Monday, August 06, 2007

Wear a gown?

This is so very bizarre . . .

FOR RELEASE AT 5:00PM TODAY: Monday, August 6, 2007

A Gala Event! September 26 - Riviera Theatre

Beastie Boys return to Chicago for a very special show in the extremely intimate confines of the Riviera Theatre on September 26th! This show will be all about instruments and songs - some with vocals and some without, but all featuring the band and the inimitable Mixmaster Mike jamming it out live! The band's latest release The Mix-Up showcases their unmistakable originality and their endless quest for re-invention. Expect the unexpected and get ready for some's the Beastie Boys!

Who: Beastie Boys - A Gala Event - Exclusive
Instrumental Show

Where: Riviera Theatre, 4746 N. Racine Ave,

When: September 26, 2007 @ 8:00pm Sharp!

Tickets: $50.00 general admission, on sale this
Saturday, August 11th
at 10:00am
through, all Ticketmaster ticket centers or charge by phone 312-559-1212.


THE GALA EVENTS will be in smaller spots, more exclusive, more intimate. This will be more like quality time, our time, just you and the band sitting by a fire on a tropical beach late at night being serenaded with love songs. These shows are for people that are into our weird stuff, so if you want to get weird together, this is your call. These shows will be based around the instruments. Some songs will have vocals, others will be instrumental. BUT if you'd like to come to one of these shows, then DRESS TO IMPRESS, wear a suit, a tie, a dress, a gown or whatever you feel dressed up in... AND PLEASE leave your cargo shorts, Birkenstocks and t-shirts at home, this is not that kind of party.

For more information contact John Bell, (312) 440-9191,


cinchel said...

the last thing i would call the riv was "intimate" ..i guess if you are the beastie boys and you usally play arenas then the riv is small....

"dress to impress" what the hell is that..i think the young beasties (the ones singing "egg raid on mojo") would have a fit about this ...what happened....

Anonymous said...

50 bones?? damn!!