Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lloyd Dobler

So in the biggest bummer ever, I didn't make it to Simian Mobile Disco last night due to a work dinner going absurdly late . . . boo! I bet it was a great show too. So I'll have to wait to get my dance on until this Friday with Bonde de Role.

But in totally unrelated news, I've been in Chicago for three years hoping to one day run into John Cusack . . . finally saw him last night at Hugo's Frog Bar! Some of the people I was at dinner with were from Europe and didn't know who he was, and when they asked what movies he'd been in lately, I frankly couldn't think of anything except that awful-looking "Must Love Dogs" movie . . . but we'll forgive him for the pure genius that was "Grosse Pointe Blank."

1 comment:

cinchel said...

secretly one of the reasons we moved to chicago was to see cusack..and we have still not had the luck of finding him anywhere.

very cool find.. heheheh