Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Radio Show Update

Last night's show is available for download, and I'm back on the every-other-week plan for the summer, so I'll be back on the 16th while DJ Mica does her dance party thing next Monday. Got a call last night from one of the Flosstradamus guys; good to know prominent local musicians are still listening to the station amongst all its turmoil.

Speaking of turmoil, I've been getting more calls lately asking about the Loyola transition. Here's the basics: the official "transition" is July 1st. Some DJs will leave the station by their own choice at that time, but otherwise there should be no discernable difference in programming from June 30 to July 1st (as far as I know). Loyola just hired a dean for the new school of communications, and he'll eventually have to hire a new station manager, but that will take some time. Then there will probably be some sort of evaluation period where the school and station manager will talk about what they want from the station, which again, will take some time.

If I had to venture I guess I'd say it'll be a year before anything significant happened, whatever "significant" may mean- could be a lot, could be relatively nothing. Until then I guess we're just stuck in a holding pattern.

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