Monday, October 29, 2007

Decemberists- the Long of It

Last night I caught the first night of the Decemberist's Long of It/Short of It tour, and tonight will be round two, The Short of It. Interesting how their fans have transitioned from hipsters to the XRT crowd. Even more interesting how the XRT crowd loooooves to make that "Woo" sound . . . a lot. Anyhoo, the show was great, and I'll post a full review once I can compare both nights later this week, hopefully with pictures.


dr d said...

The Decemberists were always so XRT. Just like Barenaked Ladies.

Bill V said...

XRT got in on the act again with Art Brut / Hold Steady. HS was fine but the more I thought about their set the more it reminded me of a show at a frat house.

Nicole said...

Oh yeah, the Hold Steady were made for the frat boys. I was at a super bowl party last year and a guy in a Devin Hester jersey walked in singing "Chillout Tent." But I love them anyway.