Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lollapalooza: Sunday

Sigh. I'm really not in the mood for Sunday. There are a hodgepodge of good bands across the park throughout the day, but neither end of the park has the obviously superior lineup (and the entire day's lineup is definitely inferior to Friday and Saturday). My options:

North side (Bud Light): Iron & Wine 4:15pm, The National 7:15pm, Nine Inch Nails 8:15pm.
South side (Myspace): Chromeo 3:15pm, Gnarls Barkley 6:15pm, Girl Talk 6:30pm, Kanye West 8:30pm.

Honestly, I might just be so tired and sunburned that I'll show up at 7:15 to see the National, or at 8:30pm to see if Obama introduces Kanye. If Obama introduces Wilco on Saturday, my decision will be made.

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