Monday, May 11, 2009

Radio Show Hiatus

Over the past few summers I've taken a break from the radio show to enjoy the sunshine on Monday evenings and recharge. This year, I've realized I need more than a summer to recharge; after 8+ years in college/community radio, it's become clear that I don't have the time I used to have to dedicate to a quality 2-hour show each week (part of this crazy thing called "getting older"). With the upcoming move downtown and management changes (all for the better, of course), it seemed like a good time to step back from the show for a bit. I plan on staying involved through the occasional subbing opportunity, but will take an indefinite break from the regular schedule. Still, I look forward to seeing how WLUW can grow and flourish in its new environment, and will hopefully return when I can make time to commit to the station again.

That said, I will continue on blogging, and I have some new, exciting music-related activities on the docket that I will report on as they come to fruition (oooh, suspense!). Thanks for listening!

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