Friday, November 16, 2007

Metro Survey

Apparently it's survey season in the indie world- Pitchfork's got a reader survey up on their site and now the Metro is seeking feedback from its patrons as well (wonder who got the idea from who . . . ). The survey ends with a trivia question (a question no Metro-goer could possibly get wrong), and everyone who answers it correctly (i.e. everyone who takes the survey) is entered into a drawing to win:

1st place – Two tickets to one Metro show per month for each month of 2008
2nd place – Metro VIP package – tickets for four and a VIP table for one show of your choice
3rd place – Metro Merchandise prize package including Metro hoodie, tshirt, hat

I kind of wish they'd both publish some of the results from these surveys. I'd be interested in seeing the average age, salary, musical tastes, etc. of Pitchfork readers and Metro customers.

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