Monday, February 25, 2008

Make Believe

Last Friday I stumbled upon seeing Make Believe at Subterranean. I'd heard about Tim Kinsella, his musical family and his many local projects for years (Joan of Arc, Make Believe, Cap 'n Jazz, Owls), but this was my first time experiencing him in any way. I guess I thought he'd be more emo based on what I'd heard about him, but really, dude's just batshit crazy. (Also, their music was more mathy than emo-y, which was unexpected). He didn't seem to have any control over his body parts as he flailed around the stage with some of the most awkward white-boy dance moves I've ever seen. He seemed to have difficulty forming a full sentence for most of the show- sometimes he'd come to the mike between songs, open his mouth for a few seconds, utter an unintelligible noise and then back away. At some point he was finally able to utter some strange diatribe that I didn't quite follow. He also picked a fight with someone in the balcony and at one point decided to just lay down on the stage for awhile mid-song. Needless to say, I was highly entertained.

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