Monday, October 01, 2007


Did anyone go to the Deerhunter show on Saturday at the Empty Bottle? I'd thought about it, but thank goodness I never made it, because apparently singer Bradford Cox had the flu and, according to Pitchfork's Amy Phillips, "spent much of the performance crouched down at the front of the stage, coughing and sneezing and, at one point, even vomiting." I usually stand at the front of the stage at the Bottle and, as most of my friends know, would not have been able to handle watching that. Blech.


cinchel said...

i was there and i didnt see him puke. so if he did it was short and quick....the black lips on the other hand..friday nighti...i did catch the lead singer puke on himself ..mid song..and act like nothing was wrong and just kept playing. very gross.

Nicole said...

I've heard the Black Lips do that regularly . . . another reason I missed that show. What a gross weekend!