Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Hong Kong Indie Scene

Part of my vacation was spent in Hong Kong, where conveniently, I picked up a copy of HK Magazine (their version of the Reader) to find a cover story on Hong Kong's indie scene. Apparently it has a very small, burgeoning scene and a dearth of small venues for them to play at, but they managed to profile a few local bands. For anyone else curious about what's found in an "indie scene" outside of the US, UK and Canada, feel free to check these out with me. Some of their names seem amusingly lost in translation (genre descriptions taken from the article).

The Primary Shapes- Electronic pop
The Yours- Disco-punk
Ya Sei Mei- Party hip-hop
My Little Airport- Minimalist indie pop
Monogel- Groovy funk-rock
Salty Soggy Sour- a Hong Kong indie supergroup (!!!)
Atomic Bubbles- Garage rock


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