Friday, May 04, 2007

High Come Down

Last night the Junior Boys were, as usual, wonderful. My usual rule for concert-going is that I won't see a band live again until they've put out a new album because it usually means seeing the exact same show twice, but the Junior Boys are one of my exceptions to that rule; I could happily see them play the exact same set over and over and still not get enough (Menomena is another one of my exceptions). They always put on a slick live show, and it's fun seeing an electronic band still able to jam out a bit with the guitar and drums, something that's really showcased during live favorite "Under the Sun". They played the best songs from both albums (see set list below), and "In the Morning" was especially transcendent. After mentioning this was the last night of their tour and thanking everyone he needed to thank, as well as apologizing for having worn the same dirty outfit for the last month straight, an unexpectedly cleanly shaven Jeremy Greenspan announced that they would be returning to Chicago to play the Pitchfork Music Festival (!). After having seen them three times now at the Bottle, I'm not sure I can handle seeing them anywhere else (I can say the exact same thing for Menomena), but they're a welcome addition nonetheless (though still underscoring my complaint that the lineup is mostly bands that have just toured through Chicago).

I did take a few pics, if they turned out ok in the dark cave that is the Empty Bottle I'll post them this weekend.

Set list:
Count Souvenirs
The Equalizer
Teach Me How to Fight
Like a Child
So This Is Goodbye
In the Morning
Double Shadow
More Than Real

Under the Sun

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