Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Carrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney opines on her NPR blog about Roman Polanski and the stupidly bratty fight between members of Wavves and Black Lips in a post called "Loving the Art But Not the Artist". Gotta love her.
I love it when Pitchfork references themselves in their reviews.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bird and Antlers

I was going to try to come up with a few words about the special Andrew Bird show on Monday at the Modern Wing, but this person said it much better than I could. Basically, a great night of cocktails, snacks, modern art and architecture, and a rare opportunity to see Andrew Bird solo, ultimately my favorite Bird incarnation.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bird is the word

Well, how about that. I actually won tickets to WXRT's private Andrew Bird show at the Modern Wing of the Art Institute. Free cocktails, art and Bird next Monday, September 21 from 6-9pm. Thank you, convoluted VIP Lounge! Hopefully we can take pictures.

Speaking of Bird sightings, he was hanging at Jay Ryan's booth for a bit on Saturday afternoon's Renegade Craft Fair. Sporting a beard now, and it's working for him.


Filter's coming back! Let the Craigslist missed connections resume!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I cannot stop listening to the new Sunset Rubdown album. I liked, but didn't love, Random Spirit Lover, and the last show of theirs I saw at the Empty Bottle was disappointing for a variety of reasons, especially after their amazing Schubas debut. I didn't want to set myself up with huge expectations for the new album as a reuslt. Thankfully, Dragonslayer has me completely reenergized on this band and looking forward to seeing them at on October 19 at the Logan Square Auditorium. The songs have a sense of urgency that builds throughout the album, culminating with the excellent and addictive "You Go on Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)". Some of the froufiness that I enjoyed but which may have turned others off to the band in the past has been tamed a bit, and the topics have transitioned from weird fairy tales involving horses and leopards to themes that are ambiguous but relatable (Spencer seems particularly obsessed with aging here for some reason). Definitely one of my favorite albums of the year.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More special Andrew Bird shows!

Gapers Block alerted me to this special VIP Andrew Bird show at the Modern Wing of the Art Institute, hosted by Jon Langford, happening September 21. One catch though: you have to win through WXRT's extremely convoluted VIP lounge.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hideout Block Party

The Hideout- keeping in times with the recession; or: going old school.

If you receive this e-mail, then you are a friend of the Hideout. You probably already know that our annual Hideout Block Party / Homecoming Dance is coming up on September 12. For the last 12 years the Block Party has grown every year. Last years amazing party that was our most eclectic and international festival ever. The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, and Time Out Chicago, all said that the Hideout Block Party was the best concert of the fall. Chicago Magazine called it “Perennially the Best Music Festival in Chicago.”
It was a HUGE success.

But is bigger always better? Since last September a lot has changed. So this year we decided to keep the Block Party as intimate, and easy to attend as it was in the beginning. As always we have taken people’s suggestions very seriously. We decided to return to a one day, one stage festival. We also cut the price in half to $10. We also decided that instead of creating an event that is literally all over the musical map, this year we would celebrate with a singular focus. As we did with Touch and Go 25, this year we will honor, and celebrate Bloodshot Records 15th Anniversary.

This means the heroic return of our old friends Alejandro Escovedo, Jon Langford, and Bobby Bare Jr. The Blacks and Moonshine Willy will reunite and all the other members of the great Bloodshot Crew. If you love Bloodshot Records, you have probably seen your favorite band at the Hideout. In fact The Hideout and Bloodshot are like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Salt & Pepper, Beer & Whiskey, Duck & Cover, Touch & Go, Jon & Sally… The combination of the Bloodshot Crew and the Hideout Gang creates a spirit of insurgent celebration. A council fire, a road rally, a homecoming, a title game.

Simultaneously, The Hideout Block Party has raised over $200,000 for various local charities over the last 12 years. Organizations participating this year will include: Rock for Kids, and 826 Chicago. What better way to celebrate the last days of summer, than by joyously dancing in the streets, and helping others too!

Thanks for all of your support, all of these years. We hope to see you at the Bloodshot 15.
Bloodshot 15 Anniversary Party
Saturday, September 12
Alejandro Escovedo
The Waco Brothers with Rico Bell
Bobby Bare Jr.
Deadstring Brothers
The Blacks (reunited!)
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
Scott H. Biram
Moonshine Willy (reunited after 10 years! One show only!)

$10 donation to benefit Rock for Kids and 826 Chicago

reserve your spot at www.bloodshotrecords.com

Doors at noon All Ages
Outside on Wabansia Street!

Featuring an art show curated by Yard Dog Gallery and a
Kids area provided by Rock For Kids
Sponsored by Rolling Rock and WXRT

www.hideoutchicago.com & www.bloodshotrecords.com/15

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

I bought tickets to this Califone show at the Museum of Contemporary Art thinking it was just a regular concert in a unique space. How wrong was I; apparently Tim Rutili wrote and directed a movie called All My Friends are Funeral Singers, and their new album out October 6 is the soundtrack. The show at the MCA will feature the bank playing a live soundtrack along to the movie. Details, including a film trailer and title track, are here at Stereogum.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dead Man's Bones

I was so excited I was able to buy tickets to the Dead Man's Bones (i.e., Ryan Gosling, Zach Shields & a random children's choir) show at Schubas on 10/21 that I accidentally bought an extra ticket for the 10pm show (damn you, Schubas ticketing system where I always accidentally buy one ticket instead of two because I didn't hit "update"). So if anyone is looking . . .

Still, looking forward to that early show- the kids will probably have more energy then! (As will I . . .)

Also, their myspace page is uber-creepy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

David Byrne is coming to my office!

Ok, it's not the real David Byrne, it's some guy named David Byrne from our Swiss office. But I'm still enjoying hearing the chatter about it and pretending. Maybe he leads a double life as a Swiss client service representative . . .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ramona Falls

Brent Knopf, keyboardist for Menomena, has a new solo project called Ramona Falls that has a debut album, Intuit, coming out this week. It's streaming in full now! So far, the album sounds great. If that's not enough, Ramona Falls is touring this fall, with a stop at the Chopin Theatre on September 11 and Menomena drummer Danny Seim tagging along to support with some bass action. I will be there.

Musical Docs

One of the more interesting press releases I've seen in awhile:

N.E.D. (an acronym for No Evidence of Disease) is a rock band with a purpose: composed entirely of six musically talented gynecologic cancer surgeons hailing from all four corners of the U.S. The doctors are full time, practicing surgeons, researchers, and professors who moonlight as musicians in hopes that their music can improve the quality of life of patients and anyone potentially touched by women's cancers.

New York-based Motema Music spearheaded the production and recording of their album which will be released on September 8th to coincide with the first annual Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. Producer Mario McNulty (David Bowie, Linkin Park, Ziggy Marley) worked closely with the band to create these first-class recordings. The music and lyrics are original, written by members of the band who worked together primarily through video conference.

Sonically, N.E.D.’s EP blends a wide range of folk, arena, and indie rock, and demonstrates pure female vocals likened to Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary and Christine McVie. Lyrically, the music brings a fresh and sympathetic approach to issues of life and death faced by cancer victims and their families. Net proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to the N.E.D. Cancer Foundation in association with the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF) to support public education about gynecologic cancers and to fund promising research projects and programs.

And check out the badass picture of the band! Where do they find the time?

Friday, August 14, 2009


Good news for the hipster male who has put on a few pounds lately- hipster potbellies are in! Ladies, continue to keep it in check, as always.