Thursday, January 11, 2007

After some discussion on the TMT boards and a writeup by my favorite Salon TV critic, I decided to check out the season premiere of I'm From Rolling Stone, a new reality TV show where six kids get a summer internship at Rolling Stone and one gets an actual job at the end. I don't know where they got these kids, but only two of them seem to have actual journalism experience. I can probably pick out right now which one is going to win. One of the interns, a drunken Australian (no stereotypes being broken there) on a crew scholarship, didn't appear to have any journalism experience, nor seem to know anything about music. But he does like to write his articles drunk. One girl read part of her article out loud, and her first sentence was so long and wordy I had no idea what she was talking about. Apparently next week the kids get to go out and interview bands, and according to Salon, their interviewing skills aren't exactly "up to par," to put it nicely. But I'll probably keep watching to see what sort of train wreck the show turns out to be, and to make myself feel like if one of these morons can write for Rolling Stone, then so could I! Not that I'd really want to, the magazine pretty much blows now.

Scenes from the upcoming season revealed that the "writers" spend significant time at Intonation (where one interviews Ghostface) and Lollapalooza, so look for some good Chicago on-air time!

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