Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Color Week

Some design-minded, artsy blogger friends of mine are participating in a "color week", where each day is a different color theme and each blog posts photos relating to that color. I was asked to join in, and since this is a music blog, I figured I'd just pull pics from my concert photo inventory to post for each color theme day throughout the week. You can check out links to the other blogs participating here and here.

I missed out on Red Monday yesterday, so today's Orange Tuesday will have some red in it as well (partly because I couldn't find that much orange . . . but just wait until we get to Blue Friday).

Good ol' Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords rockin' his orange sweatshirt at the Sasquatch Music Festival in May 2008.

Dan Deacon's Ultimate Reality at the Lakeshore Theater 1/25/08. I'm realizing that Dan Deacon will provide me with a vast majority of these pictures. He is nothing if not neon.

Stars at the Metro, February 2006. This was one of the better light shows I've seen at the Metro.

Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal on a ladder during their Metro show in March 2007.

Totally forgot about going to this show, Sufjan Stevens and his Illinois cheerleaders at the Metro in 2005. This project is bringing back memories.

Color Week themes:
Monday - Red/Pink
Tuesday - Orange
Wednesday - Yellow
Thursday - Green
Friday - Blue


Sara said...

So glad you're into color week! I love the picture of Bret. That just about made my day. Welcome!

cinchel said...

i had to ask kirstie if we were at that stars show. we were but i completely dont remember those lamps. crazy

Sue said...

Your photos are great!The Stars light show looks really cool. Any upcoming shows you plan to check out at the Metro? It looks like a great venue.