Sunday, June 27, 2004

Today I saw Magnetic Fields and Andrew Bird at the Old Town School of Music, which was a really great, chill venue because it's all seating and it's super small. Andrew Bird blew me away. Becky and I saw him at the Empty Bottle last fall, and this time was so much better; I think the venue really made a difference. He's an experimental violinist, and for most of his songs he plucks a melody on his violin, loops it and they plays more violin over it. He also has a fabulous voice. Very sexy music. The Magnetic Fields were good, extremely low key as they just sat there and played for the most part. I was happy about the song selection; they played songs off of the Pieces of April soundtrack, which I'm loving, along with a couple other of my favorites from 69 Love Songs. Also lots of songs from the new album I, my favorite being "I Though I Was Your Boyfriend," which they called their gay anthem to go along with Gay Pride Weekend here in Chicago. Stephen Merritt is very small.

Oh yeah, I also went and watched the Gay Pride parade. Lots of pole dancing.

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