Monday, January 07, 2008

Beach House

I got an advanced copy of the upcoming Beach House album, Devotion, and I'm really digging it. I didn't really get into Beach House when their first album came out in 2006, but this album is really hitting the spot right now, especially their unexpected cover of Built to Spill's "Some Things Last a Long Time," one of my favorite BTS songs. They add a pretty haunting touch to it which works really well (sadly it's not on Hype Machine yet or I'd add a link). The band is coming to Schubas with the Papercuts on March 26. Devotion comes out on February 26.


baconfat said...

that song is actually by daniel johnston, which was then covered by built to spill. it's on daniel's excellent 1990 album. if you haven't yet seen the the devil and daniel johnston documentary, i highly recommend checking it out.

Nicole said...

Nice, I succumb to your superiorly vast music knowledge! I admit to never having taken the time to get into Daniel Johnston. I will have to check that out, the song, album and documentary.