Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pitchfork Picks: Saturday, July 14

Since there are choices to be made at Pitchfork this year, I'm going through hour-by-hour which stage you'll find me at (if I'm at a stage at all). Sunday's picks come tomorrow.

Saturday, July 14:

1:00- The Twilight Sad vs. Ken Vandermark's Powerhouse Sound
-Honestly, I probably won't even be here this early. Are you more into jazz or more into morose Scottish rock?

1:30- Califone vs. Ken Vandermark's Powerhouse Sound
-If I make it early enough, I'll definitely catch Califone; I saw them play an outdoor festival in Madison, and their music and the way they play it (sitting down) somehow worked outside (the fact that they are playing so early to smaller crowds will probably work in their favor). Of course, 30 minutes may also mean a whopping four songs considering they can jam, so we'll see how they deal.

2:00- Voxtrot vs. William Parker Quartet
-I have no idea who the William Parker Quartet is, and I still haven't really taken the time to check out Austin indie buzz band Voxtrot. I might use this time to check out the record fair and food options, or park in the shade near Voxtrot and see if they live up to the hype.

3:00- Grizzly Bear vs. Beach House
-No question here, my love for Grizzly Bear runs deep and Beach House sort of bores me. It will be interesting to see how GB's layered, fuzzy pop sounds when it's not contained by four walls.

4:00- Battles vs. Fujiya and Miyagi
-This is one of my tougher decisions; I'm much more into Fujiya and Miyagi in general, but I did just see them in May; meanwhile, I've been trying to get more into the Battles record, which could be helped by a live performance. And the song "Atlas" has to be pretty cool live. The jury is still out on this one.

5:00- Iron and Wine vs. Professor Murder
-Soft, lilting folk or dance-punk? I've liked the few Professor Murder tracks I've heard, but I'll probably end up at Iron and Wine to get a preview of his new material. I'll probably be getting a bit tired at this point too, so chilling out on the ground listening to Iron and Wine will probably hit the spot.

6:00- Mastodon vs. Oxford Collapse
-I'm not into metal, and I'm really excited to hear "Please Visit Your National Parks" live. Oxford Collapse it is.

7:00- Dan Deacon vs. Clipse
-No contest, I've been looking forward to Dan Deacon's spazzy electronic for months, and anyone who reads this blog knows I'm not really into hip-hop that doesn't involve British accents.

8:00- Cat Power vs. Girl Talk
-This will come down to how in the mood I am to dance. If I'm sweaty and exhausted, expect to see me at Cat Power; if Dan Deacon didn't wear me out, I might stick around the tent for Girl Talk.

9:00- Yoko Ono
-Thankfully no matchup here; I'm really intrigued to see what Yoko gives and who these "special guests" will be (obviously Cat Power, and probably a few others from Yoko's recent remix album Yes, I'm a Witch).

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i heard thurston's a guest.