Sunday, December 02, 2007

Best of

My top 25 is finished and is actually a top 35- apparently I listened to more good music this year than I thought, and I couldn't stop at just 25. That being said, after reviewing all the music I've picked up over the past year, I think I heard a lot of good stuff that was worth noting, but not as much that really blew me away; I feel like in past years I had more albums I truly loved but fewer vying for the 15-25 range. Anyhoo, suspense will be maintained a bit longer, with some of it being revealed on my best of 2007 show next Monday, and the final list coming out the same day we do our year-end extravaganza at Tinymixtapes. Holla!

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Bill V said...

I did a top 25 and felt the same way. I probably cut about 10 CDs that I liked, numbers 15-25 were good but not great. My top 10 were pretty much interchangeable.