Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mirah in Chicago

So, apparently there's a festival going on this week called the Chicago Children's Humanities Festival, and Mirah will be there with Spectratone International playing through their adorable ode to insects set to video. This Thursday's shows are already sold out, but there is a Friday evening and Saturday morning performance at the Vittum Theater on 1012 W. Noble. I love that the awesomeness of Mirah is being exposed to the youth of Chicago. I sort of want to get tickets- the program says its for ages "6+"; I suppose I fall into that, right?

Also, this means that Mirah will be hanging out in Chicago for three nights- I wonder if I can stalk her down and make her hang out with me. She is so cool.


cinchel said...

i think we are going to the sat show. its only like a few blocks away ...woot

Nicole said...

Awesome! Noted!