is an EXTREMELY cute 3rd year law student in my international accounting class who had been traveling in Thailand this summer. And to think I'd given up hope on ever having attractive people in my classes again. I think we made eye contact. I'll keep you all updated.

Monday, September 01, 2003

shows, they're stupid. throw rocks at them.
Oh yeah, I loved the show this last week, but I was saddened when not called. Why do you say you will call people when you don't. I'm disappointed... and don't think that i'm just going to sit around waiting for you to call Mr. Show!!! I have a life, you don't mean everything to me. I'm finding myself a new show! One that dresses nicer and is always on time!!
Ah school, that mosquito bite in the butt that keeps you from constantly watching soaps all day.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Great shows coming up:

-Kid Dakota w/ Mabel at the Union Terrace, Friday September 5. Free!
-German Art Students w/ Driftless Pony Club and Spin Spin Coupling at Luther's Blues, Tuesday September 9. Awesome local bands!
-The All Girl Summer Fun Band w/ His and Her Vanities at the Catacombs Coffeehouse, Friday September 26. Only 5 bucks!
The all-new all-different PFFR got off to a huge smash success last night and I could not be happier to be aboard. People are tickled pink about the program and not but 1 minute ago a Freshman resident of mine jumped on the fanbase. I have decided, as a housefellow, that listening to the show is now a mandatory floor event.

To all the die hard fans who are wondering who I am: "Liz is still the heart and soul of the PFFR. I am the artifical replacement limb."

Jon Rockey is dead. DJ Lazer is born and he is ready to rock. Hard.

Come to the Memorial Union Bash Tonight!

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Jon "DJ Lazer" Rockey's new slogan for our show:
"The show that calls you"
I didn't need to see the VMA's. This article summed it up nicely.
music weekend for liz! woo hoo! sunday: stephen malkmus, and of course RADIOHEAD. monday: bumbershoot music festival. what's that? new pornograhers? throw some REM into the mix and remind people that i get to go to the festival for, um, free.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Apparently I'm now prepared to be a teaching assistant, after a few hours of "training." Talk about throwing you to the wolves. I am excited that I get to write my own quizzes though. "Ben Gibbard and Travis Morrison form "The Death and Dismemberment Insurance Co.," and issue $100,000 of bonds . . .." Come on, you have to have fun with this to prevent yourself from going insane. Also, I cannot date my students, but I am allowed to accidentally run into them in the bars. I'm glad they made that clear for me.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

haha i LOVE LOVE LOVE pirate jokes. that dude rocks.
I just added two new cds to the recommended listening section, because, well, they are totally awesome and I recommend them. The Constantines ROCK, and the Russian Futurists sound like a Game Boy soundtrack, but not like in that horrible No Doubt "Running" song way, but in a really kick-ass way.
Aw shit Liz- check out what my new friendster friend messaged me:

Have you heard about the new pirate movie? It’s
rated AARRRRGGH! And do you know why? Because
of all the booty!

What's a pirate's favorite letter?

What is piratophobia? Fear of a sunken chest!

How did the pirate stop smoking? He used the

What has 8 arms and 8 legs? Eight pirates!

But can all that compete with:

Who can say?

It's nice to know there are cool people out there.
law school breeds alcoholism. however, i haven't had a drink since i've started law school. i've only dreamt and wished and wanted some sweet sweet alcohol every minute of the day.
i can also dress myself, and hold my pee until i find a bathroom
I know how to ride a bike. Isn't that enough for me to feel successfull in life? Why do I need to study?
Shit, I just got a message on Friendster from someone who listens to the radio show. Crazy!
so tonight i got a call from a huge group of law students at the plaza. they asked me where i was, and i was sleeping on my couch with this big pile of drool on my arm. hence, i am now the dork that doesn't go out, nor will i ever have friends. that's ok though because i will always have the unconditional love of food.