Thursday, October 23, 2008

Radley Relief

Apparently the Empty Bottle's housecat is ill. My guess it was due to the years of living in a unventilated smoke-filled environment- but maybe that's just me. Anyhoo, the EB is calling out for donations to help him cure what ails him.

Yes, sadly, old man Radley - EB housecat, ladies man - has been struggling with his health lately, and is in need of a variety of medical procedures. We've set up a paypal 'healthcare fund' for him, should any of you be interested in contributing towards his renewed vigor. Head over to PayPal and make a donation to


cinchel said...

according to a friend that stopped in to the bottle last night radley just had some teeth pulled and is recovering.

i am glad it wasnt something more serious.

bottle said...

The old man did in fact have six teeth pulled. He is a little pissed off, but dabbling in pain killers and feeling fine. We will be posting intra-surgical photos for Radley fans soon. I do thank everyone who has, or plans to make donations. Donations can be made by using paypal to

Bruce - Empty Bottle
ps - radely is 16 years young

Nicole said...

Teeth pulled- who knew cats had to deal with such things!