Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Last night's radio show recorded successfully and is available for downloading. I had the most calls I'd ever had last night, including a guy who was recording the show and had me listen to a couple songs I'd played earlier to tell him who they were. Craziness in the studio! The every other week trend continues as I'll be out of town next week, returning with what should be my best of 2007 show on the 10th.

Speaking of being out of town, I'll be in San Fran the next couple days and in New York early next week, so blogging will be sporadic over the next week. I'll spend that time refining my top 25 albums, which I'm having more trouble than I was expecting determining. Guess I've listened to more good music this year than I thought.


cinchel said...

the 11th? surely you mean the 10th as the 11th is a tues....or maybe not

Nicole said...

No, you're right, silly me!