Friday, September 11, 2009


I cannot stop listening to the new Sunset Rubdown album. I liked, but didn't love, Random Spirit Lover, and the last show of theirs I saw at the Empty Bottle was disappointing for a variety of reasons, especially after their amazing Schubas debut. I didn't want to set myself up with huge expectations for the new album as a reuslt. Thankfully, Dragonslayer has me completely reenergized on this band and looking forward to seeing them at on October 19 at the Logan Square Auditorium. The songs have a sense of urgency that builds throughout the album, culminating with the excellent and addictive "You Go on Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)". Some of the froufiness that I enjoyed but which may have turned others off to the band in the past has been tamed a bit, and the topics have transitioned from weird fairy tales involving horses and leopards to themes that are ambiguous but relatable (Spencer seems particularly obsessed with aging here for some reason). Definitely one of my favorite albums of the year.

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