Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bird is the word

Well, how about that. I actually won tickets to WXRT's private Andrew Bird show at the Modern Wing of the Art Institute. Free cocktails, art and Bird next Monday, September 21 from 6-9pm. Thank you, convoluted VIP Lounge! Hopefully we can take pictures.

Speaking of Bird sightings, he was hanging at Jay Ryan's booth for a bit on Saturday afternoon's Renegade Craft Fair. Sporting a beard now, and it's working for him.


Sarah said...

I got an email from WXRT about winning, too, this afternoon. My theory is that WXRT got absolutely sick of me obsessively entering the concert and made me a winner to get rid of me. ;)

I did, however, let out a sort of completely undignified Excited Noise at work when I got the email.

Daily Poops said...

Great, now congratulation, even though its been a while.