Wednesday, April 30, 2003

so, i took the little "find your spot" quiz. here's my top five:
1. Portland, Oregon (good thing, as i am moving there)
2. Little Rock, Arkansas (jigga what?!)
3. Eugene, Oregon
4. Sacramento, California
5. Honolulu, Hawaii (i KNEW i should have applied to law school in hawaii!)
Don't know what city you want to live in? Go to to help you decide. Apparently, I'm supposed to live in Baltimore, Maryland, New Haven, Connecticut, or Portland, Oregon. My top 20 seems to direct me towards the west coast.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I burned Ms. John Soda's No P. or D. today. It is excellent, though their name is pretty dumb.
So in class today, we discussed the future of the accounting profession. Doesn't sound interesting yet, but just wait! One reading we had talked about the future of education and how it doesn't look like it will improve any time soon. Apparently, a possible major threat this may impose upon us: that "the under-educated will become have-nots who will rebel against the well-educated elite, including CPAs."

Bring on Planet of the Accountants!

Monday, April 28, 2003

valuable info at:

Liz- I put cute pictures of us up on the About Us page. Do you know how to put the bio paragraphs next to the photos, as opposed to under them?
I believe Jeff Hanson, also on Kill Rock Stars, is opening for the Decemberists. That concert should be awesome.

I stopped by the station to check in with Jamie, the promotions director. They will come over on Saturday around 1:30ish to set up on our balcony. There will be DJs spinning from 2-5, and Rob's band (she didn't know what kind of band but will let us know) will play from 5-6.
I was thinking to maximize people being outside drinking and not in our apartment, we should talk to the girls downstairs about using their porch, perhaps to have the keg on? Or perhaps have the keg in the backyard (I can't remember if its totally fenced in or not)? Then people could crowd around outside watching the DJs and bands do their thing.
I also think we should take full advantage of $35 Natty Ice from University Liquor. It's just too good to pass up- free delivery and pick up! We could have secret beer upstairs for us. Maybe the discount 24 pack of Miller Lite, ha. The perks of living on the 400 block of Mifflin.
nicole, i moved lists to about we must fill them out.
does anyone have any suggestions for a top 5 list?
well, neko case is a babe. since i have the new pornographers down on my top ten list, i might have to vote for her...
nicole, i am a big fan of the decemberists cd. i can't wait for that show. do you know who is opening for them?

i am currently "writing" a 20 page paper. and by "writing" i mean i add a poorly worded sentence every hour. it's a slow slow process.
Who is indie rock's hottest babe? Playboy wants to know! And see them naked! Cast your vote here. Neko Case is currently in the lead. Vote for Caithlin De Marrais from Rainer Maria to support Madison. Or actually- don't.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

I think that margaritas are a fabulous idea! And anyway, if high schools have senior skip day- shouldn't there be senior skip two weeks in college??? And if we've learned anything in college we should know not waste a sunny day and to stop and fly a kite once in a while. Which leads me only to two questions- where's the wind and where's the tequila?
he must have illegally downloaded it, for i believe the new radiohead CD isn't coming out until june...

I was listening to Karl's show on 91.7 this morning, and he played "There, There" from the forthcoming Radiohead cd. I liked the song a lot, though I'm a little confused how he had it. When is it coming out?

As far as your open question, I'll take drinking a margarita outside over class any day. However, I wouldn't be reflecting on anything except how cool and refreshing my margarita is.

(It was a lovely party. Yes, a lovely party.)
open question: do you think it is really necessary to attend class the last two weeks of the semester? i mean, i figure i'll be fine if i just show up for the final, you know? i have other important, pressing things i must fly my kite. or reflect on the last four years of school (which must be done while drinking a margarita outside).
I made it home, thank you very much. But can I just say, that really could not have gone any worse than it did. Whatever, I'm over it. Stupid stockbrokers.
i expected BSS to be more "rocking," i guess...but it's so chill.

yes, annie made home last night...i called her. then 15 minutes later she called back to talk about how guilty she felt. hahaha it was 2 am.
What did you expect? Yeah, similar to Enon, every song is quite different . . .

Did Annie make it home safe and sound, without "walking home alone?" Hahaha
nicole, the broken social scene was not what i expected...but i like it! you still feel guilty? haha
Wesley Willis is coming to the Annex May 9!!!! Huzzah!

Rock and Roll McDonalds

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Everyone head over to James Madison park today for Party in the Park!! It goes until 10 PM, and the weather is perfect. But take a break at 6 to listen to our show.

Friday, April 25, 2003

If you still don't know where the cheese went, you are seriously missing out.
my burner is here! yes!
"I'd rather be known for this instead of being smart or something."
- Girl from The Real Cancun
Where'd the cheese go? I don't know (aka The Pizza Hut Saga)

Sooooooooooooooo funny
so, i have decided that my law school choice will be a good one...i'm on an admitted students list serve and just got an email about how neko case was coming to portland aug 15. then, i subsequently got emails from a bunch of people who were like "rock on." i feel blessed to be going to a law school with people who have good taste in music. ROCK ON

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Everyone show up at Pro-Choice Prom tomorrow! Cocktail style, no jeans. Starts @ 9 PM. The first of three parties at good ol' 449.
I FINALLY saw the new white stripes video. it was just plain cool...

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Dysfunctional Singles Find Each Other
BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI—After nearly 10 years of searching, clingy, neurotic Ryan Dollett, 31, has finally found his soulmate in passive-aggressive, emotionally distant Amy Sunderland, 28, sources reported Monday. "I want to be with Amy every single second, I just love her so much," Dollett said. "She has so many amazing qualities, but I think the best is the way she never challenges me." Said Sunderland: "Ryan is quite the catch. I'm sure once we're married, I'll grow to love everything about him, even the terrible way he dresses."

My future?
Has anyone heard of this new band called "Boomkat?" It's the pregnant girl from Crossroads and her brother doing some sort of hip hop-pop-type thing? Puff Daddy might be involved? It's pretty horrific. And by pretty horrific, I mean downright awful.
The Mifflin Street Block Party is going to rock!!! Our house will by far be the coolest one on the street. WSUM DJs spinning? Rock on.
i'm bored. but, there is something exciting in my future...i get to write some stories on the affirmative action Supreme Court case. whoop de whoop. even more exciting are the upcoming parties at our grand apartment on Mifflin...

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

If you can't tell from my new top 10, I'm on a huge Built to Spill kick.

Monday, April 21, 2003

ha ha
I get so nervous, nervous nervous
Apparently, blogging from Grainger Library is not allowed. But it's really good to be busy again.

I only listened to the Cursive cd once through while reading the Nanny Diaries, so I wasn't paying too much attention. Very Saddle Creek though, that's for sure! They should have a Cursive/Bright Eyes etc. tour, and afterwards everyone will cry and slit their wrists.
what do you think of the new cursive cd, nicole?

Sunday, April 20, 2003

No way! Where? How?
i just bought a cd burner for my laptop! yea!
well, i definitely want to give an ole listen to the decemberists. as for the concert on may 10, why yes. yes, i am free. hmmm. i noticed you said it will provide an opportunity to relax before finals. actually, it will be an opportunity to relax before FINAL, for i only have one. at least i am only planning on going to one, so i better only have one...otherwise no graduation.
I've burned the Decemberists and I think they are excellent . . . upon review of the concert page, they are coming to the Catacombs May 10 and I highly suggest we go. That can be our weekend of music for me to celebrate the end of my final exam (May 9) and for you to relax before your finals!

In other PFFR news, my parents listened to the last half-hour of our show, and my mother really liked the Grandaddy song.
ok, nicole...i did some work on the site...even added a "lists" page at your request. i really really should do some studying now...

Saturday, April 19, 2003

5 requests today! Best show ever.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Yay for Jen!! Now she is part of the Perfect Face family.
Did you give up on the Quote of the Day, Liz? I think it was almost working!
I finally signed up Nicole! You two definitely look damn sexy in your pic!
hip hip for the picture you put up. way to be!
Picture is up!!! We look damn sexy too.
so, i got academic calendar from L&C. classes start AUG 25! boooo why couldn't they start in, let's say, october?
I tried pressing "Quote of the Day", and it told me "Quote 18"
It'll be cool when it works though, I'm sure of that
Once I figure out how to hook up this scanner to my computer, I can scan a good picture of Liz and I at the studio! I also need to remember how to put a picture up on the website. One thing at a time though, one thing at a time.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

wow! so many Web sites....
in PFFR Web site news, i am trying to get a "Quote of the Day" up, where we would have a new song quote everyday. yeah, it's not going to well...perhaps i should have tried something easier.
so, have you gotten the pictures yet, nicole?
An important non-music related link:
Buttons coming soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Terror threat is reduced to Yellow! I can sleep easier tonight knowing my threat is now only elevated. I might even store away my duct tape and pre-cut plastic sheeting.
I'll find out tonight when I go again! I skipped out due to a headache yesterday.
I'm going to try to sell some of my old cds now. Here's to hoping the Odana Road Disc-Go-Round will accept my old Limp Bizkit and Dave Matthews cds. Ugh.
so, nicole. how much did you make? $3 or $40?

Monday, April 14, 2003

It's official- I'm friends with gigantic dorks. And I mean that in only the most endearing way possible, as I count myself among you.
i have never been so jealous of anyone as i am of you, kate. the only way i could be more jealous is if you saw Justice Souter.
stupid wisconsin and the lack of supreme court justice sightings.
Speaking of the Supreme Court!!! I went out for lunch today for work and Rehnquist, yes oh yes, Chief Justice Rehnquist was sitting only two tables away!!!!! He was tall and wearing a suit- no flashy robes and was dining with an unknown man. It was very sureal and had the feeling of having acheived life's ambition/purpose. I wanted to run over don't know what, but somehow managed to contain myself and not stare too obsessively or get myself arrested. He ordered a hamburger and a side of coldslaw- his usual. Which I learned is sometimes accompanied by a Miller Lite a ciggeratte. Which I think is so tough and cool and very cowboy-esque.
That's all the v. exciting DC news for now!!!!
everyone should listen to the Supreme Court oral arguments in the University of Michigan Law School affirmative action case...very interesting
look at all there is to do! our summer is going to be the best yet!
4. Tour the Monroe Cheese Factory
that is an excellent mission. one i believe we can do. especially since this summer will likely be less stressful than last (if that's possible).
other summer missions:
1. have a harry potter party
2. tour a brewery
3. not think about the future
Spoon is on 120 Minutes right now!! They just played the Everything Hits at Once video, which was awesome- it was some sort of animation ("rodoscopy" or something according to Jim Shearer) and really fit the song.
Liz, our mission this summer: see Spoon. See Spoon play Everything Hits at Once. Die happy.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

nice links page!
I started working on the Links page of the website, check it out!
man, if only i didn't have to work at that time on sundays. yes, i heard the new pete yorn CD is out this tuesday. i heard a clip from the first single and it sounds like every other pete yorn song...
but i am glad to hear the price of new CDs is continuing to decline...
According to Karl from WSUM, the new Pete Yorn CD comes out this Tuesday and will be sold for $5.99 at Best Buy.
True . . . haven't we always wanted to do our radio show inebriated though?

Speaking of our show, I was just listening to WSUM and there is a really good show on from 12-3 PM Sundays with "Karl." Almost as good as ours.
think we will be able to DO our radio show that saturday? i mean, we will be celebrating the wonders of mifflin street all day long...
I thought of a great idea! For the Mifflin St. Block Party, from 6-8 we should blast our radio show for all on Mifflin to hear. Then our show can be focused around the theme of the party. Eh?

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Just finished an excellent show!! Thanks everyone who listened and made requests. Tune in next week for more Perfect Face fun . . .
Don't forget: show tonight, 6-8 PM. Yes, we will play Interpol, Beth!

Friday, April 11, 2003

Now that I'm in a clearer state of mind, the new White Stripes song I was talking about last night that I couldn't for the life of me remember was: I Want to Be the Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart. That's the one.
This is Nicole and Liz, drunkenly blogging on Tori's birthday. Tonight we went to Paul's Club, where we paid $1 to play Built to Spill, the Beta Band, and the Beastie Boys, only to hear BTS and half of the Beta Band, before they called last call. Boo to that. We also met a boy from Oklahoma who claimed to be a "hipster." What a lame hipster he was. He was from Oklahoma, wearing some red and white shirt a la Jack White, EMO glasses (his words, not ours), and claimed to hang out with the Flaming Lips. Sadly, he was only 19 years old. Lame.
pistachio puddin was good...

Thursday, April 10, 2003

welcome home, nicole!
get your spoon out, for i am making tori some special birthday pistachio-flavored pudding!
(open question: did i spell pistachio right? i can't tell, but i think i did. such a spelling genius i am).

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Fabulous work Nicole- I'm so looking forward to seeing you and congratulating you in person! So many concerts, so little time...
So I'm at the library but not getting much done- more listening to coldplay and new white stripes thanks to liz. (yeah, like how i actually talked about music on the blog???) But anyway, i'm using this snazzy blogger as a procrastination device and because really, it's the place to be. Hope everyone is having a loverly wednesday!
why is it that when you have a group project, there always seems to be someone in the group who emails, saying they want to change the topic THE NIGHT BEFORE SAID PROJECT IS DUE? hell no!
hello, this is t-bar testing
Hey everybody! My sincere thanks for an invitation to your blogger club. I feel so cool. I always wanted internet friends and communication that went beyond instant messaging but never knew it was possible until now! Truely amazed by life, once again. Also amazed that someone in the office seceretly replaced by old mousepad with one shapped like a golf green. What does this all mean? - Katie (Lizzie's friend in DC) Perhaps can be Washington correspondent/anaylst (my life dream) for I hate pants.
And it's still under construction!!! Once I finish my roll of film, I'll put up a picture of Liz and I in the studio. More to come.
I'm about to take my cable modem back to Time Warner, so I will be incommunicado until I return to Madison around 5ish?? tomorrow. I'll give you guys a call then about going out for T's birthday!
p.s. T, your present is in the mail, so it will be late. If I'm lucky, I'll get it in time for the rousing bowling fun.
Very nice website, ladies. I'm very impressed! Huzzah!
well, you go to our web site:
and click on the 'upcoming concerts' link at the top of the page. yea!
So how exactly does one get to this so-called "concert" page?? Please do tell.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I done good! There will be a ton more summerfest bands added in the next few weeks, so hopefully there will be more to see there than Weird Al and Powerman 5000. We'll definitely have to make a couple of trips up there this year. It'll be the first time I can actually drink!

Monday, April 07, 2003

check out the concert page...nicole done good.
I highly encourage people to use this forum as a place to make requests for our radio show. Saturdays, 6-8 PM.
Hi. I'm Beth and this is my first posting. I just wanted to take this opportunity to encourage Liz to go to Chicago for law school so that she will be close to Madtown. In the same time zone anyhow. But that's biased...I hear Oregon is lovely too. Oh one more thing, please play some Interpol on the next show :) much love Liz!
THIS SUNDAY, 8:30, Union South, Bowling for Tori's birthday. email me if you want to go (it's $7.50 a person, but includes ONE can of soda, some pizza, bowling, and ONE treat) hahaha Yes, the birthday girl is turning 22...
I have just returned from a haircut and a trip to Cheapo. My hair is shiny and soft, and I bought a used copy of this Saddle Creek sampler. So far I've heard some Faint and Rilo Kiley, and I am pleased. I am also pleased by the copy of the New Pornographers "Mass Romantic" that I recently burned. Neko Case is pretty cool. I wish I'd seen her when she came last fall. Why didn't we go again?

In other music news, I'm watching what appears to be a Making the Video for a new Xtina Aguilera video, "Fire". She has a big bird's nest on her head, or maybe that's her hair.
where should i go to law school? chicago or portland? portland or chicago?
word! the weekend was superb. i went to bed at 10:30 on saturday night. i am a bad bad second-semester senior. how was the rest of the PR/AD trip?
What up what up!! How was everyone's weekend?
The crowd was pretty good, for a sunday night. plus the driftless pony club was sounding excellent, as always. i am not sure how much money was officially will have to ask t-bar.
have you heard the new white stripes? (see? i am including more music in the blog).
How was the crowd? How much money was made?

I'll be back in Madison Thursday afternoon, around 3ish I would say. I expect to return to balloons and festivities celebrating my presence.
tori was a trooper, and the show was good fun. so when are you coming back to madison? the PFFR fan-base wants to know...
There is a big scrape underneath one of the headlights, but it didn't dent. So I'll probably not do anything since it would cost more than its worth to fix. Stupid snow in April.
Its Sunday and I'm up watching 120 minutes!! A Rainer Maria video is on. I can do this because I don't have to work tomorrow!!! Huzzah!
Give me the update on the Pro-Choice Rocks concert tonight. Was Tori able to run it soundly after puking all over herself???

Saturday, April 05, 2003

hey! you ran your car into the garage? is the car hurt? what did your parents say about that one?
so...i was in chicago today, and i was walking down mich. ave. when i saw a huge line of police in their riot gear. i continued walking until i reached the intersction (where the line stopped) and i turned down that street, only to find a huge anti-war protest marching in my direction. i thought "oh boy! tons of police in riot gear + tons of protestors = good times." i was thinking the police were going to ambush this huge protest. so i waited while the protestors marched to where the police where secretly hidden. i thought some crazy shit was going to go down. but nothing happened. the police just stepped in line with the protestors. so this peace rally was peaceful. how boring.
Hey Liz, the website is looking awesome!!!! Keep up the good work.

On a sadder note, I just ran my car into the garage door.

Friday, April 04, 2003

hey all. hope you're having a fun friday night!
thanks for the invite!
annie...just saw the interview! nice job! i liked it...
Hello all. I'm new to this whole blogging business. And I read what you all wrote and I'm a little confused...robots, avocados, eh? Anyhoo, I hope your haircut turned out well, Liz? Have you watched your interview yet?
my hair is cut!
I like this one too. And fajitas and guac can definatly be arranged. We'll have a fiesta jubilee!
So do i get a segment on this page too??? Perhaps the song of the day for fly dissections???

whoa- this is scaring me- it changes every time i look at it!
I think that's worse the the robot. The avacado definitely made me think of Maggie. I think upon my return we should have fajitas and guac.
I suppose at some time we should talk about music on our blog? Eh, we can get to that later once random fan emails start pouring in after we talk about our new website on the show. I'm inviting Sam as the Perfect Face resident meteorologist, perhaps we should have something weather-related on our site? I would classify today as "Groin-grabbingly cold." We should have a weather scale, like the terrorist color scale, with the bottom (blue) being "groin-grabbingly cold."
Man, if we'd started this blog earlier I'd have SO MUCH to do at work every day!!!
this is suitable-it's very calming
too pink and girly- although it would make an ok background for a WHAM blog...
i agree, the veggies are kinda weird- although the avacado looks mighty tastey...
i have something to announce: paul's club has the streets! har har
no...veggies scare me as well. i scare easily
Hey- my username isn't there- it's only my regular name- that's no fun! Oh bugger- that sounds like blog- i wonder if the british like blogging on the blogger.
Anyway hello Nicole- I can't believe you're done with your internship- that's crazy! Anyway, although you may be sad to leave- i'm happy you're soon done because that means more fun at mifflin! Yeah! Then we can all frolic together once again!
How about this one- "Juicy" ???
I guarantee that in a few short weeks we will rival the DPC website as the best blogging site in town

Just you wait
i SAID no robot...i am going to have nightmares. welcome, maggie. i hate pants as well.
I'm now an official blogger! Altough I still can't figure out how it works. Ah well- don't you love my username??? I HATE PANTS- go blog!
I'm wrapping up my last moments here at work. Tears are being shed all over the place, and the whole department has shut down mourning the loss of the best intern they've ever had. The Best Buy flag (a big yellow tag?) is flying at half-mast. I feel so loved.
i feel the need to end all human contact. all i need is bloggy
yeah...i considered the robot, just because it's a robot...then we would name the robot bloggy and talk to him often
No way . . . I'm getting a haircut on MONDAY!!! We are so alike Liz.
I can't wait to start telling the world about what cereal I'm eating for breakfast (Special K with strawberries) and when I'm about to take a shower. And by the world, I mean you and I.

Blog blog blog blog blog. What a great word.
I am going to get a haircut. just thought i'd tell you, bloggy blog. you'd never let me down, would you, bloggy?
Actually, the robot kind of scares me
Hey, apparently we can choose from different templates for our blog . . . I vote for the robot
I think this weblog is going to be HUGE . . . just you wait and see you think that anyone besides us will blog?
icons are smarter than i am..
you now have admin and can freely invite people
Can only the admin (aka Liz) invite people?
My life is officially complete, now that I'm part of a weblog. Now we must get the word out about our fledgling site. Do you think we could get little icons by our names, a la DPC?
i think the times are fixed...we are so smart...s-m-r-t
ps. i think i can fix the time..
yes...alll Perfect Face fans (or people who aren't fans) are invited to our weblog.
hello all
Hmmm, the times are two hours off. Liz, our lives can now be documented to the minute. This is very exciting. Or, it might prove to the world just how completely uninteresting our lives are.
Should we invite other Perfect Face for Radio fans to join our weblog?
Good question...
Yes!!!!! New blog! How does this thing work?
Hey, Nicole. What do you think of the new blogger?