Friday, October 05, 2007


There is much to say about last night's Beirut/Colleen show at the Portage Theater; I'll have a full review up hopefully this weekend. If you missed the show or just can't get enough Beirut, tonight's episode of Radio M on WBEZ at 9pm features an interview with Zach Condon, and next Friday's episode will replay last night's show over the airwaves.

I'd also like to point out the hilarity of watching a big, buff, bearded man throwing down Jameson straight from the bottle play progessively more and more emasculating instruments- an extremely tiny tuba, the French Horn, the bells, a clarinet, a flute, the smallest ukelele I've ever seen . . . just one member of the merry band of misfits that comprise Beirut. It's like the cast of Undeclared formed a band. I didn't bring my camera last night, but hopefully Kirstie from RFC got some good pictures, which I'll be sure to link to when she's got them up.

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