Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I realize I said there wasn't anyone at Pitchfork that I was like, "I can't WAIT to see them!", but I've changed my tune; I'm totally pumped to see Dan Deacon (though I get the impression he'd be even more fun to see in a small room instead of a big park), some dude with a masters degree in composition that has chosen a life making "weirdo music". Dude's supposed to be crazy, and his new album, Spiderman of the Rings, is simultaneously incredibly annoying and incredibly awesome. See: "Wooody Woodpecker" as evidence.

I'm also supremely excited by this addition to the summer concert roster: Mirah w/ Laura Viers @ Logan Square Auditorium, July 17. Ok, I could care less about Laura Veirs, but I LOVE Mirah and have been wondering what on earth she's been up to since I saw her last in a hippie co-op in Madison three years ago, just days before I moved to Chicago. I hope this means she's making new material! This makes that week in July officially music-crazy, between P4k, Mirah and the free Decemberists show on the 18th.


Anonymous said...

oh nicole. get there early for laura veirs. you don't even know what you're missing out on.

Nicole said...

What exactly am I missing out on? I've seen her twice opening for other bands and was totally unimpressed.