Monday, June 30, 2003

Woohoo! Check out the recommended listening page, I used my newly acquired HTML skills to format it better. Just wait until HTML 3 is taken in January . . .
I have just made an appointment with my doctor. I just finished Harry Potter, and I'm positive I have an ulcer.
did any one else know that the starlight mints had a new cd out? why was i not informed? read a review, for good fun.
after a fun field trip to the radio station, i am now contently listening to the new calexico. it's weird because i think this is a cd my mother would not only approve of, but would actually like (and she HATES most of the music i like). so, if you are anything like my mom, you'd probably like calexico.

cd players at the station are working again, according to aaron.
no soccer game this week, according to jay.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

ok, kids. turns out the cd players at the station are broken, thus ending our ability to do our show. nicole and i considered singing all the cool music we were planning to play, but we are not cruel. next week! NEXT WEEK! we'll be back

oh, while broken cd players hamper our moods, they do not destroy our sense of fun...especially birthday fun. come over tonight for proper celebration. it'll be a jubilee and a half.
I need to remember NOT to read Harry Potter right before bed. This time I dreamt that Harry and Co. realized that the way to kill Voldemort and the Death Eaters was by throwing up on them. So there was this huge battle between good and evil, where everyone was throwing up on each other. You all know how much I must have loved THAT.

Friday, June 27, 2003

I GOTS ME A RADIOHEAD TICKET!!! seattle, here i come! oh, and the random law school student i am going with wants to swing by a music festival that day( and see modest mouse, wilco, the shins, ect. ah, there is hope that coolness will prevail at l&c (especially after hearing about that one guy who studies two hours a day).
well, our team motto is: "we don't work hard. in fact half of us don't even show up at all."
i'd like that on a t-shirt. oh, and it's funny because it's true.
A 3-3 tie for the WSUM Kugelee Birds vs. the P-Chem Fury! A victory in my mind, as it is far more than I expected from us, considering our team captain and role model has two illegal nipple rings. What was our motto again, Liz? We don't work harder, and some of us won't even show up at all, or something like that?
ps. I'm in extreme pain right now, as last night I used muscles I haven't used in 9 months.
i read this article on my favorite part is:
They remember the last time a Republican appointed a "trust me" candidate. The President was George Herbert Walker Bush and the nominee was David Souter, who has turned out to be one of the more liberal members of the court. Stop in on a Republican-right Web site this month, and you're likely to see the words: "Gonzales is Spanish for Souter."

there's a new band name: "gonzales is spanish for souter"

Thursday, June 26, 2003

There's a little too much puking in this 5th Harry Potter book. I can handle it in written form, but hopefully a movie version will never make it to screen, because I don't know if I could take it.
Do you think Cicero, IL is nearby? I'd love to see them at the Hawthorne Racetrack.
and after we see those, let's go to one of THESE concerts
I'll go if you see this with me next year . . .
who wants to see THIS with me? come on! you know you want to...i'll even spring for popcorn.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Let's all look at the glory that will be Thursday, shall we? Perfect soccer playing weather (5:30 PM, fields by Nielsen, for interested spectators). Apparently our name is the "WSUM Kugelee Birds." Why? I liked "WSUM 41" myself.

Also, Skinny Kristin is in the lab, and though I didn't think it possible, she has definitely gotten skinnier. Her arm appears the be the size of my wrist. And I have skinny wrists.
I think my favorite quote from that article is: "Being a regular on the local concert scene also enables him to show his fans that he's 'just a normal guy'". I like to think of myself as just a normal girl, whose music also has been the soundtrack for a lot of college students' years.
i think nicole and i can relate to THIS

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I just love the feeling of swimming through the air. I'm currently taking refuge in the air-conditioned wonder of Engineering Hall, where my HTML 2 class is about to start. Hopefully I'll learn some cool things to make this website even more advanced.
Ah . . . I feel the power returning to my system.
I feel your pain, Liz. That reminds me of when I finished A Fine Balance a couple weeks ago. I had to stop reading every 5 minutes during the last 30 pages because I couldn't see the pages through the tears. Luckily, I knew not to finish that one at work.
sure, just did it. having blog admin gives me a great feeling of power...POWER.

so, i just spent the last hour or so crying my eyes out. in other words, i have finished reading harry potter and the order of the phoenix. i don't think i'll ever be the same again.

oh, nicole. remember when i asked you about a song with the lyrics "ticker tape parade?" it's a les savy fav song.
I'd just like to say that the transition between Casualty and The Martyr on Cursive's Domestica are 5 of the best seconds in indie rock. I always have to rewind and listen to them again.

Hey Liz- can you make my second name in the blog admin? And delete the old one? Thanks!

Monday, June 23, 2003

There is a fabulous article in this week's Isthmus about the surging popularity of Christian rock that I highly suggest. Notable quote from a fan at the I-Worship tour: "There are so many kinds of Christain music these days . . .. Some of it only mentions God once or twice- that's the kind I hate." Our God is an awesome God. He reigns.
Oh! i like NEW TEEN REBEL for a band name. sweet as candy, i say.
so, i am going to include part an email i got from a list serve of admitted l&c law students. my reponse to this email? jigga the fuck what?!

"I started studing back in February and have spent about 2 hours a day reading. This may seem excessive but I am currently an electrical engineer and make $100,000 a year. This move into law is the most serious thing that I am doing in my life or have done for the last few decades. There are people that fly into DC and Chicago and LA for 'Law Boot Camp' courses. When I graduate I will have to compete with these guys for a job, and if I can't increase my current salary by 20% to 50% then I have wasted my time."
Patronus would be a pretty cool band name. Actually, so would New Teen Rebel. Add those to House Elf Liberation Front and . . . what was the other one we'd come up with? How about The Hippogriffs? Or Blast Ended Skrewts?

Also, here's the most ridiculous song name ever: Priest with Sexually Transmitted Disease, Get Out of My Bed, by the Locust. No more need be said.
PS. i wish i were considered the "new teen rebel." what do you think you have to do to get that title? i mean, besides producing a fully fledged Patronus.
ok, so nicole and i are a little bitter that spoon did not play "everything hits at once." depsite this, spoon was good and calexico was good, so the day (overall) was a success.
speaking of success, i am half-way through the new harry potter book and i know i am going to cry at some point. and as said in a recent article, harry potter is the new teen rebel. however, if you are like me, you won't read the article until you finish the book...

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Radiohead tickets for the August 23 Alpine Valley show have been secured!!! Hopefully section 203, row HH will be a fairly decent view. I haven't been to Alpine since a Dave Matthews show like, 4 years ago. Ah, how things change.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Broken Social Scene is coming to Chicago Friday, August 1!!! Huzzah! Apparently as part of this 3 day "Summer on Southport" fest at Schuba's . Lots more concerts also up on the concerts page, including tours from Clem Snide and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

So guess who was spotted on stage during the Ice of Boston at the Chicago DPlan show last night? GROUPIE JULIA. I kid you not. Blah. But damn, did that show rock. I have a very important picture on my camera right now, and if it doesn't turn out I'm going to be very, very angry . . .

Thursday, June 19, 2003

wow. i aspire to be that cool.
so, radiohead has announced MORE tour dates...but still NO PORTLAND. forget that...i'm going to seattle. perhaps when i'm there, i'll visit a starbucks. as a sidenote, the last time i was in seattle i went to the very first starbucks ever. it is my claim to fame. think that is enough for groupie julia to hang out with me?
Guess who was onstage at the Dismemberment Plan concert last night? GROUPIE JULIA!!! She must have gotten backstage passes or something, probably through her long network of friends in bands, the only kind she allows herself to have. I wanted to shave off her dyed black indie bangs. Do you think if I formed a band she'd hang out with me? Or if I dyed my hair black and cut some short bangs too?

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

what's worse than MBA students? MBA students who think they are really really funny (but, of course, aren't).
I'm not sure if I totally agree with this article about the future of music in the digital age, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I bought Mirah's Advisory Committee yesterday at B-Side. I'm listening to it right now at work, and it is wonderful. Sweet and pretty and sometimes dark. I'm very pleased with this excellent cd purchase. Cold Cold Water is amazing.
Aren't they so extremely odd? Quote: "romance seems to be something people disdain for whatever reason, opting instead to affect a callousness or disaffectedness – as if afraid of how others might perceive them, were they to actually betray the fact that they possess emotions. I find this modern trait deplorable." Say what?
See this "interview" Liz speaks of here.
ok, not only does stupid mtv have broken social scene video, but they also have a deathray davies video! what up?
the yeah yeah yeahs are making a new EP. how many EPs can one band make in any given year?!
oh, nicole, i read the and you will know us by the trail of dead interview. interesting...

Monday, June 16, 2003

I emailed American Eagle last week to ask about who designs their in-store music, since it is now my dream job. Here is their response to me:

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for your recent email.

The position you are inquiring about is actually a combined effort of
several members of our Marketing team. Unfortunately, we are unable to
provide more exact details since this position is not delegated to one
person. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your interest in AE.

Your Friends @ AE

Ok, not very informative, but at least I know there is more than one person in the world involved in doing this! My prospects at this kind of work have increased dramatically (up from 1 to 5 in a million). And I have friends at AE!
1.the rereading of all four HARRY POTTER books has begun. 'class' starts tonight as well. i'll keep you'll posted.
3.note to radiohead: WHAT ABOUT PORTLAND?!?!?!?!!?!?!???!?!?!?!??!!?!??!?!!?
I just had my first day of class. It began with a video clip of October Sky, illustrating Jake Gyllenhaal's entrepreneurial spirit. Any class that connects the subject to Jake Gyllenhaal is ok by me!!! However, this morning we played the name game. Try playing the name game with 75% asian grad students. Not so much.
and they'll be in seattle aug 31! but what about PORTLAND, people? what about PORTLAND?
Radiohead will be at Alpine Valley, August 23!! Huzzah!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Have you ever wondered where some of your favorite bands got there names? Check out this website.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Well Liz, you have succeeded, as tonight will be night 4 of going out this week!!! (In a row, at that.) Huzzah!
i publicly vow:
this summer, during any given week, i promise to go out more than i stay in. it's just more fun that way.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Here's something that will cheer you up- the advent of the first WSUM coed rec soccer team!!! Something tells me these people were NOT the jocks in high school. Try to imagine a bunch of hipster/punk radio DJs (+ Liz and I, who are neither hipster nor punk) playing soccer. Anyone else interested in seeing how that's gonna go is invited to come watch us this summer at the University Bay fields, dates and times TBA. Anyone have any ideas for a team name?
NOOOOO. MTV is playing the broken social scene video, 'stars and sons.' damn, i really like that song, too. leave it to MTV to ruin it, once carson daily starts tooling it up and talking about it.
note to self: never watch MTV again. at least until real world on tuesday.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Well, I'm more emo than I thought I was. I actually own those shoes (20 pounds in Camden!), and have in fact worn them on one occasion with argyle socks and cuffed jeans. I saw it on the woman who ran our sex workshop last fall and thought it looked cool. Emo or not, I still think it does.

Here's an article I'm posting, not because it's interesting, but because of how INCREDIBLY SCARY the woman in the picture is. I thought I should not be the only one to have to experience this face.
oh, THIS is funny. afterall, one should know if one is emo.
also, if confused, check THIS out

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Is there an emoticon that can denote sarcasm? I think the lack of one has led to the break up of IM relationships worldwide.
hmmm...the blogger is not good at translating my sarcasm.
as for 2+2=5, that is definitely my favorite song on the cd. it is so very very good. i completely concur with your statements on that song.
This is definitely an interview with the woman Tori is going to do research with in DC!
Are you serious about picking Harry over Spoon? I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one . . . if so, I'll give me brother a call. I know he must LOVE hanging out with his older sister. Maybe his Harry Potter look-alike friend can come with us, we can sing him happy birthday instead.

I purchased the new Radiohead CD yesterday (9.99 at Exclusive!) and am listening to it now at work. Let me just say, 2+2=5 is EXCELLENT. It is giving me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach. I think I'm in love.
WAIT! seeing spoon means we can't go to the harry potter birthday party/costume contest?!?!? forget THAT.
and minnesota just recently decided to join mankind in bar time, oregon must heed minnesota's example.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Since when did Minnesota decide to join the rest of mankind and begin keeping their bars open until 2 AM?! Madness, I say.

By the way, since Aug. 8 falls on a Friday (I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't be able to go because of bloody work) the new date is fine with me.
perhaps, but my chances to hang out in madison are dwindling.
and the 2 am bar time depends on each individual bar.
Does anything cool happen in Minneapolis for the 4th of July? We could make a weekend out of it, the New Pornographers play at First Avenue Saturday the 5th. It could be our last chance to hang out in the twin cities ever! Just an idea to mull around. Will bar time be 2 AM by then?
fucking a! well, i guess i will stick around until then, then. not that i mind or anything, but i wanted to see them in JULY. oh well. that leaves the fourth of july weekend completely open. i suggest something BIG to celebrate the independence of this fine country. and i suggest we do something to celebrate the rise and fall of prohibition. actually, i think celebrating the rise and fall of prohibition should be done on a regular basis.
ALERT: Apparently the White Stripes concert for July 5 has been rescheduled for Friday, August 8! Our tickets count for the new show. Is this going to be a problem for anyone?
seeing spoon live is completely within grasp, nicole. now, perhaps we can swing to a cheese factory on the way...
I want to go to this

Monday, June 09, 2003

Radiohead news: their new cd comes out tomorrow, and the Exclusive Company on State Street is having a CD release party at midnight, where you can get free Radiohead stuff with purchase of the new cd. Also, they are the MTV2 2$ bill band this month, so that concert airs June 17. Good times for all.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Are you sick of listening to depressing music all the time? Want something sugary sweet that will make you smile? Fill you with glee? Then listen to The All Girl Summer Fun Band's new album 2, which we've added to our recommended listening section. It's just the cutest thing ever.
My Dismemberment Plan tickets just arrived in the mail! Huzzah!

Friday, June 06, 2003

You have made the right decision, Liz. A quick look at the K Records upcoming shows page has furthered my suspicions that every band is doing only west coast tours right now. What's so wrong with the midwest? Only more incentive for me to get out of it.
well, since stephen malkmus lives in portland, they totally have to play there. and since i am moving there in august, life will be good for me.
Looks like Radiohead is going to tour North America with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks in August . . . let's hope they come to the midwest! Except Liz, who will hope they come to the northwest. Unless they come there when I'm visiting Liz, in which case I also hope they go to the northwest.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Ahoy! Can it be? Look who's on the Rolling Stone cover again!
if i were born seven days later, this would be MY onion seems rather fitting:
"Investigators say the truth is found by following the money or the sex, which makes you immune to any possible suspicion."
and how.
i need a drink.
I have begun preparations for the next Harry Potter book by changing my cell phone ring to the Harry Potter theme. Obnoxiousness, be damned.
Roger Ebert is on fire!!
"It is true that I am fat, but one day I will be thin, and he will still be the director of 'The Brown Bunny.'"
What is this in reference to? Read his article here. Ebert's the man.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

shit (sorry mrs. chavas)! i have a summer reading assignment?? i'm not IN law school can't give assignments when i haven't even paid tuition, can you?
golly, i think i'll pass on THAT particular taste test.
So, who's up for a taste-testing party tonight? Liz? Becky?

Monday, June 02, 2003

I found lyrics only for Letter from an Occupant and The Fake Headlines, from a yahoo discussion board. You think you can get anything on the Net? Oh no.

Meanwhile, I am currently trying to nail posters to the walls of my new room. I have bent about 15 nails in the process, and only put up 4 posters. In addition, I'm in need of new posters. Does someone want to come over and do this for me? I'm getting angry. And I don't think you're gonna like me when I'm angry . . .
nicole, did you ever find new pornographers lyrics?

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Butt Ass Monkey
Well, I just stepped back into the doors of Edgewood High School for the first time in 4 years to see my brother graduate. It was really, really weird.