Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So all the kids over at tinymixtapes have been creaming their pants over the forthcoming solo album from Panda Bear (of Animal Collective), Person Pitch. Sadly, it's only February and people are already talking about it topping best of 07 lists (because every music critic's life is only substantiated by the year-end list). Since it doesn't come out until March 19, I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but the couple tracks I've listened to online seem promising and are proving to be relatively more upbeat than those from his last solo album Young Prayer, an ode to his late father that sounds sort of like a wolf crying in the woods (which I mean in a good way, and makes sense upon hearing it). According to Matt Weir from TMT, Person Pitch "is like Oh Inverted World with tribal drumming". Hmm, interesting.

More info on Panda from Brooklyn Vegan here.

Animal Collective will be making their way to Chicago May 17 @ the Metro; not sure if their intimate campfire-esque shows will translate to the big stage, but it's probably worth finding out!


Anonymous said...

Recent Celebrity Sightings in Brooklyn:

David Cross on the L train going into Manhattan.

That guy from TV on the radio (you know the one, with all the hair and black glasses, not David Andrew Sitek or Tunde Adebimpe, but the other guy) in Greenpoint walking around on the street.

Anonymous said...

Recent Celebrity sightings by DJ Lazer who recently got discombulated by Blogger (c).