Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wings of Change

Having a radio show, I get promo CDs in the mail at the station fairly regularly. Most of them are junk and end up in the Free CD pile. Every now and then I get a gem. This week, appearing in my inbox: Wings of Change: Native Flute Solos by Robert WindPony, inspired by Barack Obama and dedicated to a new knid of leadership for America.

I'm not sure the use of the Obama logo above is totally legal. Robert Windpony also points out in the liner notes that he can teach you to learn to play the flute in just one day, from one of his 1500 flutes in stock. www.grandcanyonflutes.com.

And the tracklist:

1. Wings of Change
2. Foresight
3. Hope
4. Unity
5. The Wind Speaks
6. Green Prosperity
7. Dignity
8. Yes We Will
9. Solar Waves
10. Seeing All Sides
11. Answers
12. Windpony Serenade


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