Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Weird Air

Whenever I feel like my indie musical tastes are becoming too mainstream or the uber-experimentally minded tinymixtapes writers denounce my favorite bands for being too "obvious", it's good to hang out with my non-music minded friends to get things back in perspective. I went to dinner with a friend the other day at a sushi restaurant and Air's Talkie Walkie was playing in the background. Air is pretty ubiquitous these days, right? Who hasn't seen the Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation or those irritating Starburst and car commercials? "What is this weirdo music?" my friend said. Always nice to get a reality check; popularity is relative. Kind of like the time a co-worker who was really into jam music saw a show at the Vic and was so excited about how "small" the venue was- I guess when you follow Phish around gaint amphitheatres for a year, a venue of 1100 does seem tiny in comparison.

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