Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Haven't slept much. Been real busy lately. Working full time and going out every night. Here what is new:

Saw Jazzanova last night at the Cardinal. Best DJ/techno I've ever seen in Madison. Went out afterwards for bacon at Wando's; to my friends' surprise, I actually ate it.

The Adventure Story Hour got trainwrecked on Monday after the computer crashed so I am replaying episode 4 next week. Oh, and there'll be a new episode too. Because you demanded it. Next recording session is this Sunday.

In the radioverse, Graham's character has betrayed me. The Radio Doctor and his nurse are on the brink of death. DJ Lazer has got his roller-blades back and is ready to set things right again.

Saw Farenheit 911 on the 4th. It was good but I was not terribly impressed like I was after seeing...

SPIDER-MAN 2! Best movie I've ever seen in the theater.

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