Sunday, June 06, 2004

Just kidding, here's my new part-time summer job:

"We are looking to hire intelligent, articulate, sexually open-minded women to work from home as phone sex entertainers.
Being a phone sex entertainer is a real job and requires real work. We will advertise you on our websites as well as show you how to promote yourself. You will need to put time in advertising yourself. This way you are not limited to the amount of calls we can send you, but by the amount you can pull yourself in addition to what we send you.
To work for us you must:

1. Be female and at least 18 years old.
2. Have 2 seperate telephone lines with caller ID.
3.You must have internet access and time to devote to networking with potential clients online.
4. Work 20 hours a week.
5. Be comfortable being sexy and talking dirty. We train you to get calls; we cannot train you to be sexy."

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