Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lollapalooza: Friday

After a couple years off, I'll be attending Lollapalooza again this weekend. Like I did 2 weekends ago for Pitchfork, I'll be running through my planned schedule, day by day this week.

Friday will be spent entirely by the AT&T/MySpace stages, which means missing the Black Lips, the Raconteurs, The Black Keys, The Go! Team and Cat Power. I'm ok with this. (Do you think there are Raconteurs fans so rabid they will miss most of Radiohead when they walk the mile over after the show?)

If I can get there early enough (unlikely), I'll check out The Holy F*** and the Rogue Wave at 12:15.

2:15pm- Yeasayer. I've seen Yeasayer twice in the past year, once at another festival (Sasquatch), but I just can't get enough.

3:15pm- The Kills. I'll probably use this time to hang out, relax, get food, etc., but I'm interested to see if the Kills have as much sexual chemistry as they seem to do on record. Too bad one of them is now dating Kate Moss- maybe she'll be hanging around.

4:15pm- Gogol Bordello. I've never actually seen or heard them, but I'm assuming this will be fun.

5:15pm- Catch the beginning of Mates of State. It's been a few years since I've seen the Mates live, and I haven't checked out their last couple albums, but gosh darn are they adorable. This show will make me a bit nostalgic for the time I saw them in a little cafe in London. But I'll only see 20 minutes or so, since I'll want to head over for . . .

5:45pm- Grizzly Bear. Hopefully the outdoor setting will treat them and their gorgeous sound right.

6:15pm- Dinner time, to the sounds of Bloc Party. Also- start getting a spot for Radiohead time.

7:15pm- Listen to Stephen Malkmus while waiting for Radiohead. Get a glimpse of Janet Weiss on drums. Too bad CSS is playing at the same time, but going to the Citi stage to see them would mean losing a reasonable space near the Myspace stage for Radiohead. Bad luck, CSS.

8pm- Radiohead, duh. Though still no show will beat Grant Park, 2002.

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