Tuesday, August 31, 2004

New Modest Mouse video for "Ocean Breathes Salty"! A boy finds an injured bird, repairs its wing, and brings it home to mom in a shoe box. But the bird is Isaac Brock.
I'm glad I no longer live next to this apartment.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Awesome cover of the new Bjork album
Hilarious picture of the Deerhoof singer

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Why why why why why why must I go back to school? And why why why why why why do I have homework before the first day of class?!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Finally made it to the Green Mill, the legendary Chicago jazz club. It was awesome, and I don't even really like jazz all that much.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Check this song out, by a "band" from Nebraska called The Show Is a Rainbow (really just one guy). It's hilarious. Very Ivan Klipstein-ish. He's playing in Madison on Monday w/ Chicago's Troubled Hubble at the Corral Room.
Since filing is so horrifically boring, all I do is listen to music all day while pushing paper. I've noticed some albums are better than others for the task:

Music to File to:
Notwist- Neon Golden
Junior Boys- Last Exit
Low- Things We Lost in the Fire
Arcade Fire- Funeral
Microphones- The Glow, Pt. 2
Menomena- I Am the Fun Blame Monster

Rockey: There is talk of going to NYC for a weekend once Megan and I have jobs. Stay tuned.
I moved into New York City yesterday. It's awesome. I have to go downtown now to run some errands. There are police everywhere for the GOP convention. Luckily, all I have on my person is comic books.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Check out the first track off of the upcoming Ted Leo album. Classic Ted Leo.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

This morning (7AM mind you) a man came onto the el train car I was in and proceeded to tell us that he was sent from outer space to talk about Jesus. Which he did, for 15 minutes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I wish I could be your +1.
Oh, and Nicole, if your house ever burns down, you KNOW I'd put on a benefit concert for you. The tambourine is a VERY popular instrument. Or will soon be. After my show.
I got myself on the list to see Les Savy Fav and the Detachment Kit, +1. So if anyone wants to be my +1 that night (Sunday, September 12), let me know! I don't want this +1 to go to waste.

Monday, August 23, 2004

I'm in London today where I just had a very nice fast food dinner with my friend Petra from Sweden while walking around Trafalgar Square and Piccadly Circus. I'll be flying back to Chicago tomorrow and staying there for two nights before making the big move to NYC.

It's been a crazy crazy vacation. I have slept in a bed and breakfast on the Atlantic, a park in London, a stranger's house, the streets and airport of Dublin, a tent in Coppenhagen, and a youth hostel in which the owner threaten to kill me.

I did receive some inspiration for the second season of the Perfect Face For Radio Adventure Story Hour (PFFRASH) and, during the fleeting few seconds of free time, write a few of them on scrap paper. It is shaping up to be more mature, more horrific, and far more interesting then the first.

Time for sleep here where it's almost 1 in the morning
So Megan and I got a membership (a partner membership at that! Yay, I have a partner!) at a gym in Bucktown. It used to be the Real World house for the Chicago season, which is really really crazy.
I gots me another review up today on Tinymixtapes, this time for a band called Shark Quest on Merge Records. I'm working on writing an essay about going to concerts alone, so hopefully I can get my shit together with that and it will be up soon as well.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

So apparently the owner of the Fireside Bowl here in Chicago has decided to stop putting shows on and focus specifically on bowling. The Fireside Bowl, though in my opinion a horrible venue because the stage was too low and it was in a freakin' bowling alley, was the only all ages venue in Chicago. I think now is my chance to start my venue here! Anyone want to be my angel investor?

Friday, August 20, 2004

Huzzah, a new Wes Anderson movie is on it's way!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

OK, I'm obviously just bored at work today since I keep posting random crap that I find out about on Craig's List. By the way, if you are often bored at work and using the internet, Craig's List is chock full of fun stuff to pass the time. It's got a section called "Best of Craig's List" that has some of the funnier things people have posted lately. I personally really identified with this one, as I think every guy needs the ethnic girlfriend.
Check it out, the Run Hit Wonder tour is coming to Chicago too on Sept. 23!!! I'm going to have to look into it, even though I abhor running . . . if you're in Chicago and interested let me know . . .
I just did a massive update of the concerts page, especially for Madison and Milwaukee. That Decemberists date in Madison is now Decemberists AND Norfolk and Western (the Decemberists' drummer's side project), so now I'm doubly jealous there isn't a Chicago date. Yet.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My Modest Mouse review is up on TMT. I think they edited it funny though, some things don't sound quite right or like I remember writing them.
Dio forces Dios to change name. C'mon now.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tuesday, September 21: The Decemberists at Luther's Blues
So far no Chicago date on this tour! It looks like they might be hitting up college towns, since they're stopping in Champaign, IL . . .

Monday, August 16, 2004

Anyone know anyone who wants to hire me? Please?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Interesting article on the effect of media conglomeration on diversity, from wisc.edu

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Curiosa Festival: good times. The Cure was much better than when I saw them in Coachella, Robert Smith seemed more into it and kept walking around the stage with his hands on his cheeks staring at the crowd like he couldn't believe it (me??? You're all here to see me???). Boys Don't Cry was fab. The Rapture was of course, totally dance-a-rific, though not enough people were dancing like when I saw them at the Rave. Interpol played 3 new songs off the upcoming record, and I still am not sure what to think of them. I'm still skeptical that they can put out an album that won't sound exactly like their first one. We watched about 2 minutes of the Cooper Temple Clause, who were all very attractive British boys, but their t-shirts were so cute we both bought one.

Now I'm back in Madison after 3 months away and I'm realizing exactly how wonderful it is to be out of this town. Chicago does not have dried vomit on every street, and I feel so old. It was definitely time to go, though I wish I could have brought Paul's Club with me. They've updated their jukebox, and it's now filled with Modest Mouse, the Shins, Postal Service, Cake, the Rapture, and more goodies.

Two more weeks and I'm in my adorable new apartment! Come visit it, we'll have a futon!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Have fun watching the Cure - I just bought tickets yesterday to see them in the Pacific Northwest next week!
Tomorrow night: FREE show - Pedro the Lion, Death Cab For Cutie and They Might Be Giants. Random lineup, I know. But it's FREE. I heart FREE!
Becky and I went to see Charlemagne last night at Schubas to support the Madison music scene. Apparently he got a good writeup in the Chicago Reader, which is a pretty big deal. I liked openers Oh Yeah a lot, they sounded like a more synth-y Menomena, and they ended with a hi-larious cover of Britney's "Toxic," which everyone must admit is an awesome song. Then was the Rutabega, from South Bend, and finally Charlemagne. I HATE that the girls in the band knit on stage when they aren't playing instruments. HATE IT. Why? Why I ask you?

Tonight: The Curiosa Festival w/ the Cure, Interpol, Rapture, and Mogwai!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Merge Compilation review up today on tinymixtapes . . .

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Sad news! Derek, the drummer of the Natural History, is leaving the band. I recall he was the only one of the band with an actual job.
that rocks! that girl is my new best friend. i think i am also going to make a pinata of hillary duff's older sister...she's lame.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Liz: I saw a girl at Modest Mouse with a "Vote for Pedro" shirt she made herself. I told her she was cool and I think I want one now too
I think it's funny I live in the Garden State and only two theaters more than an hour away opened with the movie last weekend. When I saw the commercials with the Shins and Postal Service playing in the background I thought of you Nicole!
Everyone MUST see Napoleon Dynamite! It is HILARIOUS!!! Kind of a goofier Rushmore. Speaking of Rushmore, Wes Anderson is coming out with a new movie this year. Huzzah!
Ugh.... Suburbia

Does anything exciting happen here? I mean besides going to the Dairy Queen or seeing the Peter, Paul, and Mary concert.

Where are all my peers? Trapped in lackluster jobs? Married with children? Yikes!

No, I kid. Things are very calm and safe here. Like a womb.

It's time to book a hostel in Dublin. The cheapest one I can find. Things will heat up there.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

So I just went and saw Garden State, and I absolutely LOVED it. I really identified with so much going on in that movie. The soundtrack is also amazing, apparently Zach Braff just made a mixtape that he wanted to be the soundtrack, and he must love the Shins, because both "Caring is Creepy" and "New Slang" were in the movie, along with Coldplay's "Don't Panic" and Iron and Wine's cover of the Postal Service's "Such Great Heights." The movie also ended with this amazing song that sounded sort of like Beth Orton that I must find on the internet. My favorite scene in the movie is where he's at the hospital getting an MRI, and with "New Slang" playing, he goes into the machine with his shirt off and suddenly all of his insecurities are written on his chest in black marker. Perfection.
Aaaahhhh Surbubia.....

(The Middle Ground Between Light and Shadow)

I'm back in hometown Highwood, IL and relaxing here in family-friendly Chicagoland.

To do a second season of the radio drama I need only write up some scripts, find some new voice actors, and find a new broadcast venue... Hmmm.... what's this? Columbia University Radio in New York, WKCR 89.9 FM... and it's webcast too. Don't see any radio dramas on their schedule. Hmmmm....

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Oh, and Rick James died. Crazy.
Oooh, I forgot, before AC Newman last night I went to happy hour at a typical Lincoln Park bar. It had a "DJ" that was playing some pretty bad music, and some guy, after asking me "if I was Jewish," told me the DJ was his friend. I asked how he got the job, because I could do much better, and he asked what kind of music I'd play. Here's how the rest of the conversation went:

Me: Indie Rock.
Lame guy: What?
Me: Indie rock.
Lame guy: What's that, a band?
Me: No, it's mostly music not in the mainstream. Like, on independent labels.
Lame guy: (turns back on me to talk to some other girl)

I gotta get out of Lincoln Park NOW. Later that night, after some OAR song, Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand were played, which both pleased and saddened me. Especially after some frat guy yelled "Woohoo! The Franz!"

Oh, and I found out this morning one of my friends went home that night with the lame guy. But he fell asleep so she just left. Notre Dame guys for you.
Just got back from seeing AC Newman. So f-ing fabulous. And not just because I've had like, 7 beers. They totally rocked out on everything, even the slow songs on the album, and the bass player chick was so cool, I wish I was her. They played two new songs and one cover to make up for the fact that the album is just 35 minutes long, and I think they played the whole thing. So great.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Woohoo, lead story today on Tinymixtapes. Except that wasn't my headline, and I don't really get it.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Black Heart Procession and Enon tour!!!

Chicago- 10/8, Bottom Lounge
Madison- 10/9, High Noon Saloon
Voldemort is cast for the next HP movie!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

While you're in Chicago on Friday, you should come to the Bottom Lounge to see AC Newman. It's gonna be great!

How exactly is there going to be a second season of the hour?
The Perfect Face For Radio Adventure Story Hour Season 1 is over, but I posted a site with that infamous indecent clip here.

I finally have time to write in the blog again!

Episodes 1-8 are now available in mp3 form on one single glorious CD. Nicole, I'm burning your copy right now.

The entire show is being archived at WSUM and episodes are scheduled to appear the next three Mondays at 7pm.

Today is my last week living in Madison and the rest of August is an amazing whirlwind. On Friday I'm moving all my stuff (clothes and comic books) to Chicago. Next Tuesday I'm going to Ireland. The following Sunday I'm going to Denmark. The Thursday after that I'm moving to New York.

Due to a smattering of enthusiam there will indeed be a second season of the adventure story hour!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I told my Mom I went to see Modest Mouse. She asked if that "Mickey Mouse band" is the one that sings Float On. I don't even want to know what radio stations that must mean the song must be playing on.
I LOVE that Flock of Seagulls song. There was never a more emotional moment than seeing them reunite to play it on VH1's Bands Reunited, or whatever that show was. That is the coolest thing that's ever happened to you, Liz.
WAIT! I almost forgot the best part of my weekend. I ran a race called "Run Hit Wonders" and I got to see FLOCK OF SEAGULLS sing "I ran." I also got to see Devo sing "Whip it." BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME!!
So, today at my internship we got a letter in the mail for Neko Case. It was from a prison inmate on death row- he actually wrote in the return address "death row" and it was stamped "sent from a correctional institution." Apparently Neko has a murderer following.

Also, this morning I saw a Hummer commercial that had the LFO song "Freak," which is a really cool electronic song. I normally have no problem with cool songs being used in car commercials, but using it to sell the ugliest, most pointless vehicle ever made- that annoys me.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Awesome! We at Billions just booked up a tour with Mouse on Mars, Ratatat, and Junior Boys, which I cannot WAIT for to come to Chicago. I'm totally loving the Junior Boys right now.

Last night I watched High Fidelity for the first time since I've moved to Chicago, and now I can actually recognize all the places in Chicago. Like, the record store is on the corner of Milwaukee and Honore, which is just down the street from my soon-to-be new apartment! And there's a poster in his apartment for Ladybug Transistor and Of Montreal at Schubas. Chicago rocks.
Last night I saw Ratatat and they were SO good. SO SO good! Well, either they were really really good, or I had a lot to drink. I'm thinking: 1) they were really good and 2) I did have a lot to drink. Regardless, I was in hipster heaven.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

I think Modest Mouse has officially moved out of the indie world and into the mainstream; last night the whole crowd was actually dancing, almost moshing, and there was actually a CROWDSURFER. Considering the awfulness of the venue, which has the worst sound possible, they sounded pretty good. Probably 90% of the set was from the new album, which was fine but I'd rather they'd spread it out just a bit. I realized during the show what the biggest difference between Good News . .. and their older stuff is- the songs on the new album are shorter, tighter pop songs and the older songs are much more sprawling. Doin' the Cockroach was by far the best song of the night, mostly because they went off rockin' out with it for like, 10 minutes, which was totally awesome. The Walkmen were also as enjoyable as they could be, considering the poor sound quality. The singer looked nothing like I'd expected; he had short blond hair and a polo shirt on, I was expecting shaggy brown hair and a black jean jacket or something. The man sure does like to scream though.