Friday, February 01, 2008


I'm sorry, but can someone please translate this Pitchfork review for me? I think I need a dictionary to understand what he's saying. "There's something somethingly deeply vivifing about Poirier's blend of spartan yet far-flung sonic DNA and his naked political ambitions"? What exactly does it mean to be "spartan yet far-flung"? Alkaline? Matte? Tropes? It's so over the top I want to believe the reviewer is doing it on purpose to make some sort of point (what that would be, I couldn't tell you), but with Pitchfork, you can never be sure . . .

To which I will take this opportunity to again repost David Cross' fabulous skewering of Pitchfork reviews from 2005.

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Rob said...

I think the problems begin with the fact that the artist is named "Ghislain Poirier."