Friday, March 16, 2007

"I am on such a bad date . . . "

The Of Montreal show last night (which I'll post pics of and write about this weekend) proved to be hilariously awesome before the band even made it on the stage. I was standing next to this guy and girl who appeared to be together, and she was totally wasted at 7PM. During Walter Meego she also proved to be a terrible dancer- she clearly didn't know what to do with her arms, so she kept grabbing her chest. Watching her was funny enough, but I couldn't contain myself when I looked over to the guy she was with and saw him texting to his friend, "I'm on such a bad date." AWESOME. Then later after she slumped over on to him and then finally on to the stage, security asked him to take her out. I have never seen anyone look so pissed. I hope he at least dumped her in a cab and came back in to catch the show!

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