Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pitchfork Picks: Sunday, July 15

Here's my game plan for day three of the Pitchfork festival:

Sunday, July 15:

1:00- Deerhunter vs. Fred Lonberg-Holm's Lightbox OrchestraFred who? I haven't been able to get into Deerhunter as of yet, though they've been getting a ton of praise lately. I've heard they're supposed to put on a pretty good live show, so if I don't decide to stay home until 2, I'll check Deerhunter out.

1:30- The Ponys vs. Fred Lonberg-Holm's Lightbox Orchestra
See above, inserting "Ponys" for "Deerhunter."

2:00- Menomena vs. Brightblack Morning Light
I'm actually bummed by this matchup; I'd be intrigued to see what stoner freak-folkers Brightblack Morning Light bring to the stage, and I'm afraid after three glorious Empty Bottle shows over the past few years, seeing Menomena in this environment will be a letdown. Still, the Menomena pull is far too strong, and hopefully this is early enough that the crowd won't be too crazy yet.

3:00- Junior Boys vs. Nomo
Junior Boys. Duh.

4:00- The Sea and Cake vs. Craig Taborn's Junk Magic
Time to hit up the hot dog stand.

5:00- Jamie Lidell vs. The Cool Kids
Jamie Lidell is one of the handful of acts at the festival that I a) haven't seen and b) want to see. After lounging around during Sea and Cake's set, I'll be ready to dance to Jamie's brand of funky dance music.

6:00- Stephen Malkmus vs. Cadence Weapon
Are the Jicks involved, or is it just Malkmus solo? If Janet Weiss is drumming, count me in for some Malkmus, otherwise I'm not sure a solo gig would excite me enough. Meanwhile, it seems like most of the up-and-coming hip-hop ended up on the Balance Stage's Sunday lineup, but again, the lack of British accents means it's probably not my thing.

7:00- Of Montreal vs. the Field
I actually wouldn't mind checking out the Field, one of the few purely electronic acts of the weekend, but my love for glam and Of Montreal trumps all.

8:00- The New Pornographers vs. The Klaxons
Time-tested power pop vs. the latest blogger buzz band? I'm excited to hear new material from the Porno's forthcoming album, and hopefully Carl Newman's guitar will be tuned correctly this year. Is Neko going to be there, or just Carl's fill-in niece? Keep your fingers crossed.

9:00- De La Soul
TBD, depending on my level of exhaustion and the knowledge that I'll have to get up at 6:45am the next morning.


cinchel said...

fred who? be still my heart...he is just one of the most amazing cellists in chicago!....i will have a hard choice...i may be boucing between the three stages just to catch a bit of each....

Bill V said...

It's just Malkmus with no Jicks, so I'm planning for a letdown, but who knows? The Klaxons are really the only band that I might miss due to the schedule, but might be able to hop over there for some. I hear there is no tent on the 3rd stage this year.