Friday, August 29, 2008

Blue Friday

It's the last day of color week, wrapping things up with Blue. Thanks for letting me participate!

More Radiohead at the Auditorium Theatre, with a crazed fan in the foreground.

Royksopp at the Metro.

Ok, there's not that much blue in this picture outside of his shirt and the brim of his hat, so this is sort of a stretch, but I figured I should have a picture of my arch-nemesis, Thax Douglas, up. Here he's reading his poetry, probably called "Thunderbirds Are Now #2", at Pitchfork.

The adorable Annie in front of a blue backdrop at Intonation 2006. (She also opened for Royksopp at the Metro show above). I think she's supposed to be coming out with a new album soon . . .

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Amy Kingman said...

I very much enjoyed your take on color week! Also you have great taste in music. :) I look forward to seeing your adaptation to our other themes!!! Happy Labor Day!