Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Yes, I am serious.

Last week I meant to play a different track from the Scissor Sisters album but I selected "You can't see Tits on the radio," which features the title of the song in the chorus. Ironically, I reviewed the album and found that song to be the only indecent one on it.

Yesterday, I failed to censor Graham when he introduced himself as "Skullfucker," which is the name of his character on the adventure story hour. Coincidently, I had just received that email from Meagan a few hours earlier and apologized to her mere minutes before I aired it.

Also, coincidently, the plot of the adventure story hour revolves around me being wanted for indecency.

The details of my suspension are still pending.

Clearly, I have no clothing on my face or upper body in those pictures.

Keep checking the page because there will be new adventure story hour stuff up later today!

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