Thursday, October 11, 2007


I almost didn't go to the Grizzly Bear show last night, which would have been a huge mistake. After having seen Grizzly Bear at the Empty Bottle, Subterranean, and Union Park, I must say Park West is definitely the venue for them. Their sound last night was amazing; you could hear every note of every instrument, and everything was so incredibly clear. Ed Droste's voice rang out gorgeously across the entire room, and "the Knife" almost brought tears to my eyes. Stunning.

Beach House was really good too, I hadn't really taken the time to get into them, but it might be worth picking up their last album. I've heard their sound described as "summery" though, which I didn't get at all. Maybe rainy-day summer?

Also spotted in the audience last night: Deerhunter singer Bradford Cox. Wonder what he was doing in town . . .


cinchel said...

he is opening up for the late YLT show tonight as atlas sound

Nicole said...

No kidding! I had no idea he had a side project . . . very cool.