Thursday, August 28, 2008


Now it's time for Green Thursday. (Holy crap, is it Thursday already?)

Radiohead @ the Auditorium Theatre, one of the few times I was able to beat the crowd and get tickets to a show that sold out in minutes. That luck would later fail me with Bjork and Flight of the Conchords. Damn you, ticketmaster!

Cat Power rockin' the army green shirt at the Vic Theatre.

Sexy-voiced Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys at one of their many Empty Bottle shows I attended.

And what set of green photos would be complete without an ode to Dan Deacon's trippy green skull? (Actually a shot of the video screen from the Ultimate Reality Tour).

The trippy green skull in the darkness.

Some fan's apparent nod to the trippy green skull.

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Sue said...

I thought the light show at Lollapalooza was cool, but this one looks awesome!
Once again, I just love how you are your photo pictures tie in perfectly.