Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Music critics and hot air

By now most everyone has read/heard about Sasha Frere-Jones' article in the New Yorker about music in the form of indie rock has gotten all white 'n stuff, lacking soul and rhythm. I'll admit I could hardly make it through the whole thing because it was so frustrating to read, and obviously informed by his own personal musical tastes. One could easily make the argument that indie rock has found rhythm in the past few years. Anyhoo, now Slate.com's Carl Wilson responds to the article by saying the indie rock issue is about class, not race. Frankly, I think everyone is thinking too hard. Controversy for controversy's sake?


Brad K said...

you know...I've always bitched that indie rockers and indie rock fans are obnoxiously allergic to bass. Nice to hear some credentialed support for my theory.

baconfat said...

Controversy for controversy's sake is kind of SF-J's bag. Don't forget Merritt-gate from last year. The guy's not a terrible writer, but this article was so unbelievably poorly thought out.

Nicole said...

Merritt-gate! Nice. Yeah, I suppose if you telegraph on your blog that "you've written something people aren't going to like," then you've written it because you don't want people to like it.